Chairs Made in the USA

One of the first things you need for a house, condo, or apartment is chairs. The good news is plenty of chairs are made in the USA. We did the research to find all the furniture brands that make chairs domestically. Here is our complete list. Stick around until the end of the article, and we’ll give you some shopping tips for finding American made chairs and uncover which popular companies don’t make their chairs here.

Complete List of Chair Brands Made in the USA


Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

This company specializes in producing furniture that works equally well in an apartment and in a big country house. Not all their pieces are manufactured domestically, but they have a great line of Made in the USA accent chairs.

Creekvine Designs

Headquarters: Gibsonia, PA

States manufacturing in: PA

Creekvine Designs makes outdoor furniture, including chairs, from weather-resistant cedar wood. They can be finished or left unfinished for a more rustic appearance.


Headquarters: Dolgeville, NY

States manufacturing in: NY

Keekaroo produces high chairs and kids’ chairs. These adjustable pieces are designed to grow with your children. Keekaroo makes its safe, durable products in Dolgeville, New York.

Montana Woodworks

Headquarters: Rexford, MT

States manufacturing in: MT

Montana Woodworks’ indoor and outdoor log furniture products include dining chairs, rocking chairs, desk chairs, and kids’ chairs. Everything is handcrafted from logs harvested from the Kootenai National Forest near their Montana shop.


Headquarters: Syracuse, IN

States manufacturing in: IN

This company makes weatherproof outdoor furniture out of recycled plastic materials, but they don’t look at all like plastic chairs. Their pieces, including their dining chairs, rocking chairs, and other seating options, are beautiful and stylish. Everything is made in either Indiana or North Carolina.


Headquarters: Detroit, MI

States manufacturing in: MI

FLOYD products are designed in Michigan and manufactured by partners across the U.S., and, unfortunately, China and Mexico. They only make a few products, so you don’t have a wide variety to choose from, but it allows them to focus on quality. This brand also focuses on sustainability. Their pieces include the super-comfy Sink Down Lounge Chair.


Headquarters: New York City, NY

States manufacturing in: NCNY

Allform makes all its furniture, including armchairs, in the United States. Their customized chairs combine contemporary looks with comfort. We like that they use a lot of recycled material to make their furniture. However, some materials are imported, and their leather is tanned overseas.

Amana Furniture Shop

Headquarters: Amana, IA

States manufacturing in: IA

The Amana Furniture and Clock Shop in eastern Iowa sells beautiful, 100% handcrafted furniture, including dining chairs and rockers. Visiting this shop in the Amana Colonies is a delight, but if you can’t make the trip, you can order customized pieces online.

American Chairs

Headquarters: Chicago, IL

States manufacturing in: IL

If you love all things retro, Chicago-based American Chairs is the perfect place to get 1950s diner-style chairs in various colors, including yellow, red, green, blue, orange, pink, and turquoise. These chairs are manufactured 100% in the USA, mostly with union labor. The company also sells more traditional wooden chairs, but their materials are imported from Canada.

American Eco Furniture

Headquarters: Athens, GA

States manufacturing in: GA

American Eco Furniture is dedicated to environmentally friendly, handcrafted solid wood furniture made in the USA. Their armchairs, recliners, gliders, rockers, and dining room chairs are all built to last a lifetime and beyond.

American Leather

Headquarters: Dallas, TX

States manufacturing in: TX

Founded by engineers in 1990, American Leather was created on the belief that three months is too long to ever wait for a piece of customized furniture. All their pieces, which are manufactured in Dallas, Texas, are guaranteed to be ready to ship in 30 days or less. American Leather’s product line includes recliners and accent chairs.

Bradington Young

Headquarters: Hickory, NC

States manufacturing in: NC

Bradington Young’s claim to fame is luxury leather furniture, including recliners and club chairs. Their recliner line features 3-way loungers, high leg loungers. zero-gravity models and power headrest options. Their pieces are crafted in North Carolina.

