Women’s Work Boots Made in the USA

The perfect pair of work boots should be comfortable, supportive, and protective. Depending on where you work, you might need to invest in boots that meet the OSHA safety standards. These standards include a protective leather upper, non-skid soles, and footwear that is resistant to impact and compression. We did the research to discover all of the women’s work boots made in the USA to help you find protective footwear adapted to your work environment.

Full List of Women’s Work Boots Made in the USA

Thorogood Boots

Headquarters: Merrill, WI

States manufacturing in: WI

The 7″ Composite Toe WP Work Boot 804-4808-F versatile work boots from Thorogood will keep you warm and dry in a wide range of conditions. These work boots are ideal if you work outside and need waterproof footwear that meets ANSI and ASTM standards for safety.

The polyurethane footbed provides you with a comfortable fit and helps you adopt a healthy posture if you are on your feet all day. The slip-resistant outsoles feature a built-in EVA pad that absorbs shocks and insulates you from the ground.

The boots feature a padded collar, and durable stitching, and have been tested for electrical hazard protection too.


Headquarters: Portland, OR

States manufacturing in: OR

The steel toe cap of the American-made 6″ Steel Toe Wedge Sole Moc Toe work boots from Danner are ideal if you need protective footwear that can prevent injuries if an object falls on your foot. These work boots are a must-have if you work in an industrial setting or on a construction site.

Featuring a classic, original design, they’re more versatile than typical work boots and the oiled full-grain leather requires minimal maintenance.

The cushioned footbed can reduce fatigue, the slip-resistant outsole will prevent falls, and the built-in steel cap and steel shank will protect you from heavy or sharp objects.

Carolina Boots

Headquarters: Martinsburg, PA

States manufacturing in: PA

If you work with power tools or perform electrical repairs, wearing footwear designed to protect you from electrical shocks is crucial. These 6-inch Composite Toe WP Work Boot CA1620 Carolina work boots could be helpful as their rubber outsole will insulate you from the ground and protect you from electrical shocks if there is a live wire nearby.

And because water is conductive, the boots feature a waterproof membrane that will keep you dry and reduce conductivity if you’re exposed to water.

The boots are designed with a padded collar and tongue and a wide toe box to make them more comfortable and supportive. There is a polyurethane footbed that absorbs shocks while reducing fatigue, and the cement construction of the boots relies on adhesive rather than stitching for a durable result.

Belleville Boots

Headquarters: Belleville, IL

States manufacturing in: IL

Tactical work boots are your best bet if you need protective footwear that doesn’t restrict your movements. These Belleville Steel Toe Military Boots are made for helping with this as they’re performing, supportive, and lightweight.

The sole construction is designed to be similar to what you will find on running shoes. The soles feel comfortable and absorb shocks when you run.

The leather and nylon upper are durable and protective. The cushioned midsole helps reduce fatigue if you have to stand on your feet all day.

The rubber outsoles feature deep lugs that improve traction and mobility. These work boots meet ASTM and ANSI standards and are rated for protection against electrical hazards.

Double-H Boots

Headquarters: Martinsburg, PA

States manufacturing in: PA

With their original Western design stitching design, the Double-H 12″ Western Work Boots are ideal for if you work outdoors and don’t need shoes that meet OSHA safety standards.

Made with full-grain leather construction and durable stitching, they feature a gel footbed that adapts to the shape of your feet and reduces fatigue.

The heels have an elevation of 1 ¾” to promote a healthy posture and reduce back pain.

Chippewa Boots

Headquarters: Chippewa Falls, WI

States manufacturing in: MO

The Chippewa 15″ Pull-On Snake Boots will keep you safe if your job entails walking through dense vegetation where you’re likely to encounter wildlife.

These boots feature a 15-inch shaft made from leather and Rattlesnake Cordura upper. This material is thick enough to protect you from snake bites.

The boots feature two buckles so you can adjust the fit, a built-in steel shank, and thick soles with durable stitching. There is a cushioned orthotic footbed that you can remove.

Corcoran Boots

Headquarters: Martinsburg, PA

States manufacturing in: PA

Corcoran is known for its boots worn by military personnel over the years. Their “Original Jump Boots” were worn by paratroopers in World War II and they now provide combat boots for those serving in Iraq.

Their Women’s 10″ Original Jump Boots are still a solid work boot to consider. Made from leather, they feature internal ankle support, cushioned insoles, and a triple rib steel shank. The military tap rubber outsole is oil-resistant and they feature a beveled heel for better traction. If it can support the US military in their endeavors, it’s likely to work well as a work boot too. Though it’s worth noting that though these are Made in the USA, some of the materials to make this boot is sourced globally.

L.L. Bean

Headquarters: Freeport, ME

States manufacturing in: MENCNY

L.L. Bean sells a wide range of boots for women that are made for anything from hunting to hiking to working. Though also made for duck-hunting, the Original L.L. Bean Boot will work well as workwear especially if you work outdoors, thanks to the full grain leather treated with protection that is waterproof and sheds rain and snow.

They are triple-stitched to ensure maximum durability and to be long-lasting. They have a rubber chain-tread bottom for increased traction and a supportive steel shank. These boots have been made in Maine for over 100 years and are designed to stand the test of time.


Headquarters: Gardena, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

As the first clear plastic overshoe made in 1948, Sloggers (originally called ‘The Drizzle Boot’) has been popular since being debuted by Doris Day in 1951. Now, these rain boots are ideal for those who do lightweight work outdoors and don’t need to worry about heavy things falling on their feet.

Sloggers are designed to handle any outdoor element, not just against the rain, they’re made to withstand running errands, chores, and projects. They’re made to be comfortable and wipe clean easily. They’re made wider than traditional rain boots so that you can tuck your pants into them. They have deep-lug treads for better traction, have insoles for maximum comfort, and are made with 50% recycled material.

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Factors To Consider

OSHA Safety Standards

Your employer is legally required to ask you to wear boots that comply with OSHA safety standards if you work in an industrial setting or in a workplace where heavy objects could fall or roll onto your foot.

Boots that meet or exceed these standards typically feature a steel toe-cap, a durable leather upper, and a thick protective outsole. Shopping for work boots that meet these safety standards is a good way of making sure you get protective and durable footwear even if your employer doesn’t require you to pick work boots that meet these safety standards.

Comfort and Durability

Your work boots are an investment since you will wear them every day.  We recommend investing in footwear made from quality materials that will last for years.

Most manufacturers use a mix of leather and synthetic materials. A leather upper is a durable option that can protect your feet in a wide range of situations. Synthetic materials can add protective features, make the boots feel more comfortable, or insulate you from cold weather or humidity.

Comfort is an important consideration because comfortable footwear can reduce fatigue and back pain. We recommend choosing boots with thick outsoles, cushioned footbeds, and other features that deliver a comfortable fit.

Your Workplace

It’s important to consider the unique challenges and requirements of your workplace when choosing work boots.

If you work outdoors, you will want to invest in durable work boots with a waterproof design. You could also benefit from thick soles with deep lugs to improve traction in muddy terrain. If you work indoors, you should wear boots with anti-slip soles.

You should consider specialized footwear if there are unique risks or challenges associated with your workplace, including wildlife, electrical hazard, slip risks, or corrosive chemicals.


Of course, we want to make sure you are getting the best pair of work boots for your money. So, make sure to eliminate any pairs where the price point just doesn’t live up to the quality.

Women’s Work Boots Not Made in the USA