Tools Made in the USA

Here are the tool brands that still make their tools in the USA. If you don’t see a popular tool brand on here, it likely means that they don’t manufacture any tools in the U.S.! Shoot us a note if you know of a made in the USA tool brand that didn’t make our list. We will investigate and make sure to add them if they make the cut. See below the brands making U.S.-made tools. We also go over our tips for finding the country of origin and cover some popular tool brands that aren’t made domestically.

Complete List of Tool Brands Made in the USA

Warwood Tool

Headquarters: Wheeling, WV

States manufacturing in: WV

Warwood Tool is incredibly passionate about being made in the USA, believing that they “eat, sleep, live and breathe ‘Made in America'”. Since 1854, Warwood Tool has been hand-forging its products the old-fashioned way to create a product that will do the job to the highest standard but also last for generations. All of their products are designed, sourced, manufactured, and shipped in the USA.

ABC Hammers

Headquarters: Sarasota, FL

States manufacturing in: FL

ABC Hammers manufactures brass, bronze, steel, and dead blow hammers. Everything is made to be non-marring and non-sparking, and they’ve been in business for over 50 years. They will even make custom hammers for some OEM customers. This is a great family-owned company to support if you need a new hammer.

Ampco Safety Tools

Headquarters: Garland, TX

States manufacturing in: TX

Ampco Safety Tools makes a wide variety of USA-made hand tools. They have everything from screwdrivers to wrenches, axes, shovels, clamps, pliers, socket sets, and lots more.


Headquarters: Ord, NE

States manufacturing in: NE

Accu-Strike has developed hands-free welding helmets that are made to be a better alternative to light-activated – auto-dark helmets. The welding helmet is designed to stay down whilst you’re working, meaning that side flash problems are eradicated. It’s also hands-free with the visor operating when you lower your jaw, saving time and effort.

American Workbench

Headquarters: Charleston, SC

States manufacturing in: SC

American Workbench operates on a ‘build a bench’ concept – they build workbenches in America custom to your specific needs. Whether you need it for work, a hobby, a garage, or woodworking, you choose the style, color, bottom shelf recess, finish, and height and have the option to add on many of American Workbenches’ accessories.


Headquarters: Chicago, IL

States manufacturing in: IL

Amstrong Industrial Hand Tools now operates through GEARWRENCH, Crescent, and Campbell, which are all subsidiaries of the Apex Tool Group brand. Depending on your needs, these three brands offer the same quality, durability, and strength you’ve come to expect from Armstrong. You can get ratchet & drive tools, sockets and sets, wrenches, torque products, pliers, cutting tools, and many more industrial hand tools.

Atlas Cutting Tools

Headquarters: Waterbury, CT

States manufacturing in: CT

For over 40 years, Atlas Cutting Tools has had a mission to offer top-quality cutting tools that are manufactured in America. They provide an extensive range of carbide tools, but also offer tools in alternative materials such as high-speed steel (HSS), cobalt, and high vanadium. Atlas Cutting Tools now stocks over 40,000 items, which include reamers, end mills, drills, taps, burs, chamfer mills, thread mills, countersinks, combo drill taps, and much more.

Awl for All

Headquarters: Arlington Heights, IL

States manufacturing in: IL

This wooden-handled awl has been created to help its customers easily repair leather, plastic, cloth, and canvas work with it. It comes with needles and heavy-duty thread, all of which can be stored in the handle. The Awl for All was invented and patented in 1903 by the C. A Myers Company, which is now a division of The Line Group Inc.

Barr Specialty Tools

Headquarters: McCall, ID

States manufacturing in: ID

Barr Speciality Tools hand-forges its hammers to create quality tools designed for woodworkers and chair makers. Rather than being drop forged as many tools now are, hand-forging the tool means that more carbon is compressed into a smaller area, which gives it more sharpness and a superior edge. These tools all come shaving sharp and can be re-sharpened or repaired for a nominal fee and also come with a one-year warranty. Tools made include framing and bench chisels, chair building tools, draw knives, slicks, ADZ and scorps, gouges, mallets, leather guards, and sharpening stones.


Headquarters: Cedar Rapids, IA

States manufacturing in: IA

Benchcrafted started in 2005 and makes beautiful vises and other woodworking tools. They are constantly expanding their product line, so check their site for the latest information.

Best Made

Headquarters: New York, NY

States manufacturing in: NY

Not all Best Made products are made in the USA (they were recently acquired by Duluth Trading), but their hatchets and axes are still made domestically for now from American steel.

Big Gator Tools

Headquarters: Louisburg, KS

States manufacturing in: KS

Since 2005, Big Gator tools has been designing, patenting, and manufacturing drill and tap guides in America. They’ve won many awards for innovation over the years. Big Gator also distributes some of its favorite products. All of their precision tools come with a Lifetime Warranty.

Blue Spruce Toolworks

Headquarters: Strongsville, OH

States manufacturing in: OH

Blue Spruce Toolworks aims to create tools for woodworking that serve their purpose whilst also looking good. They want their tools to take you back to a time when craftspeople worked and to create tools good enough to be heirloom-quality. Tools crafted include chisels, joiners knives, saws, card scrapers, hand burnishers, gauges, mallets, and much more.