Carolina Chair

Headquarters: Hickory, NC

States manufacturing in: NC

Carolina Chair has been building custom, handcrafted furniture in Conover, North Carolina, for almost a century. The company produces armchairs, accent chairs, gliders and rockers, and vanity chairs.

Century Furniture

Headquarters: Hickory, NC

States manufacturing in: NC

The vast majority of this brand’s furniture is manufactured in Hickory, North Carolina, from predominantly domestic materials. Their pieces include dining chairs, living room chairs, and outdoor chairs.

Club Furniture

Headquarters: Charlotte, NC

States manufacturing in: NC

This luxury furniture online retailer sells accent chairs and recliners. Club Furniture also has dining chairs that are sold as sets with their dining tables. Their pieces are manufactured in the USA, but some contain imported parts. Therefore, we recommend looking at the individual product descriptions on their website. Be sure to check out their clearance section for some incredible deals!


Headquarters: Bradford, VT

States manufacturing in: VT

Copeland Furniture has been producing hardwood furniture in Vermont since 1976. Their collection includes a nice variety of dining chairs.


Headquarters: Hiddenite, NC

States manufacturing in: NC

Craftmaster has been making high-quality upholstered furniture in North Carolina for more than 50 years. Their living room collections include armchairs, swivel chairs, gliders, and recliners.

Dutch Crafters

Headquarters: Sarasota, FL

States manufacturing in: FL

Dutch Crafters has a huge online collection of authentic Amish furniture made from 100% hardwood. Everything is handcrafted in America. They make recliners, rocking chairs, gliders, lounge chairs, and dining chairs.

Flat Rock Furniture

Headquarters: Shelbyville, IN

States manufacturing in: IN

Flat Rock Furniture specializes in making elegantly designed yet rustic hickory furniture. Everything is customized, so no two pieces are identical. Their collection includes dining chairs and living room chairs.


Headquarters: Dubuque, IA

States manufacturing in: IA

Flexsteel makes 90% of its furniture in the USA, and every piece is handcrafted. Shoppers can choose from a wide variety of fabrics, finishes, and frame styles. They produce dining chairs, armchairs, and recliners. Stores that carry Flexsteel furniture are located across the country, but if you can’t find one near you or if your local dealer doesn’t have what you are looking for, you can still order their pieces online.

Green Gables Furniture

Headquarters: Bradford, IL

States manufacturing in: IL

Green Gables is a family-owned business that makes handcrafted furniture in Bradford, Illinois, from reclaimed wood from old barns in the Midwest. Their pieces, which include living room and dining chairs, are sold in more than 200 stores in the United States and Canada.

Hammer and Heels

Headquarters: Denver, CO

States manufacturing in: CO

Hammer and Heels’ custom furniture is made by hand in the USA with reclaimed or sustainable material. They only produce a few living room chairs, but they are amazing! Hammer and Heels makes Custom Reclaimed Wood Modern Industrial, Reclaimed Barnwood Modern Upholstered, and Customed Tufted Linen Wingback Chairs.


Headquarters: McConnellsville, NY

States manufacturing in: NY

Harden’s domestic cherry wood furniture has a storied reputation. This company has made a few pieces that are in the White House. Unfortunately, this iconic brand has gone out of business. Still, you can get their furniture second-hand from antique stores. Used pieces can also be ordered from websites such as Charish, where we found some dining and living room chairs.

Highwood USA

Headquarters: Hometown, PA

States manufacturing in: PA

Highwood USA makes patio and backyard furniture using Polywood. Their outdoor chairs are built to survive the elements. You can leave them outside all year long without worries.

Homecrest Outdoor Living

Headquarters: Wadena, MN

States manufacturing in: MN

Homecrest Outdoor Living chairs are made from lightweight aluminum topped with vinyl or PVC fabric. These modern, minimalist pieces can be easily stacked for storage.

