Where Are Titleist Golf Products Made?

Titleist is well known in the golf world and beyond. Founded in 1932 by a recreational golfer who saw greater potential in the technology of golf products, the brand began with an X-ray of a golf ball. Finding that the core of the golf ball was off-center, founder Phil Young began a journey to make a better product. 

After a few years, the first product, a new ball, was ready to debut. It suffices to say that things went well because fast-forward to today, nearly 90 years later, and Titleist has the #1 ball in the game. 

Aside from golf balls, the company also sells bags, gloves, travel accessories, and hats, all designed around the game of golf. They’ve even made customized golf balls for several US presidents, including Obama and Clinton. 

Today, Titleist is headquartered in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. The brand “embodies superior performance, innovative design and technology, precision manufacturing, and unmatched quality.” Where does that precision manufacturing take place? Let’s tee off and find out. 

Verdict: Are Titleist Golf Products Made in the USA?

Only some Titleist products are made in the USA. Titleist manufactures most golf balls in the USA, but other products are made abroad. 

Titleist’s website has a page headlined “Titleist Manufacturing: Our Process.” However, the article only discusses their American-made golf balls. It does not mention golf clubs or other products. 

Straight from their website, we learned that Titleist manufactures their golf balls out of two facilities in Massachusetts.

There is some conflicting information about where Titleist clubs are made. Some sources report that everything is made overseas, whereas others comment on a specific club factory owned by Titleist in the USA. We signed into their website’s chat feature to get the answer straight from the company.

Now we know that Titleist doesn’t offer clubs exclusively made in the USA. Instead, clubs are assembled only here. Manufacturing plants are located in countries including Japan, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Next, we wanted to clarify about the golf balls. Are all Titleist balls made in the US, or just the fancy ones?

According to the rep we spoke to, if a ball is sold in the US, it is likely made here, too. There are two manufacturing facilities in the US, Ball Plant 2 (North Dartmouth, MA) and Ball Plant 3 (New Bedford, MA). Titleist hosts a wide array of video tours and behind-the-scenes views of these plants online.

After the two domestic facilities comes Ball Plant 4, which is located in Thailand. This facility manufactures golf balls for international markets and some for the American market as well.

Although the customer service rep assured us that most golf balls sold in the US are made in the US, that’s a bold “mostly.” Be sure you double-check the manufacturing location on the back of the box prior to purchasing from Titleist. As far as clubs go, they may be assembled here, but initial components are manufactured overseas. 

Popular American Made Titleist Golf Products

  • Hp2 Tour Golf Balls
  • ProV1X Golf Balls
  • ProV1 Golf Balls

Popular Titleist Golf Products Not Made in the USA

  • TSR2 Driver
  • TSR2 Hybrid
  • Vokey SM10 – Tour Chrome

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