How to Navigate the Site

As the most comprehensive resource on made in the USA products, we understand that it might seem a little…overwhelming to get around the site. That’s okay! We have a lot of different research and content that is helpful for different groups of people. Once you understand all the parts, it should be pretty easy to navigate.

“I am shopping for products and want to find something made in the USA.”

Perfect! Head to our Product Category Research section. You’ll find Made in the USA Lists organized by various types of products to help you with your search. We are consistently adding and updating articles as we find new American made brands. Each article also includes tips for how to find made in the USA products in that category by looking at labeling requirements, material sourcing, assembly research, and other secret shopping tips.

“I want to know if this brand is made in the USA or not.”

Love it! Navigate to our Brand Investigations section to see if we’ve covered the brand you’re looking for. We research and secret shop hundreds of popular American brands to find out where they are actually made. If you can’t find the brand there, try looking in our Made in the USA Brands Directory or shoot us a message.

“I want to support local businesses and find companies made in my state.”

Sweet! We organize our entire Made in the USA Brands Directory by state, which you can find in our State-by-State Lists section.

“I want to educate myself on Made in the USA legislation and current events.”

Great! Check out our Regulatory Research and Newsroom sections. We analyze every piece of U.S. legislation around made in the USA labeling, and cover breaking news and developing stories on made in the USA lawsuits, new American made companies or product launches, changes in manufacturing locations for large American companies, nonprofit initiatives, global trade, the American workforce and jobs, consumer advocacy, and more.

“I want to meet the people behind American made brands and hear their stories.”

Us too! We do a lot of interviews and tours of great companies that are made in the USA that you can check out. Also make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel where we release new tour videos!

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