Men’s Work Boots Made in the USA

Finding the right pair of work boots that fit well, are constructed with care, and last a lifetime can be really tough. That’s why we did extensive research to find you all of the men’s work boots made in the USA. Below, you’ll find all of the American-made work boot brands that we found, additional details on each, and our research methodology. Be sure to check out our guide on women’s work boots made in the USA as well.

Full List of Men’s Work Boot Brands Made in the USA

Carolina Boots

Headquarters: Martinsburg, PA

States manufacturing in: PA

Carolina has a lineup of work boots with one primary attribute in mind: toughness. They even say it themselves all over their website: “Just. Plain. Tough.” Their Steel Toe Loggers Boot is no exception. Each boot has a supportive steel shank (located in the arch of the shoe) and steel toe. The outer material and high top is designed to be super supportive, and they don’t overload them with too much material so the boot stays lightweight. Ironically, despite the brand name, their headquarters is in Pennsylvania, which is the same place where they manufacture each and every pair of their boots.

Chippewa Boots

Headquarters: Chippewa Falls, WI

States manufacturing in: MO

Waterproof and insulated, the Chippewa Logger Boot is made for anyone who works in a cold, damp environment. Chippewa developed a proprietary technology that they call Chip-A-Tex, which is a waterproof, but breathable membrane around the boot. Water is shut out, but air can still pass through. The inside of the boot is lined with Dri-Lex, a “moisture management” system of lining that makes the boot breathable on the inside and quick to dry. They also have insulation in there for when the weather gets cold.

Thorogood Boots

Headquarters: Merrill, WI

States manufacturing in: WI

The full grain leather Thorogood American Heritage Moc Toe Boot are made for comfort. The construction of the insole and the outsole are designed for shock absorption and comfort. The insole is “dual density” which is essentially two layers for added support. Underneath the insole is a fiberglass shank, different from the steel shanks that you typically see in work boots. This makes the boot a little more lightweight and flexible. On the outside, the outsole is made of a synthetic material designed for durability and traction. One last note: they run a little large, so you’ll likely want to order about a half size down.

Belleville Boots

Headquarters: Belleville, IL

States manufacturing in: IL

Belleville is known for making tactical boots, particularly for hot weather. Their minimalist training boot is designed for more natural movement and breathability. The Aero-Spacer mesh lining wicks away moisture at your feet and lets air flow in and out more easily. The bottom rubber sole, while more minimal than a traditional work boot, has almost the same amount of traction on slippery surfaces. This boot is also AR 670-1 compliant, which means it is authorized by the U.S. Army. If you live in a hot and dry climate, this boot is a durable option for you to stay cool and get the job done.


Headquarters: Woolrich, PA

States manufacturing in: IL

If you work in colder weather, wool-lined boots can be a lifesaver. Woolrich’s men’s Yankee Boots are made for keeping your feet warm and protected during the work day. The corded laces and double-stitched apron toe that accompany these Horween leather work boots (from Chicago) make them super durable. They’re designed to be quite trendy so that you can wear them outside the workplace too. The wool lining is used to offer more comfort and is woven right next to the company’s home base in Pennsylvania at the Woolrich Mill.

Corcoran Boots

Headquarters: Martinsburg, PA

States manufacturing in: PA

Corcoran was one of the original suppliers of army boots in World War II, and continues to make quality field boots to this day. The Corcoran Field Work Boot is designed to be super rugged and durable, two essential requirements for pretty much every boot that Corcoran makes. They are firm boots that give extra support compared to other work boots. The arch of the boot has a steel shank for more stability. The Vibram outsole also helps grip better in a variety of different terrains. These boots are made to last a long time and hold up in a variety of conditions.


Headquarters: Portland, OR

States manufacturing in: OR

Danner has a huge range of work boots, depending on the type of work that you do. They have trainer-style boots, more stylish ankle boots, and calf-length steel toe ones, with everything in-between so you’re bound to find something depending on the type of work you do. A lot of their boots are made from oiled full-grain leather that is resistant to water and liquid damage, whilst requiring minimal maintenance over time. Some of their boots offer Electrical Hazard (EH) protection as well as steel toes that meet or exceed ASTM F2413-18 I/75 C/75 EH.

Danner Work Boots all feature a small American flag on the outer top rim of the boot so that people can see your dedication to supporting American-Made. Though it’s worth noting Danner boots are made in the USA using imported materials and some of their shoes are partially constructed overseas before being shipped and finished in their Portland, Oregon factory.

White’s Boots

Headquarters: Spokane, WA

States manufacturing in: WA

The Hathorn Explorer Tracker Lace-to-Toe Logger boots are calf-length leather boots in a tan color with yellow nylon laces. They feature 5.5-6.5 oz leather with 9 iron leather insoles as well as a leather shank and leather heel base. For added comfort, they include 9 iron Vibram rubber midsoles and Vibram soles. These boots range from size 7D to 13D and come in half sizes. You can also get EE-width boots made by special order.

Hoffman Boots

Headquarters: Kellogg, ID

States manufacturing in: ID

Hoffman Boots sells footwear designed for linemen, loggers, hunting, construction work, wildland, hiking, and winter PACs. Their boots feature industrial-grade waterproof bottoms that are designed to resist cracking as well as premature rebuilds. Hoffman also designs their boots with 7-8 oz oiled tanned leather that is made to be form-fitting whilst also withstanding heavy work. Some of their boots are EH-approved and all of their steel and composite toe boots meet the correct ASTM standard. Hoffman will rebuild your boots for a third of the cost of a new pair if you do wear the soles out.

It’s worth noting that most of Hoffman’s boots are manufactured in the United States, but they source their leather from Italy, Germany, and other European countries.