Headquarters: Monticello, MN

States manufacturing in: MN

After inventing the “Balldriver” ball end hex tool in 1964, Bondhus has continued to develop its product range and manufactures high-quality tools, including their Ball, Hex, and TORX tools made at their site in Monticello. All of their tools are backed by an unconditional lifetime warranty.

Briggs & Stratton

Headquarters: Milwaukee, WI

States manufacturing in: ALGAMONENYWI

Briggs & Straton has been operating for over 110 years and is now the world’s largest small engine producer. They manufacture power generators, home generators, energy storage systems, pressure washers, lawn and garden turf care, and job site products. Only some of their generators are assembled in the USA.


Headquarters: Jeffersonville, IN

States manufacturing in: IN

Brinly makes lawn and garden equipment and is one of the oldest names in the industry. Only some of their tools are made in the USA, so check the “Specs” tab on their website for the country of origin.

Bully Tools

Headquarters: Steubenville, OH

States manufacturing in: OH

Bully Tools makes 100% made in the USA garden and lawn tools. They have rakes, spades, digging tools, snow shovels, and a lot more.


Headquarters: Ashland, OR

States manufacturing in: OR

CANGUN1 manufactures just one product but it’s designed to be revolutionary. The patented CANGUN1 is a patented device that attaches to standard aerosol spray cans, making them much easier to use and control. The guns are made from non-toxic, recycled, environmentally-preferred polypropylene.

Chapman Tools

Headquarters: Durham, CT

States manufacturing in: CT

Since 1936, Chapman Tools has been making precision screwdriver sets made in the USA. Their vast range of sets means that there’s likely to be something that fits your needs. Chapman Tools makes screwdriver sets for industrial assembly, maintenance, and home repairs, but also gunsmithing and antiques or furniture repair. You can buy these sets in colorful plastic boxes or classic wooden cases.


Headquarters: Meadville, PA

States manufacturing in: PA

Forged in Pennsylvania, Channellock has been making pliers and hand tools for hardworking tradesmen who need quality tools to get the job done. Their plier range includes tongue and groove, linemen’s, cutting, and longnose; all are made to service industries such as plumbing, automotive, first responders, electricians, linemen, agriculture, HVAC, and metal fabrication. It’s worth noting most of their pliers are made in the USA (not the locking pliers) – watch out for some screwdriver sets and other tools not made here.

Chappell Universal Square and Rule

Headquarters: Brownfield, ME

States manufacturing in: ME

Chappell Universal Square and Rule’s mission was to create a square that was durable, accurate, and solid for carpenters for years of use. Their ruled squares are made from high-quality stainless steel, and deeply etched with precision-milled


Headquarters: Cambridge, WI

States manufacturing in: WI

Cobrahead produces phenomenal hand tools for gardening. All of their raw materials are sourced in the USA from Pennsylvania steel mills and North Carolina hardwoods.

Conquest Industries

Headquarters: Santa Fe Springs, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Conquest Industries manufactures industrial-grade tools and equipment for the metalworking and woodworking industries.

Council Tool

Headquarters: Lake Waccamaw, NC

States manufacturing in: NC

Since 1886, Council Tool has been making American-made forged striking tools. Their primary offering is axes, but they also craft sledgehammers, hammers, fire tools, mauls, pry bars, and more. They are one of the oldest tool-making and forging operations in the United States. Council Tool uses premium materials, the latest technology, and three decades of craftsmanship to create axes for woodworking, fire services, and camping.

Crick Tool

Headquarters: Ben Wheeler, TX

States manufacturing in: TX

Crick Tool has been operating since 1980 and provides premium wooden tools for those who work in construction. They are most well known for their wooden levels, which are handcrafted to meet the exacting standards needed by today’s craftsmen.

Cyclo Toolmakers

Headquarters: Louiseville, CO

States manufacturing in: CO

Cyclo is a dual-headed orbital polisher that has been designed to be the world’s most versatile polisher. The two heads rotate in overlapping circular motions, creating a hand-polished finish. It’s hand assembled and made from solid metal construction, with every part able to be replaced, meaning it can last for decades.


Headquarters: Hebron, IL

States manufacturing in: IL

Designed by a carpenter, Dalluge crafts hammers that offer dead-center accuracy and high striking powers. These hammers are made to have the perfect ratio for powerful nail driving without fatigue or strain on the arm/shoulder. They have a number of different types of hammers, as well as titanium hammers.

Dayton Electric Co.

Headquarters: Dayton, TX

States manufacturing in: TX

Dayton Electric Co. has some portable generators that are assembled in the USA with some domestically sourced components, but they also use a lot of globally sourced components. That’s pretty common for portable generators, though.


Headquarters: Santa Ana, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Deltronic is operating globally and has been providing high-accuracy measurement products since 1955. They pride themselves on stocking a wide range of sizes and are also able to ship standard sizes on the same day. Deltronic’s product range includes thread measuring wires, gear wire measuring wires, pin gages, as well as thread, ring, and pipe gages.


Headquarters: Fairfield, NJ

States manufacturing in: NJ

With all products designed and manufactured in New Jersey, Derma-Safe provides shaving and utility products. Operating for over 30 years, Derma-Safe has been creating folding utility knives and saws for a range of industries, with their knives being used by the U.S. military. They are very transparent on their site about where materials are sourced, with only two products not being 100% made in the USA.


