Where Are TaylorMade Golf Clubs Made?

Carlsbad, California, is home to many big golf brands, including TaylorMade, a supplier that has been in business since 1979. The story of TaylorMade’s beginning is one of American grit. Founder Gary Adams took out a loan on his house to fund his golf startup with only two other employees. 

Adams introduced a driver to the market that used a new type of wood and delivered an elevated performance. This “wood” was named metalwood, and it changed the game. 

Since the first club, TaylorMade has focused its business on innovation and disrupting tradition. It has an impressive roster of golf industry professionals and affiliates who use and endorse its products. 

TaylorMade is based in Carlsbad, California, and operates worldwide. Its parent company is Centroid Investment Partners, a South Korean firm. We’d like to know where exactly TaylorMade is, though. Let’s find out.

Verdict: Are TaylorMade Golf Clubs Made in the USA?

Only a portion of TaylorMade’s manufacturing process happens in the US. TaylorMade manufactures their products abroad and assembles them in the United States. 

TaylorMade has locations worldwide, both corporate and production. Below is an image of their listed company locations.

The map above doesn’t seem to cover all the bases, though. For instance, we know the headquarters is in Carlsbad, California, but we also learned of a golf ball plant in South Carolina, which is not indicated on the map. So, there’s still a bit of searching to do.

We decided to contact their customer support team to ask about their golf clubs.

The golf clubs are manufactured in pieces overseas, and the final assembly takes place at the headquarters in Carlsbad. Some manufacturing takes place in Japan. The company even hosts a “Japan Exclusive Product” line that is only available in Japan. It goes without guessing that these products are likely made there or in other Asian locations and not even assembled in the US.

TaylorMade owns a golf ball plant in Liberty, South Carolina. It was opened in 2013 and has been in operation since then. They produce golf balls for recreation, professional, and even the PGA and LPGA tours. However, the brand reports that components of their golf balls are first made abroad and then finished at the South Carolina plant.

As seen here:

Ball plants are also located in Taiwan and Korea. The company acquired the Korean factory in 2021. At this facility, they manufacture balls from start to finish and also create components to be sent to the South Carolina plant.

After scoping some of the TaylorMade golf ball packaging, we discovered that some balls are also made in China. There seems to be a lot of fog around the company’s manufacturing practices. Aside from highlighting their ball plant in SC, the company’s website is silent on manufacturing.

TaylorMade began in Illinois, moved to Carlsbad, and then trekked its way around the world. It’s owned by a South Korean firm and operates globally, including manufacturing. Even its Ball Plant in South Carolina uses components that are initially made overseas. 

So, can we say that TaylorMade offers any USA-made products? Not completely. The closest you’ll get is “assembled in the USA.”

Popular American Made TaylorMade Golf Products

These items are only assembled in the USA:

  • BRNR Mini Driver Copper
  • Qi10 Rescue Hybrid 
  • TP5x Golf Balls

Popular TaylorMade Golf Products Not Made in the USA

  • Distance+ Golf Balls
  • Project (a) Golf Balls
  • Stealth Gloire Driver

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