L.L. Bean

Headquarters: Freeport, ME

States manufacturing in: MENCNY

As part of their footwear range, L.L. Bean sells work boots that are made from waterproof full-grain leather that are designed to shed rain and snow, as well as waterproof rubber bottoms, though it’s worth noting that the laces aren’t waterproof. They have iconic triple-needle stitching to improve durability and a chain tread outsole for better traction. Made with a steel shank for additional support, these boots from L.L. Bean have a uniquley-shaped foot form that is designed to offer comfort and stability whilst you work.

Truman Boot Co.

Headquarters: Eugene, OR

States manufacturing in: OR

With Truman Boot Co., you can buy boots that are ready-made, built to order, or made to order, depending on what your specific needs are with your work boots. The made-to-order boots have many different elements that can be customized, but this usually means a 12-week lead time, whilst ready-made boots are typically built and shipped in two to three business days.

Truman Boots are made using leather, and they use a whole host of different leathers which are explained in detail on their site. These include bison, horse rump, ox, cow-hide, antelope, and many more, along with many different tanning processes giving them all different characteristics. Some also use waxed leather which makes them extremely durable and has water-resistant characteristics. It’s worth noting that Truman Boot Co. sources its leather from renowned tanneries from around the world, including Horween in Chicago, C.F Stead in Leeds UK, and also Italy, though they say they try to stay as local as possible. However, their ‘leather care guide’ on their website tells you which leather is sourced from which country, so you can easily stick with American-made.

These boots have pull tabs, making them easier to pull off, and are lace-ups so that they form to your shape better. Featuring antique brass hardware and Goodyear 270 storm welts, these boots are designed to last a long time. They also include a structured toe box and Vibram 100 lug sole for added comfort.

Wolverine Boots

Headquarters: Richmond, IN

States manufacturing in: MI

Wolverine sells a wide range of work boots that are made for those working on unstable terrain or those who have a physically demanding job. They make their boots for optimal performance and to withstand any tough job as well as daily wear and tear.

Wolverine’s boots are made from tumbled full-grain leather, designed to be soft and comfortable whilst also being durable and easy to clean. These leather uppers are bonded to the sole with a welded construction for long-lasting durability. For maximum comfort, Wolverine includes a patented Dri-lex lining that wicks away sweat and has a removable double-density footbed that provides additional cushioning and stability. They feature a fiberglass shank that is 75% lighter than steel, reducing foot fatigue whilst also stabilizing the foot. Most of their boots can either come with a soft toe or a steel toe and many offer DuraShock technology that absorbs shock and returns energy to give you the power to move you forward. All of Wolverine’s boots come with a 30-day comfort guarantee and there are lace-up and no-lace options too.

YouTube Video on How to Find Work Boots and Shoes Made in the USA

Factors We Considered

Sole and Upper Durability

Your work boots have to be durable to handle the wide variety of jobs you need to accomplish in them. We looked for boots that were made from high-quality material, treated well, and had the proper construction to last long. Features like steel toes, full-grain leather, steel shanks, thick outsoles, and laces that don’t fray were all things we valued.


You’re often spending an entire day in your work boots before you get to kick them off – they need to be comfortable. Comfort largely stems from the construction of the insole and outsole of the boot. We looked for soft, breathable insoles that are going to form to the shape of your foot. On the outsole, shock absorption is really important.

Safety Toe

You want to be comfortable when you’re working, but you also need to be protected from unforeseen circumstances when dealing with heavy machinery and other equipment. Toe protection typically comes in three varieties: steel, aluminum, and composite toe. Steel is pretty typical, however, they are magnetic and they conduct temperature as well. So, if you work around metal detectors of magnetized objects a lot, you may want to go with an aluminum or composite option. Same with extreme weather conditions – steel toes will simply exaggerate the cold or warm weather.

Weather Protection

Some jobs are just unpredictable. You need your boots to be able to adapt with you in all scenarios, whether is it hot, cold, rainy, muddy or any other condition. Water resistance along the boot and traction control on the outsole were two major factors we considered here. GORE-TEX is a popular outsole material that helps protects against the elements that we considered.

Laces Quality

The laces are an important part of any work boot. Although they can be easily replaced, laces need to be durable, waterproof, easy to handle and have the ability to easily stay tied.


We want to make sure that you’re getting the best work boots for your money. We made sure to weed out any boots from our analysis that didn’t pass our criteria for quality vs. price. If the price was too expensive for the quality you were getting, then we eliminated it. We also eliminated a few brands that are assembled in the USA but with primarily imported materials. Unfortunately, Danner and Wolverine are two of those brands. We think our top picks are some of the best-value work boots on the market today.

For more boot recommendations, be sure to check out our guides on American-made cowboy boots, hiking boots, and hunting boots, as well as our YouTube video on shoes made in the USA (we cover a few USA-made work boots).

American Made Work Boots vs. Boots from China

When it comes to footwear, several American-born companies are cutting costs and moving their operations overseas. Unfortunately, cutting costs typically means cutting quality as well. Labor and materials are cheaper in China and other popular manufacturing hubs, so their manufacturing process often cuts out important protective features of work boots or lacks durability because of the lower quality material that they make their boots with. Now, this choice is typically not the one of the manufacturing facility (there are many capable companies overseas who use high-quality materials in their products), but that of the main shoe brand that wants to squeeze out every drip of cost possible in their manufacturing process. Remember to read labels and product details to ensure your next pair of work boots is made in the USA!

Men’s Work Boots Not Made in the USA

  • Red Wing – only their Heritage series is made here
  • Keens – only some styles assembled in the USA
  • Carhartt – most boots are imported
  • Timberland – mostly outsourced to Asia and Central America
  • Xtratuf – rubber boots no longer made here
  • Georgia Boot – Made in China and other countries
  • Wolverine – Mostly made in China and Vietnam