Where Are Leatherman Tools Made?

Leatherman is a household name when it comes to multitools. They were founded in 1983 by Tim Leatherman and Steve Berliner, who saw a hole in the market for an easily portable and durable multitool. That same year, the duo launched their first product – the Pocket Survival Tool (PST) and the rest is history. They are headquartered in Portland, Oregon, the same city that Gerber Gear and a bunch of other outdoor brands call home. They now produce over 50 products sold in 82 countries (about 55% of that in the U.S.), but is all of their manufacturing still here? We investigated to find out.

Verdict: Are Leatherman Tools Made in the USA?

Yes, most of Leatherman’s tools are still made in the USA. However, not every single part of their popular multitool is sourced from U.S. materials. 5 of the 30 total parts that typically make up their multitool are sourced internationally, according to the filings from a 2006 lawsuit that was brought against them, accusing Leatherman of false advertising “made in the USA” messaging. These parts include:

  • Files – Europe
  • Corkscrews – Europe
  • Plier jaws – Mexico
  • Two small fastening components – Unknown

The lawsuit ended favorably for Leatherman, as federal courts ruled that since 83% of their components (the base requirement is 70%) are American sourced, they qualify as “made in the USA.” This ruling comes as no surprise to us – tons of companies have had similar lawsuits in the past that have resulted in the same outcome.

While a small fraction of their components are sourced internationally, Leatherman continues to get most of their materials from the U.S. and does all of their manufacturing and assembly in their Portland, OR factory. For their multitools specifically, we couldn’t find any products that are produced differently (i.e. overseas), which gives us confidence in the authenticity of their product lineup.

Popular American Made Leatherman Tools

  • Raptor Shears (6 tools)
  • Wave Multi-Tool (18 tools)
  • Surge Multi-Tool (21 tools)
  • Leap Kid’s Multi-Tool (13 tools)
  • Juice C2 (12 tools)
  • Wingman Multi-Tool (14 tools)

Popular Leatherman Tools Not Made in the USA

  • Just a small fraction of components in their multitool, as outlined above

More American Made Options

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