Nonprofits, Charities & Organizations to Support

Here are some of the nonprofits and other organizations we’ve worked with or discovered that help the American manufacturing mission. Want to add an organization to this list? Shoot us a message!

Featured Nonprofits & Organizations

84% of’s expenses fund programs that help generate demand for American made products through consumer education. Check out to learn more about how you can participate.

Alliance for American Manufacturing

The Alliance for American Manufacturing started in 2007 and works to strengthen American manufacturing through coalitions, public education, advocacy, and strategic communication to influence smart public policy.

The Manufacturing Institute (National Association of Manufacturers)

The Manufacturing Institute (associated with as well) is a workforce development and education partner for American manufacturers that supplies skilled training programs, community building, and career growth to advance American manufacturing jobs.

More Great Nonprofits & Organizations

Operation Homefront

We started working with Operation Homefront in 2020 when we donated a significant portion of the revenue from our merchandise sales to them. We love how transparent they are and the good they do to help military and veteran families.