Lawn Mowers Made in the USA

A new lawnmower is an important investment. The right lawn mower will help you maintain your property and should be reliable and easy to use…and made in America! We did the research to find the manufacturers who are actually making their mowers here. Below are all of our findings. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions!

Full List of Lawn Mowers Made in the USA

Cub Cadet

Headquarters: Valley City, OH

States manufacturing in: OH

This zero-turn mower from Cub Cadet (a household name in mowers) is a performing and comfortable option if you need to maintain a large surface. The zero-turn feature improves speed and makes the mower easy to maneuver. This zero-turn mower is ideal if you need to mow a large property or need to get precise results when turning around corners.

The Cub Cadet ZT1 42 belongs to the Ultima Series ZT product line. It features a 22HP 725cc engine. It’s a professional-grade lawn mower that is suitable for large properties and commercial uses. The fuel tank has a capacity of 3.5 gallons. The large fuel tank is convenient because you can cover a large surface before having to stop and refill it.

The open-frame design is convenient and allows you to get on and off the mower quickly. The frame itself is sturdy and durable. It features tubular steel that has been treated to prevent corrosion and a sturdy bumper that absorbs shocks.

The 42-inch deck uses twin blades to get better results. You can adjust the height of the blades with the foot pedals. The height goes from 1 to 4.5.” The mower is easy to maneuver thanks to the lap bar. The seat is designed to be comfortable, and you can adjust it. The top speed of the mower is 7 mph and 3.5 mph in reverse. It also comes with convenient additional features like LED headlights and a built-in washing system for the deck.


Headquarters: Orrville, OH

States manufacturing in: OH

This heavy-duty riding mower from Ventrac will be able to clear a path through anything, and it’s actually not a mower at all. The tractor is super versatile and comes with a brush mowing attachment that can get the job done. It’s ideal if you need to maintain an area with brush or thorns. It works for keeping an area clear in the middle of the wilderness or for farming.

The dual-sided rotating blades are a standout feature. They spin in opposite directions to make the mower more effective. The blades use a belt that will slip if you encounter a rock or another obstacle. That feature prevents moving parts from getting damaged.

The sturdy deck shell is adapted to a wide range of environments, and you can flip the deck up when it’s time to clean it. The Ventrac mount system also allows you to add different attachments or accessories to the mower, so be sure to check out what else Ventrac has to offer.

Factors To Consider

Riding vs Push Mowers

A riding mower makes more sense if you need to mow a large area, or need to mow an uneven terrain that would make pushing a lawnmower difficult.

A push mower is a better option if you have limited storage space, or can’t justify investing in a ride-on mower. We recommend picking a push mower with a lightweight design to reduce fatigue.

Power Source

The power source of your new lawn mower is an important consideration. A battery-powered lawnmower is a better choice for the environment, and it will help you save money in the long-term.

However, a fuel-powered mower can deliver a better performance. We recommend choosing a mower with a brushless motor and other features that improve energy efficiency.

An electric mower is a viable option for residential uses, but you should consider a fuel-powered motor for other uses.

Deck Width

The deck width determines the size of the area you can cover with your lawnmower. A smaller deck width makes your mower easier to maneuver, but a mower with a larger deck can help you save time.


Pay attention to the frame design. It should be sturdy and reliable without adding too much weight to the mower. We recommend investing in a lawnmower with an anti-corrosion finish on its frame.


The quality of the blades plays a huge part in determining how performing a mower is. Dual-blade mowers are more effective, and we also recommend picking dual-sided blades to reduce wear-and-tear. Make sure you can adjust the blade height easily.


The manufacturer is another important consideration. Choose a mower from a manufacturer with a good reputation, and make sure the manufacturer stands behind their products by offering a comprehensive warranty.