Homestead Furniture

Headquarters: Mt Hope, OH

States manufacturing in: OH

Homestead’s selection includes recliners and other living room chairs, dining chairs, desk chairs, and outdoor chairs. Their Amish furniture comes in a wide variety of styles, so the odds are good you will find your dream chair by visiting their website or going to their store in Mt. Hope, Ohio.

Ivy Terrace Furniture

Headquarters: Syracuse, IN

States manufacturing in: IN

Ivy Terrace’s outdoor furnishings, including chairs, are produced using the popular POLYWOOD, which is made from recycled lumber. Their pieces are incredibly easy to care for and come in an amazing array of colors and styles.

Johnston Casuals

Headquarters: North Wilkesboro, NC

States manufacturing in: NC

Johnston Casuals makes dining chairs with unusual contemporary designs that can be highly customized with a dazzling choice of metal finishes and fabrics. You will have a blast visiting their website and seeing the endless possibilities!

Kilmer Creek

Headquarters: Lynnwood, WA

States manufacturing in: MT

This company makes its outdoor furniture with red cedar wood and Amish craftsmanship. Their chairs include gliders and Adirondack chairs.


Headquarters: Taylorsville, NC

States manufacturing in: NC

Kincaid makes a huge variety of living and dining room chairs. They have pieces that fit any style of home aesthetic, including Traditional, Old World, Farmhouse, Craftsman, Loft, and Contemporary.

King Dinettes

Headquarters: Green Brook Township, NJ

States manufacturing in: NJ

King Dinettes has a collection of Amish-made in the USA dining chairs constructed from domestic hardwoods such as cherry, maple, red oak, gray elm, birch, and hickory. These pieces are handmade in small, family-owned shops.

Lakeland Mills

Headquarters: Edmore, MI

States manufacturing in: MI

Lakeland Mills makes indoor and outdoor log furniture, including chairs. All their pieces are made from sturdy Northern White Cedar.


Headquarters: Monroe, MI

States manufacturing in: ARMOTN

La-Z-Boy is a famous brand that makes recliners as well as other living room chairs. But are they made in the USA? Sometimes, but finding information online about which pieces are manufactured domestically isn’t easy. Fortunately, lots of furniture stores carry La-Z-Boy products, so we recommend asking a sales rep to help you look at a tag to find the code stating the manufacturing facility that particular chair came from.

LEE Industries

Headquarters: Conover, NC

States manufacturing in: NC

LEE makes living room, dining room, and outdoor chairs in North Carolina with 98% domestic materials. You can order their pieces online or in one of the stores across the country that carries their furniture. Look on their website to search for dealers near where you live.

Maiden Home

Headquarters: New York, NY

States manufacturing in: NCNY

Maiden Home’s furniture collection includes living room chairs and a few dining chairs. Their products are designed in New York and made in North Carolina.

Marc Taggart & Co

Headquarters: Cody, WY

States manufacturing in: WY

Marc Taggart crafts its luxury western-style furniture in Cody, Wyoming. Their pieces include club chairs and dining chairs.


Headquarters: Wadley, AL

States manufacturing in: AL

Meadowcraft has been making wrought iron outdoor furniture, including chairs, for more than 100 years. Their production facility is located in Alabama, but they use some imported materials.

Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams

Headquarters: Taylorsville, NC

States manufacturing in: NC

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams makes its swivel chairs, recliners, accent chairs, dining chairs, outdoor chairs, and other stylish, heirloom-quality furniture in North Carolina. You can order their pieces online or visit one of their 25 physical stores. They also have a few outlet stores in North Carolina, California, Texas, New York, and Florida, where you can find great deals.


Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Modernica has been making furniture in Los Angeles for 30 years. Their collection includes contemporary-style dining, living room, and outdoor chairs.