Headquarters: Leola, PA

States manufacturing in: PA

Beginning as the first woodworking machine in 1922, DEWALT has since grown into a global provider of tools and accessories for laborers and construction workers. They craft tools for job sites that are made to be easy to use, durable, and increase performance, and they go through rigorous testing to ensure they hold up to heavy use. Not all of their tools are made in the USA, but some still are, so look out for that. You can read our full breakdown on Dewalt here.

Diamond Saw Works

Headquarters: Chaffee, NY

States manufacturing in: NY

Diamond Saw Works (also the manufacturer of Sterling Saw Blades) uses the latest technology to craft quality, precise saw blades. They manufacture band saw blades, small tool blades, and saw blade accessories (such as tachometers, refractometers, tension meters, magnetic guide alignment tools, and coolants).

Diamond Vantage

Headquarters: Irvine, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

As the name suggests, Diamond Vantage manufactures diamond tools to provide the stone, construction, and industrial industries with the highest-performing tools. Their primary offering is making diamond blades, bits, and tools for cutting and grinding.

Eagle America

Headquarters: Southampton, PA

States manufacturing in: PA

Eagle America was founded in 1989 with a mission to craft quality American-made router bits for woodworkers. In 2011 they were bought by MLCS Woodworking, which provides tools to woodworkers. Now they offer a huge range of router bits, having over 2,000 in stock. It’s worth noting that only Eagle America’s router bits are made in the USA; all other products are imported.

Eklind Tool Company

Headquarters: Franklin Park, IL

States manufacturing in: IL

Established in 1923, the company makes its products in the US. Their range of precision L-key, T-key, screwdrivers, including TORX® and fold up tools, with ball and double-ball hex keys, have tamper-resist tips. Products are available in a wide range of sizes, individually or in sets. Eklind Tool Company supplies business and domestic tool users across the US and the rest of the world. The company prides itself on the quality of its products.

Electrical Safety Products

Headquarters: MA

States manufacturing in: MA

Electrical Safety Products manufacture insulated electrical tools and safety equipment to very high standards. The company produces its entire range of high-quality tools in the US. Their range of products includes pliers, wrenches, hex-L and hex-T keys, ratchets, sockets, screwdrivers, and nut drivers. They use the best quality resources from around the world to manufacture products that exceed dielectric certification standards, ensuring they are rust-resistant and durable. Products are purchased directly from the company to ensure the lowest prices and highest standards of customer service.

Empire Levels

Headquarters: Mukwonago, WI

States manufacturing in: WI

Established in 1919 Empire® has worked alongside the construction industry to produce products that can be used in any trade or domestic jobs that are innovative, reliable, and versatile, providing precision accuracy with excellent visibility and durability. Products include the 75’ and 125’ Green Self Leveling Cross Line Lasers, magnetic and non-magnetic Box Levels, Torpedo Levels, and Rafter Squares. Empire® has a number of innovative, ‘industry first’ products in its brand. The company takes pride in producing its products in the USA, selling them in the US and across the world.


Headquarters: Rockford, IL

States manufacturing in: IL

Established in 1923 and based in northern Illinois, Estwing has been producing a range of quality hand tools for the trade and craft industry. Products include a range of hammers, axes, picks, bars, and specialty tools for very specific jobs indoors and outdoors. Their patented grip material reduces impact vibrations and shock for users while providing a comfortable, ergonomic design. The company prioritizes safety and the safe use of its tools, providing safety products and safe-use advice. Their tools are readily available across outlets in the US and other countries worldwide.

Fisher Blacksmithing

Headquarters: Bozeman, MT

States manufacturing in: MT

Fisher Blacksmithing has beautiful hand-forged gardening tools. You can purchase them for your use or wholesale.

Flange Wizard Tools

Headquarters: Placentia, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Flange Wizard provides quality products and tools for the welding industry that are produced in the USA. Originally established in 1981, the company has grown to produce a range of products sold in the US and distributed across the world. Products include a range of pipe layout tools, conventional and plasma cutting guides, levels and radius markers, accessories, and storage. The company was awarded the Winner of the Excellence in Welding Award in the small business category in 2016.

Forrest Mfg

Headquarters: Clifton, NJ

States manufacturing in: NJ

Forrest has been a family-owned business since 1946. Their carbide-tipped circular saw blades and dado sets are manufactured within the US. The company is committed to providing high-quality products, made to exacting standards to ensure they are strong and durable, resist corrosion, and cut quietly and accurately. They supply saws for a range of tasks; for cutting specific materials and creating a range of joints and finishes. Forrest pride itself on providing value for money and excellent customer service.

Garden Works USA

Headquarters: Ocala, FL

States manufacturing in: FL

Garden Works USA has a wide selection of, you guessed it, gardening tools. Not everything is made in the USA, but the domestically sourced products are clearly labeled.

Garrett Wade

Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY

States manufacturing in: NY

Garrett Wade has a nice camp axe that is made in the USA. Not everything in their store is made here, but the domestically made stuff is clearly labeled with the country of origin.


