Tool Boxes Made in the USA

Finding a quality tool box is key, whether it’s for personal use or in your business. We did the research to find all of the tool boxes made in the USA today. Below are our findings, along with tons of details about each one. Be sure to check out all of the tools made in the USA (and YouTube video) as well.

Full List of Tool Box Brands Made in the USA

Proto Tools

Headquarters: New Britain, CT

States manufacturing in: CT

The Proto General Purpose tool box features simple construction and a basic design, however, it’s also built to be durable and user-friendly. The box features a couple of carry handles on its sides as well as a central carry handle on top for easier transport. It comes in a solid red finish and is made from tough steel. The basic construction of this tool box means that it has very few fail points. The single removable tray offers storage space for smaller objects, while the lower storage offers space for larger tools. Overall, this box offers enough space to bring your most valuable tools, and it’s built to last.

Kennedy Manufacturing

Headquarters: Van Wert, OH

States manufacturing in: OH

Kennedy Manufacturing’s machinist’s chest is built to offer quality and a number of storage options. It comes with a total of seven different-sized drawers, plus a top storage compartment for holding all of your calipers, clamps, dies, taps, and everything else in position. Each of the drawers is felt-lined to protect against scratching, and the movable dividers make it easy to split up your storage space based on the tools that you have available. Since it’s bulkier, this tool chest is meant to store on your work table. It’s also rock-solid thanks to the steel I-beam construction in each of the drawers and a tough steel build quality.

If you’re looking for a larger tool box storing unit, Kennedy also sells a rolling tool cabinet that features seven tool drawers, made for both small and large objects. It’s made from tough double-wall steel and features an easy-to-use tubular lock system. There is only one lock for this entire system rather than having the ability to lock different drawers.


Headquarters: Plainview, NY

States manufacturing in: NY

When you’re searching for a good general-purpose tool box to hold basic supplies for working around the house or on the go, not much beats the usability of a lightweight plastic tool box. MSC Direct offers a one-compartment tray box. Made from plastic, it’s constructed to be exceptionally sturdy whilst also affordable. The tool box features a single tray and a large open compartment on the inside, offering enough space for drills, hammers, wrenches, tape measures, and other hand tools. It also comes with a compact compartment up top with individual storage slots for things like screws, nails, washers, and other fasteners. The tool box secures in place with two latches and has a single carry handle up top.

Pioneer Steel

Headquarters: Brea, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Most plumbers know the struggle of trying to keep all their little nipples and connections neatly organized while at a job site. That’s why it’s so helpful to purchase nipple totes and boxes designed specifically for that purpose. Since the 1950s, Pioneer Steel Company has been manufacturing 100% American-made steel toolboxes, lock boxes, drop-off boxes and other garage, shop, and trailer organizers. The totes and nipple boxes sold by Pioneer are made from tough 20- or 22-gauge steel, and they’re built to be lightweight and sturdy. Each container has many small sections for storing nipples away, and they’re affordable enough that most plumbers can afford to purchase several of them for organization purposes.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Rick Storer of Pioneer Steel, who had this to say about their manufacturing process: “To this day, all our products are built in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Brea, California. We are proud to manufacture our American made products right here, knowing this is one way our country was build. We take great pride in using the highest quality cold roll steel available at a heavier gauge than the industry standard to ensure our products are built to last. Some of our products are even built to pass military specifications. Our products receive an environmentally friendly powder coat finish and are carefully packed to ensure it’s intact upon arrival.”

Pioneer sells a huge range of toolboxes designed for a multitude of purposes, such as the Pioneer Steel Cantilevel box, a utilitarian tool box that’s made from 20 or 22-gauge steel. It features a single latch to hold everything in position with an eye hoop that’s large enough for padlock security.

Factors To Consider

Construction Quality

Focus on build quality more than anything else. Look for boxes made from durable materials that will hold up for many years of use. Even the plastic boxes considered are made from a very thick and durable type of plastic that isn’t likely to fail under normal circumstances. Look at the box material, but also the build quality of the drawers and the hinges holding the boxes together.

Usability and Easy Access

Any good tool box should be user-friendly. It should open quickly and smoothly. The boxes should offer enough storage for their intended purposes and they should include added features like drawer lining and separators whenever possible to help protect and organize your tools.

Storage Options

Your tool box should have appropriate storage options for a variety of uses, whether you’re a weekend DIYer or a professional machinist. For example, a small personal tool box doesn’t need much – typically just a couple of compartments to separate larger hand tools from your smaller nuts, bolts, and other items. However, for someone who needs a chest or cabinet for their office, your storage options need to be more robust.


Tools are expensive, so you need to consider security. Look for ones that come with built-in locks or have the space required to add a lock on. While most boxes aren’t protected with state-of-the-art security measures, they should at least make it difficult to steal the contents of the box.


You want to make sure that you’re getting the best tool box for your money, which is why you should eliminate any tool boxes where you feel like the product quality does not live up to the price.