Norwalk Furniture

Headquarters: Norwalk, OH

States manufacturing in: OH

This handcrafted furniture brand includes dining chairs, occasional chairs, swivel chairs, and recliners. They can’t be ordered online, but hundreds of stores throughout the United States sell their products.

Old Hickory Furniture

Headquarters: Shelbyville, IN

States manufacturing in: IN

Old Hickory Furniture has been in business since the late 1800s in central Indiana. Their products include dining, living room, and porch chairs. The handcrafting process has remained the same over the years, but the company now offers some modern styles in addition to its traditional ones.

Online Amish Furniture

Headquarters: Shelby Township, MI

States manufacturing in: INMIOH

Online Amish Furniture’s vast collection includes dining chairs, living room chairs, desk chairs, and outdoor chairs. Everything is made by hand from Amish artisans in Indiana and Ohio.

Pompanoosuc Mills

Headquarters: Thetford, VT

States manufacturing in: VT

Pompanoosuc Mills’ handcrafted, custom-made dining chairs, rocking chairs, recliners, accent chairs, desk chairs, and other furnishings are famous for their style and sturdiness. Everything is built to order in Vermont.

Roger + Chris

Headquarters: Hickory, NC

States manufacturing in: NC

Roger + Chris’ high-quality, made-in-the-USA furniture includes a big selection of armchairs. Their website has tons of information on each piece, including the degree of back and seat firmness.

Rowe Furniture

Headquarters: Salem, VA

States manufacturing in: VA

This brand prides itself on making furniture from natural or renewable fibers and domestically-sourced wood. Rowe’s collection includes dining and living room chairs.

Sabai Design

Headquarters: New York City, NY

States manufacturing in: NY

Sabai Design makes its furniture in ethically-run factories in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Michigan, all committed to quality, safety, and a living wage. The pieces include a few living room chairs.


Headquarters: Portland, OR

States manufacturing in: OR

Schoolhouse’s Jack Chair is crafted in the USA from ethically-sourced domestic and global components.

Seaside Casual

Headquarters: Coventry RI

States manufacturing in: RI

Seaside Casual makes outdoor furniture from recycled plastic bottles. Their chairs come with customized cushions that are available in 40 different fabrics. Seaside Casual furniture is heavy enough to stay in place during windy conditions. furniture is easy to customize to look just the way you want.

Simplicity Sofas

Headquarters: High Point, NC

States manufacturing in: NC

Simplicity Sofas, which also makes living room chairs, specializes in producing pieces that can fit through narrow hallways, doorways, and staircases, making them ideal for apartments, condos, and vintage homes. Over 90% of parts and 50% of fabrics are locally sourced in North Carolina.

Sister Bay Furniture

Headquarters: Sussex, WI

States manufacturing in: WI

Sister Bay produces outdoor furniture from recycled plastic. Their pieces are durable, fade-resistant, and low maintenance. Seating options range from dining chairs to Adirondacks.

Skyline Furniture

Headquarters: Thornton, IL

States manufacturing in: IL

Skyline Furniture is a family-owned and operated company that makes furniture for every room in the house. Their pieces are carried by many retailers, including Bloomingdales, Crate & Barrel, Macy’s, and Wayfair.

Smith Brothers Furniture

Headquarters: Berne, IN

States manufacturing in: IN

This brand produces recliners, occasional chairs, and other types of furniture. Their pieces are made in Berne, Indiana, but the leather they use is tanned in Europe, China, or South America. However, some of their chairs have cloth upholstery.

Southern Cypress Furniture

Headquarters: Mobile, AL

States manufacturing in: AL

Southern Cypress Furniture’s small selection of outdoor furniture includes chairs. Everything is handcrafted from cypress lumber with brass crews and solid steel hardware for durability.

Stephen Daniel Editions

Headquarters: Cookeville, TN

States manufacturing in: TN

Stephen Daniels focuses specifically on upholstered furniture, including chairs. All pieces are custom-built and sold directly to customers.