Headquarters: Waukesha, WI

States manufacturing in: WI

Established in 1959, Generac was the first company to produce standby generators for use within the home. They have some generators that are assembled in the USA.

Gerstner & Sons

Headquarters: Dayton, OH

States manufacturing in: OH

Gerstner is a family business established in 1906, making wooden tool chests. They now make a range of wooden chests for different purposes, in different styles and sizes, using a variety of woods, including oak, walnut, cherry, and hickory. However, tool chests remain a favored item. The company logo is ‘Craftsmanship Lives,’ and they pride themselves on their chests being made by American craftsmen and craftswomen using 100 construction and finishing techniques. Care is taken to ensure the drawer lining protects the chest’s contents, the hardware is designed to last a lifetime, and joints and finishings are carried out by hand to ensure precision fit, strength, and durability. The company has a Trademark concealing lid at the front for security and to protect the contents of the chest that slides underneath when the chest is in use. Make sure to select from their “Made in USA” product line.

Grace USA

Headquarters: Williamsburg, MI

States manufacturing in: MI

The company was originally established in 1941; its USP is that each product has a Grace or Morrison handprint on it, and family names associated with running the business. The company pride itself on using skilled craftsmen to individually make tools for a variety of markets, including gun care, woodworking, industrial, and mechanics. Grace USA is also proud to supply tools to the US military and is expanding its business in this area. The company has recently begun to supply tools for use around the home, with a range of gift ideas. Products include screwdrivers, hammers, hook and pick sets and punch sets.

Hammerless Impact Technology

Headquarters: WA

States manufacturing in: WA

Hammerless Impact Technology is a Trademark. The company produces a single tool designed to replace a separate hammer and punch. The spring-loaded tool, which is ‘small but powerful,’ can be used in the domestic or trade setting while guaranteeing accuracy even in the most awkward spaces. All their tools are made using US steel and manufactured in the USA. The company is aiming to expand the design to include different styles and varieties, including chisels.

Hardcore Hammers

Headquarters: Hillsboro, IL

States manufacturing in: IL

Established in 2010, producing tools such as hammers and tire thumpers, the company now also sells hatchets and axes (links on their website). The range of products includes accessories, limited editions, personalized products, and a clothing range. They use alloy steel and tool steel, which are treated to ensure that it is resistant to corrosion. The company sources high-quality hickory and premium quality leather in its products. The company is proud to support American businesses, using American resources and manufacturing their products in the USA.

Hobart Welders

Headquarters: Appleton, WI

States manufacturing in: WI

Established in 1917, Hobart Welding Products is a range of welding and cutting tools, including MIG wire feed welders, stick welders, multiprocess welders, welder generators, plasma cutters, and gas equipment. They also supply safety equipment and accessories for use across all industries and in the home. They sell auto-darkening safety helmets that incorporate an LCD lens using up-to-date technology to protect the eyes. The company aims to provide everything you could possibly need to carry out a welding task and are confident that their ‘5/3/1 Industrial Warranty’ ensures product peace of mind and great customer service.

INCRA Precision Tools

Headquarters: Dallas, TX

States manufacturing in: TX

Established in 1987, INCRA is actually a trademark by Taylor Design Group, Inc. The company manufactures a wide range of woodworking tools, including miter gauges, miter sleds, table saw fences, router table fences, router tables, and stands, router fence, and table combinations, router system accessories, measuring marking layout, and JIG and fixture components, as well as providing books, plans and tool accessories. The company produces award-winning miter gauges, that guarantee ‘gap-free hairline glue joints on the mitered corners.

IQ Power Tools

Headquarters: Perris, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

IQ Power Towels makes power tools for the masonry, hardscape, and tile industries.

Jackson Professional Tools

Headquarters: Harrisburg, PA

States manufacturing in: PA

Jackson Professional Tools makes wheelbarrows, shovels, and a variety of other tools. They have some globally sourced components in their tools.

Johnson Level

Headquarters: Mequon, WI

States manufacturing in: WI

Johnson Level has some levels and measuring tools that are made in the USA.

Justrite Manufacturing

Headquarters: Deerfield, IL

States manufacturing in: IL

Justrite Manufacturing makes safety cans, cabinets, and spill containment equipment.

The Small Shop (formerly Kalama Precision Machine)

Headquarters: Kalama, WA

States manufacturing in: WA

 They offer photo-etch bending tools, cut-off sets, and more.

Klein Tools

Headquarters: Lincolnshire, IL

States manufacturing in: ARILNYTX

Klein Tools makes tools for electrical and telecommunications workers. Not everything they offer is made in the USA, but domestically manufactured tools are well-labeled in their online store, so you should have no trouble spotting them.

Kodiak Cutting Tools

Headquarters: Syracuse, NY

States manufacturing in: NY

Kodiak manufactures carbide drills, reamers, burs, twist drills, end mills, taps, and more.

Kraft Tool Company

Headquarters: Shawnee, KS

States manufacturing in: KS

Kraft Tool Company is another good option for concrete tools.

LakeShore Carbide

Headquarters: Buffalo, NY

States manufacturing in: NY

LakeShore Carbide specializes in carbide end mills.

