Gardening Tools Made in the USA

The weather is warming up which means it’s time to get outside and into the garden. Gardening is a relaxing hobby, but it’s most enjoyable when done with high-quality tools. We did the research to find all of the gardening tools made in the USA and surface which brands are still sourcing and assembling locally. Below are the results of our research.

Full List of Gardening Tool Brands Made in the USA

Wilcox Digging Tools

Headquarters: Montezuma, IA

States manufacturing in: IA

Wilcox’s products are all proudly stamped with a ‘Made in the USA’ emblem and are backed with a lifetime guarantee, showing their faith in the quality of their products. Their offerings include trowels, weeders, scoops, digging hoes, and some miscanellous items. Wilcox also offers the option to customize some of their products by having your logo or name embossed into the stainless steel.

Voted the “best garden trowel” by the New York Times, The Wilcox All-Pro fine pointed trowel offers a high level of control when planting. This 10” trowel has a large point and long tapered edges that all give you precision control over where you’re creating a hole. The trowel is made from long-lasting stainless steel, and built to withstand years of use in dirt and in damp soil. This trowel is affordable and works well for planting shallow rooted seedlings.

Prohoe Manufacturing

Headquarters: Munden, KS

States manufacturing in: KS

Based in Kansas, Prohoe Manufacturing is a family-owned business that has been making field and garden hoes since 1990. What started as a Christmas gift has expanded into an offering of over 60 products, including crossover flat hoes, field hoes, fire and trail building hoes, garden hoes, scrapers/rakes, scuffle/colinear hoes, and short-handled hoes.

All of Prohoe’s products are crafted by hand and made using recycled agricultural disc blades, which are not only incredibly strong tempered steel but also environmentally friendly.

When cutting through dirt and moving it around, the Prohoe Rogue garden hoe is a capable tool for the job. The head is made to be very durable and is hand-sharpened on all three sides for smooth cutting action in most soil types. The hoe features a 60” handle that’s long enough for most people to use comfortably. It has a thick 1-3/8” diameter whilst remaining lightweight.

Bully Tools

Headquarters: Steubenville, OH

States manufacturing in: OH

Shovels, rakes, and diggers are some of the most important garden tools that you can have, and Bully Tools offers quality versions made in the USA. Bully products all feature lightweight fiberglass handles with soft-touch rubber grips for comfort. They also come with reliable 11-gauge American steel for long-term durability. The digger and shovel don’t come with very sharp edges, but offer decent performance for their price range, making them a good solid value for dependable performance.

Fisher Blacksmithing

Headquarters: Bozeman, MT

States manufacturing in: MT

As the name suggests, Fisher Blacksmithing handcrafts all of its gardening equipment individually using traditional blacksmithing techniques. Their products are made using steel heated in the forge which is then shaped over an anvil using a hammer and tongs. Fisher’s garden tools are set into hand-turned American black walnut handles, meaning that there are no welds in these tools, making them more durable and sturdy. You can also get some items with hand-stitched leather over the wooden handles.

The handcrafted gardening tool set from Fisher Blacksmithing features five common gardening tools, all with hand-forged steel ends and black-walnut handles for comfort and strength. All of the handles are fixed to the blades of the tools using solid steel rivets for strength. Featuring a stylish appearance, the most common handle tools are included in the set, making it useful for anyone looking to get into gardening.

Their product range includes trowels (in a variety of shapes and sizes), planting dibbles, rakes, hoes, gardening forks, dandelion diggers, crevice tools, and a garden tool belt.


Headquarters: Cambridge, WI

States manufacturing in: WI

CobraHead is based in Cambridge, Wisconsin, and makes hand tools for gardening, including their popular weeder and cultivator. This nifty tool was developed by gardeners for gardeners to plow through any soil to break up soil or root out pesky weeds. The blade is made of tempered steel and is made to be super durable. It comes with a recycled plastic handle that is designed to be easy to grip and feel comfortable in either hand. CobraHead also makes a few other gardening hand tools as part of their product range.

Garden Works USA

Headquarters: Ocala, FL

States manufacturing in: FL

When looking to tear through solid soil, the Garden Works Round Tine Fork is made for the task. It’s sharp and hacks through most soil types with ease. The sharpened stainless steel tines dig down into the earth with ease. Once in position, they will lift and loosen the soil until it’s easy to work with. This tool features a wide wooden handle for hand comfort, and it’s carefully curved to help you generate plenty of leverage when you use it.


Headquarters: Jeffersonville, IN

States manufacturing in: IN

Brinly is a well-known American company that produces lawn equipment (related: lawn mowers made in the USA). They have a few lawn and garden products that are made in the USA, although not everything they offer is produced domestically. The country of origin is clearly labeled on their product pages though, under the “Specs” tab.


Headquarters: Lancaster, PA

States manufacturing in: PA

If you’re interested in just a small garden for your apartment or home, the EarthBox kit works well because of its simplicity and effectiveness. This lightweight and movable box sits on top of a set of four casters. It comes with enough space to hold several crops but is compact enough to fit on a balcony and most limited spaces. EarthBox includes an aeration tray to help keep your soil healthy. The box also includes a tube for watering to help you get just the right amount of water down in the most important section of the soil. This kit is a quick way to get started with container growing.

Factors To Consider

Design and Construction

During your search, start off by looking at the design of each tool and how that design affects performance. Good examples of this are a very sharp hoe that cuts through soil with ease, or a ratcheting pruner that makes pruning thick branches easy to do. A lot of gardening tools will go for style over function, which we tried to avoid.


Strong function isn’t enough to create a good gardening tool if that tool doesn’t hold up well over time. Study the construction of each tool with care, and looked at the materials used. For the most part, look for tools made from hardened steel, and tools with rust-resistant coatings for long-term performance. Look at customer reviews to find things like blade warping, excessive handle flex, or even snapped or damaged tools.

Grip and Comfort

Gardening is a lengthy process and it’s common to spend several hours preparing a bed for planting out in the garden. That’s why gardening tools need to be comfortable. Tools with an ergonomic handle design and a soft-touch design are most comfortable to use, which also coincides well with durability.


Finally, consider the weight of the different tools. Heavy tools are usually durable, but they are tiring to use. Look for tools that are light, but also offered excellent durability and strength.

For more research, check out our full guide on tools made in the USA.