Headquarters: Pineville, NC

States manufacturing in: NCNY

Over 90% of Stickley’s furniture is handcrafted in upstate New York or Archdale, North Carolina, by local artisans and skilled laborers. Unfortunately, when we looked at the online product descriptions for their recliners, accent chairs, dining chairs, and desk chairs, we didn’t see any country of origin or material sourcing information.

The Joinery

Headquarters: Portland, OR

States manufacturing in: OR

The Joinery’s hardwood furniture collection includes dining chairs, lounge chairs, and rocking chairs. Modern and classic designs are available. The company provides 3-D renderings as part of its custom design and modification process.

Three Coins Cast

Headquarters: Newnan, GA

States manufacturing in: GA

Three Coins Cast makes welded outdoor chairs and other furniture in a wide array of colors and styles that range from casual to elegant.

Thos. Moser

Headquarters: Auburn, ME

States manufacturing in: ME

Thos. Moser produces handmade furniture from North American hardwood. Their collection features dining chairs, lounge chairs, rocking chairs, and desk chairs.

Trex Outdoor Furniture

Headquarters: Syracuse, IN

States manufacturing in: IN

Trex Outdoor Furniture makes its chairs and other pieces from POLYWOOD lumber, which looks like real wood. Their furniture is durable, weather-proof, and low-maintenance. Each product comes with a 20-year warranty.

Troutman Chair Co.

Headquarters: Troutman, NC

States manufacturing in: NC

Troutman Chair Co. makes handcrafted, solid wood chairs, including a few kid-sized ones. They have a nice selection of rocking chairs, regular chairs, and stools.

Vermont Woods Studios

Headquarters: Vernon, VT

States manufacturing in: VT

This company’s products include dining chairs, rocking chairs, and outdoor chairs in a variety of styles. Be sure to check out the Furniture Deals & Discounts section on their website for some great bargains!

Woodard Stanton

Headquarters: Owosso, MI

States manufacturing in: MI

Woodard Stanton makes its elegant patio furniture, including chairs, with heavy, durable, fully welded wrought iron. All the work takes place in Michigan.

Vienna Woodworks

Headquarters: Otisco, MN

States manufacturing in: MN

Vienna Woodworks has a great selection of kitchen chairs for your dining table. They also have handmade barnwood benches and comfy living room chairs that have more of a log cabin feel.

Kisabeth Furniture

Headquarters: Dallas, TX

States manufacturing in: TX

Kisabeth has a wide variety of (mostly) upholstered chairs that they manufacture locally in Texas. If you want something with fabric for your dining room, living room, or other space, Kisabeth is a good American made option.

Bear Wood Company

Headquarters: Hurricane, WV

States manufacturing in: WV

Bear Wood Company has some awesome benches handmade from reclaimed wood. If you’re looking for more of a rustic picnic table feel for one of your rooms, check them out.

Gat Creek

Headquarters: Berkeley Springs, WV

States manufacturing in: WV

Gat Creek handcrafts solid wood chairs and other furniture pieces and has a ton of styles to choose from. Everything is made-to-order by their talented furniture makers.

LewisKoa Co.

Headquarters: Honomu, HI

States manufacturing in: HI

LewisKoa Company is based in Hawaii and got started by Aaron and Tamara Lewis. They make incredible heirloom-quality furniture, and their selection of chairs is no different. They have amazing rocking chairs and dining chair sets that will last you a long time.

Leathercraft Furniture

Headquarters: Conover, NC

States manufacturing in: NC

Leathercraft is based in the highlands of North Carolina and makes leather upholstered seating. They have a variety of office chairs, sofas, recliners, and other upscale leather seating.

BenchMade Modern

Headquarters: Dallas, TX

States manufacturing in: TX

BenchMade Modern has lots of great chairs and recliners made in the USA. They can be for your living room, dining room, or any other room in your house.