Lake Erie Toolworks

Headquarters: Erie, PA

States manufacturing in: PA

Lake Erie Toolworks manufactures beautiful wooden vises for workbenches.

Lang Tools

Headquarters: Racine, WI

States manufacturing in: WI

Lang Tools manufactures automotive hand tools and has been in business for over 90 years. They are family owned, too.

Leatherhead Tools

Headquarters: Rockford, IL

States manufacturing in: IL

Leatherhead manufactures tools for rescue workers and firefighters, so you know the quality is reliable. Their pick head axes are particularly popular.


Headquarters: Portland, OR

States manufacturing in: OR

Leatherman makes popular all-purpose hand tools and knives. They have a few imported components in their multitool, but it’s a minority of raw materials in the product.


Headquarters: East Longmeadow, MA

States manufacturing in: MA

LENOX makes saw blades, power tool accessories, and hand tools.

Lie-Nielson Toolworks

Headquarters: Warren, ME

States manufacturing in: ME

Lei-Nielson makes some great tools primarily for woodworking.

LoggerHead Tools

Headquarters: Palos Park, IL

States manufacturing in: IL

LoggerHead Tools makes the Bionic Wrench, an adjustable wrench with strong gripping power.

LumberJack Tools

Headquarters: Eau Claire, WI

States manufacturing in: WI

LumberJack Tools makes cutting tools and saws for timber and log furniture.

L.S. Starrett Co.

Headquarters: Athol, MA

States manufacturing in: MA

L.S. Starrett manufactures precision measuring tools and saw blades.

Malco Tools

Headquarters: Annadale, MN

States manufacturing in: MN

Malco Tools produces tools for HVAC professionals.


Headquarters: Marshalltown, IA

States manufacturing in: IA

MARHSALLTOWN is another manufacturer of concrete and masonry tools.

Master Gage & Tool Co

Headquarters: Danville, VA

States manufacturing in: SCVA

Master Gage makes high-quality, precision tools for woodworkers.


Headquarters: Peosta, IA

States manufacturing in: IA

For more than 50 years, Mi-T-M has been manufacturing pressure washers and industrial equipment. They have a huge range for use in both industrial and commercial settings, including stationary, portable, gas-powered, and electric. Mi-T-M aims to produce heavy-duty pressure washers that will stand up time after time.

Midwest Tool & Cutlery

Headquarters: Sturgis, MI

States manufacturing in: MI

Midwest Tool and Cutlery Company has three manufacturing facilities in Michigan and produces metal cutting snips and hand tools. Midwest has developed several product designs and owns numerous utility patents to continue to offer innovative products to its customers. They specify on their website that all models of the company’s Midwest Snips aviation and inner snips are manufactured in the USA.

Miller Electric

Headquarters: Appleton, WI

States manufacturing in: WI

Miller Electric is a leader in the welding industry, creating products that solve problems in welding health and safety. Miller Electric started in 1929 and has grown into the world’s largest manufacturer of arc welding products, making products for MIG welders, TIG welders, multiprocess welders, and engine-driven welder generations. They are now wholly owned by Illinois Tool Works.

M.K. Morse Blades

Headquarters: Canton, OH

States manufacturing in: OH

M.K. Morse Blades specializes in one thing only – making better saw blades. They make quality blades that are designed to be durable, sturdy, and long-lasting. M.K. Morse makes saw blades for industrial, construction and demolition companies across the globe.

Montana Brand

Headquarters: Ronan, MT

States manufacturing in: MT

Montana Brand uses state-of-the-art CNC machining to manufacture power tool accessories. They craft their products with a Western mentality using strength, resilience, and spirit. It’s worth noting these tools are made in the USA using globally-sourced materials.

Central Tools (formerly Moody Tools)

Headquarters: Cranston, RI

States manufacturing in: RI

Precision measuring instrument manufacturers Central Tools acquired Moody Tools in 2012, adding screwdrivers, picks, probes, and scribes to their product line. Most of their branded tools are made in the USA, but it’s clearly marked on the website if they are or not.


Headquarters: Plainview, NY

States manufacturing in: NY

MSC manufactures a ton of tools for construction sites – hand tools, power tools, cutting tools, and a lot more.


Headquarters: Slinger, WI

States manufacturing in: WI

MWB Inc manufactures lines of small compaction, concrete, and related equipment. For over 50 years, they’ve been developing their product line, which now includes equipment for vibrating, finishing, mixing, screening, and slipforming concrete.

Niagara Cutter

Headquarters: Reynoldsville, PA

States manufacturing in: PA

Since 1954, Niagara Cutter has been manufacturing high-performance tooling, including solid-carbide, cobalt, and diamond-coated end mills as well as multi-purpose thread milling solutions. They provide tooling for industries such as aircraft, power generation, and general metalworking.

Occidental Leather

Headquarters: Sonoma County, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Occidental Leather focuses on crafting tool-carrying systems such as tool belts, bags, and tool vests. They are designed for professional tradesmen and are made to last for years to come. Occidental Leather sells a huge range of belts depending on your needs. They’re also helpfully categorized into different professions, such as electricians, framers, drywallers, carpenters, mechanics, and even left-handed people.

Park Tool

Headquarters: St Paul, MN

States manufacturing in: MN

Park Tool specializes in bike repair tools. Since starting in 1956, bicycles have become a lot more complicated since then, so they continue to innovate and develop their product offering to help people repair bikes. They now sell over 400 items. Their aim is to simply make the best bicycle tools and maintenance equipment. All of Park Tool’s products are made in the USA, except their multi-tool which is imported.

Pioneer Steel

Headquarters: Brea, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Pioneer Steel makes tool boxes from 100% US-sourced steel. They also produce lock boxes and other tool organizers.

Prohoe Manufacturing

Headquarters: Munden, KS

States manufacturing in: KS

Prohoe Manufacturing (also known as Rogue Hoe Tools) is located in Kansas and makes hoes and other gardening tools.

Proto Tools

Headquarters: New Britain, CT

States manufacturing in: CT

PROTO has been operating for over 100 years and is responsible for the combination wrench. They manufacture tools for those working in the most extreme environments, such as oil rigs, mining, aerospace, military, and power generation. PROTO crafts a huge range of products that workers can rely on to do the job whilst lasting a long time. They are also on our list of wrenches made in the USA.


Headquarters: Cleveland, OH

States manufacturing in: OH

Purdy has been manufacturing paintbrushes since 1925. They’ve since vastly expanded their range to include paint rollers, as well as paint brush storing options. They aim to offer a paintbrush for professionals working on any job. It’s worth noting that their paint brushes are handcrafted in the U.S but some are made using imported materials. However, they’re transparent about this in their product descriptions.

RedLine Tools

Headquarters: Plymouth, MN

States manufacturing in: MN

RedLine Tools has a whopping 29,000 products as part of its offering. They manufacture specialty cutting tools, tool holders, and metalworking lubricants. RedLine has a wide range of stock, meaning that you can get their products quickly and at a reasonable price. Their website handily sections their tools into categories, making it easier to find the tool that you’re after.

Red Pig Garden Tools

Headquarters: Lake Oswego, OR

States manufacturing in: OR

Red Pig Garden Tools hand-forges all of their amazing tools in their Oregon facility and makes pretty much everything you need to run your garden. Check out their digging tools and cultivators in particular – those are some of our favorites.


Headquarters: Elyria, OH

States manufacturing in: OH

RIDGID manufactures power tools and hand tools, although not everything they produce is made in the USA. Check out their pipe wrenches – one of our favorites.

Rizk National Industries

Headquarters: Warren, MI

States manufacturing in: MI

Risk National Industries is a manufacturer of automotive battery chargers, jumper cables, and transformers. It’s worth noting that there’s currently little information online on Rizk National Industries, it’s not clear either way if they’re in business. We’ll update this once we know more information.

ROLAIR Systems

Headquarters: Hustisford, WI

States manufacturing in: WI

ROLAIR Systems has one focus – compressors. They don’t sell any other products but have worked since 1959 to manufacture the highest-quality compressors. ROLAIR offers a wide range of compressors from wheeled to handheld, electric, and gas – whatever your compressor needs, ROLAIR is the expert to help out.

United Abrasives (also known as Sait Abrasives)

Headquarters: North Windham, CT

States manufacturing in: CT

As the name suggests, United Abrasives / SAIT focuses on manufacturing abrasive products. Their product range includes grinding wheels, cutting wheels, wire brushes, carbide burs, and coated abrasives. It’s worth noting that United Abrasives is a USA-based manufacturing company, working with SAIT – an Italian corporate that helps manufacture coated abrasive belts and bonded abrasives.

Severance Tool Industries

Headquarters: Saginaw, MI

States manufacturing in: MI

Severance Tool is on a mission to manufacture made-in-the-USA tools that solve customer problems and improve product and part finishing. They specialize in high-speed steel and carbide-cutting tools. Severance Tools has innovated a range of products and now offers deburring and finishing tools as part of its tool range.

KYOCERA SGS Precision Tools (formerly known as SGS Solid Carbide Tools)

Headquarters: Akron, OH

States manufacturing in: OH

Once known as “SGS Solid Carbide Tools”, KYOCERA SGS Precision tools (KSPT) manufactures carbide-cutting tools, made to the highest standard thanks to their rigorous product, coating, and material testing at their Global Innovation Centre. KSPT’s core offering is high-performance end mills, routers, and drills. It’s worth noting that they have manufacturing sites in the U.S. and the United Kingdom.

SK Tools

Headquarters: Williamsport, PA

States manufacturing in: PA

Since being founded in the early 1900s, SK Tools has been manufacturing tools and parts for American technicians. They had a brief stint helping with the USA’s effort in WWII with munitions before going back to their passion. Now they sell over 1,500 products with an aim to help those working in the toughest professions. SK Tools’ product range includes drive tools, sockets, bits, wrenches, pliers, cutters, screwdrivers, and automotive tools. They also sell sets of all these products.

Snappy Tools

Headquarters: Pilot Point, TX

States manufacturing in: TX

Snappy Tools manufacture premium drilling accessories to be used by professionals or homeowners. Their accessories can be used in power drills, impact drivers, and drill presses. They are named after the ‘snap’ made when utilizing the quick change system used to transition from pre-drilling to driving screws.