Leather Creations

Headquarters: Atlanta, GA

States manufacturing in: GA

Leather Creations makes custom leather furniture and has tons of leather chairs and recliners available in their inventory. Everything is customizable, from style to leather options.

Burton James

Headquarters: Los Angeles County, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Burton James makes beautiful chairs and other furniture from 100% kiln dried wood (built to last longer). They describe their style as “casually elegant” and they can make custom chairs as well.

Stuart David

Headquarters: Ceres, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Stuart David has a wide selection of American made chairs in their catalog. They’ve been handmaking them for decades and their manufacturing process is super environmentally friendly.

Medley Home

Headquarters: Portland, OR

States manufacturing in: CAILNCOR

Medley Home has lots of lounge and accent chairs, all manufactured at various locations across the country. They have a contemporary and mid-century modern look to most of them.

Mayo Furniture

Headquarters: Texarkana, TX

States manufacturing in: TX

Mayo Furniture started in 1965 and focuses on manufacturing upholstered chairs and sofas. They are still family-owned and proudly employ hundreds of American workers.

Mantle Furniture

Headquarters: Maiden, NC

States manufacturing in: NC

Mantle Furniture is a third-generation manufacturer in Maiden, North Carolina, that has a great assortment of chairs with more modern style. Check out their coffee tables and other living room furniture, too.

Lancer Furniture

Headquarters: Star, NC

States manufacturing in: NC

Lancer Furniture manufactures lots of chairs out of their three facilities spanning more than 400,000 square feet. Most of the chairs they offer are upholstered accent chairs.

Inside Weather

Headquarters: Rancho Cordova, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Inside Weather is based in California and makes custom, modern furniture that is all very sustainable. Over 90% of their raw material expenses are from US suppliers.

Haute House Home

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Haute House Home is based in Hollywood and, much like their headquarters, they love to create glamorous things. Their style captures the Golden Era of Hollywood and they have lots of customizable chair options.

Fusion Designs

Headquarters: Goshen, IN

States manufacturing in: IN

Fusion Designs makes solid wood chairs out of their Indiana-based manufacturing facility. Everything is handmade and embodies more traditional styles. You can customize the chairs you order with a lot of options.

Fireside Lodge

Headquarters: Pequot Lakes, MN

States manufacturing in: MN

Fireside Lodge makes cedar log chairs and other furniture up in the woods of Minnesota. These are beautiful, log cabin pieces that will last you a very long time.


Headquarters: Chino, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Emblem is a custom-made chair manufacturer (along with sofas and a few other items) that was recently founded in 2019. They have chair options for both homes and commercial spaces like hotels and restaurants.


Headquarters: New York, NY

States manufacturing in: NY

Desiron handmakes wonderful chairs that catch the eye of a lot of interior designers. They are sleek, modern, and can fit well in lots of stylish homes.

Cisco Home

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Cisco Home repurposes discarded materials to make very eco-friendly chairs and other furniture. Everything is crafted by hand. They have a beautiful selection of lounge and accent chairs.

Casara Modern

Headquarters: Huntington Beach, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Casara Modern has a knack for mid-century modern style, so if that’s your vibe, definitely check them out. All of their chairs are handmade and typically have bright and bold colors.

Bend Goods

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Bend Goods makes super unique chairs, tables, and other furnishings from wire, so they will definitely stand out in your home. They have a few style options available, but everything is made in California.


Headquarters: Middletown, NY

States manufacturing in: NY

Bright Chair has been around since 1927, creating artisan-crafted chairs, sofas, and other seating for all around the home. Most of their items are customizable, and they are still a family-owned business.

Bars & Booths

Headquarters: Martinsburg, WV

States manufacturing in: WV

Bars & Booths has a ton of great retro chairs for your home. Check out their bar stools, dining chairs, and retro dinettes – there are so many colorful options!