Headquarters: Brookfield, WI

States manufacturing in: WI

STILETTO has been crafting hand tools since 1849 and is perhaps well known for its titanium hammers. They’ve also innovated other products, such as the side nail puller and magnetic nail starter. STILETTO manufactures products for those working in carpentry, farming, and remodeling; they sell a range of hand tools but are most well known for their hammer range.


Headquarters: Kennebunk, ME

States manufacturing in: ME

After 25 years in hardware and software engineering, then becoming a handyman, John Blake found that no stud finder worked efficiently. Setting out to make his own, he found that outsourcing manufacturing overseas left him with a product nothing like the one he created. Now manufacturing in the USA, StudPoP has gained traction for being an accurate way of detecting studs in walls when doing handiwork.

Titan USA

Headquarters: Springfield, MA

States manufacturing in: MA

Titan USA specializes in cutting and machining tools. They aim to provide American-made tools made with premium materials of exceptional value. Titan-USA grows its product range every year with the hope of being a one-stop shop for milling, drilling, thread milling, deburring, micro milling, reaming, and tapping cutting tool solutions.


Headquarters: Hebron, IL

States manufacturing in: IL

For over 150 years, Vaughan has been manufacturing hand tools in the USA, designed for builders to do their job well with reliable, durable tools. Their primary product offering is a wide variety of hammers, but they also sell pry bars and bear saws. Vaughan’s products are all proudly stamped with ‘Made in the USA,’ and they also have a section for imported tools for specific industries.

Viking Drill and Tool

Headquarters: St Paul, MN

States manufacturing in: MN

Viking Drill and Tool manufactures high-speed cutting tools. Made from steel, they design, engineer and craft their cutting tools in-house from their facility in Minnesota. It’s worth noting that Viking Drill and Tool manufactures their products in the USA but uses globally-sourced materials, including their steel.

Viking Plastics

Headquarters: Corry, PA

States manufacturing in: INKYPA

Viking Plastics provides plastic components across the globe. They house more than 100 injection-molding machines and operate across 9 worldwide locations. Viking Plastics thrives on crafting cost-saving solutions through plastic injection molding for tough engineering challenges. They also sell a line of plastic and rubber sealing closures for the automotive and HVAC industries.

Whiteside Machine Company

Headquarters: Claremont, NC

States manufacturing in: NC

This family-owned and operated business manufactures industrial-grade router bits. Founded in 1970, Whiteside Machine Company started a general-purpose machine shop, mostly helping make repairs or special parts for furniture. Enjoying problem-solving for customers meant that Whiteside soon grew and evolved to meet a demand for quality production router bits as well as custom application tooling.

Wilcox Digging Tools

Headquarters: Montezuma, IA

States manufacturing in: IA

Wilcox Digging Tools manufactures stainless steel digging and gardening tools.

Wilde Tool

Headquarters: Hiawatha, KS

States manufacturing in: KS

Working in a scissor factory in the 1920s, Otto Froeschi has an idea to angle the nose of pliers to create more leverage. Out of this, a new start-up business was born. Wilde Tool now sells a wide range of products, such as chisels, pliers, pry bars, punches, scrapers, screwdrivers, and service tools.

Williams Industrial Tools

Headquarters: Milwaukee, WI

States manufacturing in: WI

Williams Industrial Tools serves a wide variety of industries, everything from mining to metal fabrication.


Headquarters: Elgin, IL

States manufacturing in: IL

Wilton makes some great bench vises domestically. Check them out for your garage or woodworking shop.

Wright Tool

Headquarters: Barberton, OH

States manufacturing in: OH

 Wright Tool has been forging tools in the USA for nearly 100 years. They hot-forge their products using alloy steel to ensure maximum strength and ultimate performance for today’s workers. They sell a vast range of products, including wrenches, sockets, ratchets, and torque wrenches, screwdrivers, hex keys, pliers, snips, hammers, punches, chisels, and clamps. Wright Tool makes products for those in heavy-duty industries such as oil and gas, power generation, machinery, and even government. It’s worth noting that their vice grips are made in China/Taiwan.


Headquarters: Saco, ME

States manufacturing in: ME

Xuron is the original inventor of the Micro-Shear blade and one of the world’s leading ergonomic, electronics-grade hand tools manufacturers. All of their tools are made in the USA, but they sell their products globally and for various industries. These include industrial electronics, jewelry manufacturing, industrial electronics, plastic molding, as well as hobbies and craft markets. You can search for products on their site by material type, hobby, or application.


Headquarters: Portland, ME

States manufacturing in: ME

Zootility makes unique multitools that all got started from a Kickstarter campaign for a multi-purpose tool called “Pocketmonkey.” They have multitools for a variety of use cases, so make sure to check out their entire lineup.

Mike’s YouTube Video on American Made Tools

How To Find Tools Made in the USA

We don’t just want to offer you a list of American made tools—we want to help you shop savvier. Let’s jump into the world of tool manufacturing, from sourcing the best materials to understanding labels and finding quality tools produced in the USA. First, let’s talk about what “made in the USA” really means and how to navigate it.

What Does “Made In The USA” Mean?

Before we dive into how to find tools made in the USA, let’s first define what “made in the USA” means. “Made in the USA” is a label protected by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), so let’s use their definition. The FTC states that for a company to use that label, their product must be “all or virtually all” made in the USA. This includes all significant parts of the processing, from the sourcing of the raw materials to the assembly of the product.

We dive into this a lot deeper in our complete labeling guide.


To find US-made tools, you’ll need to research the materials used. After all, if a product is manufactured in the USA but with imported materials, that’s only one part of the processing that takes place in the United States. So knowing where the raw materials come from and where these materials are produced is a huge help in finding authentic American-made tools.

The made material tools are made from is steel; some tools may also use wood and plastic for grip.


As with most other materials, steel is mainly produced in China. In fact, more than half of the world’s steel comes from this manufacturing giant. Therefore, many companies will default to using Chinese steel as it is cheaper and easier to source than American steel. However, the USA is still a significant producer of this material, coming fourth in the world.

Since steel makes up a significant part of all tools, the steel used must be of good quality. US-made steel is known to be three times stronger than Chinese-made steel. So, if you’re looking for a quality tool that will last you years, you should look for steel sourced from the USA.


Wood is often used for handles, providing a good grip while still being comfortable on the hand. Plus, the traditional lumberjack look of wood makes it a popular choice for many tools like axes, hammers, and even pocket knives.

The United States has a sizeable timber industry, so finding US-made wood should not be too difficult compared to many other materials. Of course, China still ranks higher than the USA in wood production, but the United States comes in a close second, meaning it should be easy enough to find USA-made hand tools.


Plastic is another popular choice for tool handles as it is comfortable and non-slip. As an example, plastic handles can be found on pliers and screwdrivers.

The United States produces around 20% of the world’s plastic, which is certainly not insignificant. That means you have a 1 in 5 chance that the plastic found in a particular product is made in the USA. While China still dominates the plastic market, finding American-made plastics shouldn’t be too difficult. Just be sure to double-check the product’s country of origin.


The second step to finding tools made in the USA is to check the labeling. Title 19, Chapter 4, Section 1304 of the US Code helps us here by stating that any product that is made abroad must be labeled accordingly. This is why you’ll find the country of origin labeled on products. Therefore, when looking for US-made products, we should look for the FTC-protected label: “made in the USA.”

Unfortunately, although this seems like a straightforward solution to finding US-made products, the reality is quite different. First of all, you should keep in mind that there is no pre-approval process for using the “made in the USA” label. This means it is up to each company to determine whether their product meets the specifications and requirements to use this label. And ultimately, it is up to consumers to report any incorrect usage.

Secondly, many companies will use tricky verbs and words to make it seem like their products are made in the USA. Here are some examples of similar labels:

  • Made in America: This could mean the product is made in Canada or Mexico.
  • Manufactured in the USA: This means the materials are sourced abroad.
  • Designed in the USA: This means that the company is based in the USA, but all other parts of the processing take place abroad.
  • Made in the USA with imported materials: Although the product is produced in the USA, it is with non-American products.

You should also watch out for the American flag on labels. The usage of the American flag on labels is not protected, so just because a product has one does not mean it is made in the USA.

Other Tips

Here are more tips to help you find tools made in the USA.

Check The Website

Many people shop online nowadays, which makes it difficult to consult the label. Unfortunately, companies are not required to label their products with their country of origin online. So, companies can more easily hide the fact that their product is made elsewhere.

When shopping for US-made products online, check the company’s “About Us” page or the product page. If you don’t find any information about the country of origin, it is likely that this product is made abroad. This is because “made in the USA” is a huge selling point. So, if this were the case, you’d easily find this information on their website.

Online Shopping Sites

Shopping websites like Amazon will often state the country of origin in the “Product Information” section of the product page. If you can’t find anything there, try the FAQ section and check if a question regarding the country of origin has already been asked and answered.

Call The Company

You can always call the company directly if you’re still not sure where the tool is made.

We hope this has helped you find the best hand tools made in the USA!

Tools Not Made in the USA

When doing our research, we came across several tool brands that are not making their products in the USA. You can see the full list of brands below as well as where their tools are being made:

  • Milwaukee Tools – Made in the USA, China, and Europe.
  • Craftsman – Made in China and Taiwan, with some products still made in the USA.
  • DEWALT – Made in China, Taiwan, Asia, and some in the USA.
  • Husky Tools – Made in China, and Taiwan, with some products still made in the USA.
  • Kobalt – Made in China, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Cambodia.
  • Tekton Tools – About 74% of their current product lineup is made in Taiwan, 23% in the United States, 2% in Canada, and 1% across several other countries
  • Irwin Tools – Made in the USA, China, Taiwan, Thailand, and India.
  • Makita – Has factories in Brazil, China, Japan, Mexico, Romania, the United Kingdom, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Canada, and the United States.
  • Ridgid Tools – USA and China – red and black products made in the USA (owned by Emerson), orange and black products made in China.
  • Bosch Tools – Primarily made in Taiwan, China, Malaysia, and sometimes Mexico, Switzerland, and Germany.
  • Skil – Made in China.
  • Ryobi – Made in Japan.
  • Black and Decker– Made in the US, Mexico, Brazil, China, and the UK.
  • GEARWRENCH: Made in East Asian countries.
  • Bauer Tools: Made in China.

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