Mike’s YouTube Video on American Made Chairs & Other Furniture

How to Find Chairs Made in the USA

Whether you are looking for a chair for the dining room, living room, or patio, you want it to last as long as possible. The best way to ensure the longevity of your chairs is to purchase those made in the USA.

What Does “Made in the USA” Mean?

For companies to promote goods as being “made in the USA,” those products have to be “all or virtually all” manufactured here, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). In addition, the FTC requires all significant parts to be domestically sourced.

Your best bet for finding chairs entirely made in the USA is to check the materials and labeling, which we detailed below. For more general shopping tips, check out our “made in the USA” guide.


Educating yourself on where the raw materials used to make chairs come from is essential to ensure the ones you purchase are 100% made in the USA. Here are the most common A variety of materials can be used in making dining tables. Below we’ve listed the most common chair materials and their typical country or countries of origin.  

Solid Wood

If you want your chair to last a lifetime or longer, getting one made from solid wood – especially hardwood – is the ideal choice. These woods include cherry, oak, and walnut.

The U.S. is the world’s leading producer of hardwood lumber, so it is relatively easy to find solid wood chairs made domestically.


Fiberwood, also called composite wood, engineered wood, or MDF wood, is created from fresh or recycled wood pieces. You can get a fiberwood chair for much less than a solid wood chair, but you get what you pay for, as this composite material is not as sturdy.  

Fiberboard production originated in the USA in the ‘60s, but some is still made here.  


Some chairs have steel or aluminum components. The bad news is China makes half of the world’s steel, while the U.S. only ranks fourth in production of this metal. The good news is domestic steel is three times stronger than Chinese steel.

You’re even less likely to find aluminum sourced from the USA. China produces the majority of the world’s aluminum, while the United States produces little.


The easiest way to find a chair 100% made in the USA is to narrow your search to plain wooden ones. However, many folks prefer cushions, even for dining chairs.

Most chair cushions are stuffed with foam. Although China is the global leader in foam production, the United States has plenty of its own suppliers of this material.


Cotton and leather are among the most popular materials for chair upholstery.

As with so many things nowadays, China leads the world in cotton production. However, lots of cotton is still grown in the southern portion of the United States, enough for it to rank fifth among the globe’s cotton-producing countries.

When it comes to leather, pay attention to what animal it comes from. Cowhide can easily be found domestically, but other types of leather tend to be sourced from elsewhere.


If you are shopping in a physical store, look at product labels. Brands are legally obligated to list the country of origin there.

Things get a bit more complicated when shopping online. The FTC protects the phrase “made in the USA,” so some brands try to get around this by using slightly different language in print ads or online. For example, if you see the phrase “assembled in the USA,” that could mean at least some of the material was imported. 

Other possible red flags are the phrases “made in America” or “made in North America.” This could mean the product was manufactured somewhere like Mexico.

Final Tips

Still confused? Then you may have to do some of your own research. Look for online news stories or press releases that might address where a brand makes its goods. But the simplest solution might be to call the company and speak to a representative. Be sure to ask where their items are made and where the raw materials come from.

Chairs Not Made in the USA

Listed below are some well-known furniture brands that don’t make their chairs in the USA. We are constantly doing research, so if we find more of these companies in the future, we will update this list.

  • Universal Furniture – Most of their chairs are made in Asia.
  • Ashley Furniture – They mainly make chairs in Vietnam and China.
  • IKEA – This Swedish brand manufactures its products in China, Malaysia, Vietnam, and other nations in Asia, as well as Eastern Europe.
  • West Elm – They make some furniture in North America, but most of their production happens in India.
  • Coaster Furniture – Their chairs are imported.
  • Hooker Furniture – They manufacture their products in Central America, Mexico, and Asia.
  • Article – They import their chairs from Asia.
  • MoDRN – They don’t produce any furniture in the USA.
  • Broyhill Furniture – Their products are manufactured overseas.
  • RH Furniture – Their pieces are primarily imported from Asia.

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