Where Is RH Furniture Made?

The home furnishings market is huge. People are constantly on the hunt for upscale furniture and goods to deck out their houses. Pinterest is likely to blame for this feverish fad. Many turn to RH Furniture when it comes to classy home goods. 

Formerly known as Restoration Hardware, RH Furniture is a company that has been around since the 1970s. It is headquartered out of Corte Madera, California. Their shops come in the form of “Galleries” and can be found worldwide. One such gallery in Atlanta is a whopping 70,000 square feet and includes a 50-foot infinity pool. That’s not even their largest gallery.

RH Chicago is a six-level building with an Art Club Cafe, wine vault, and rooftop park with a conservatory. RH Boston is nestled inside an 1862 building that used to belong to the Museum of Natural History. Other locations include Denver, Marin, Houston, and more. All more luxurious than the last. 

Along with these massive showrooms, RH also has its own guesthouse. It’s like a secret society. Located in New York, the guest house only has a few rooms and an endless caviar bar, and that’s all you get to know about it unless you are a part of the club. 

Labeling RH as “upscale” is an understatement. They paint themselves as pure royalty. Lavish galleries and secret guest houses aside…where, exactly, do they make all their furniture?

Verdict: is RH Furniture Made in the USA?

No, RH Furniture is not made in the USA. Instead, products are imported, China being a main source. 

Most designer brands keep rather tight lips about where their products are manufactured. Are they perhaps embarrassed to announce that their premium goods are made in a non-premium way? Possibly. That’s, at least, the impression we got after our conversation with their customer service. See below:

AA: I would like to know where RH furniture is made. Is anything made in the US?
RH: Our products are crafted and assembled by a variety of different artisans and manufacturers from all over the world. We take pride in our products and ensure that they are made from the highest quality of materials, and we choose the vendors that are best suited to produce our merchandise.
If you would like to provide a list of the items you are most interested in purchasing, I am more than happy to research the country of origin for each piece.
AA: Ok, I’m looking for US made items. Do you have any?
RH: Yes, we have items that are produced in the US.
AA: Ok, how do I find them?
RH: We do not have a list of items that are produced in the US; however, if you would like to provide a list of the items you are most interested in purchasing, I am more than happy to research the country of origin for each piece.
AA: It would be more helpful for me to have a list of US made items to start there, since that is my main concern. Otherwise, it could take forever to find one if I ask item by item.
Where are most of the furniture pieces manufactured?
RH: Our products are crafted and assembled all over the world. We take pride in our products and source vendors that are best suited to produce our merchandise.
AA: Do you know where most of your items are made?
RH: It may be helpful to visit our Gallery for your specific needs. As our items are made globally, I am unable to say where most products originate from.

The customer service rep we spoke to continually dodged answering the question about where RH products were made. After all, it sounds much fancier to say that products are made “all over the world” versus saying that some things are made in China. It embodies an ethos of exotic travel compared to the impression of cheap manufacturing. 

It’s not just full products that are produced worldwide. The company sources its materials globally, as well.

Unfortunately, RH does produce some furniture pieces in the US. What those might be, it’s anyone’s guess. Not even the customer service representative would reveal what they were. And across the website, there is no mention of the country of origin for any product, US made or not. 

A website search for “made in USA” revealed zero products. With its own website and a drought of information, we turned to searching for articles and news sources for the scoop. In a report for their Investor Relations, RH admits that in 2018, about 35% of their total products were manufactured in China. This percentage was down 5% from the previous year.

The motive for decreasing the amount of goods they export from China wasn’t to help improve our local economy. It was to avoid a 10% tariff. RH Furniture has long been under the microscope for using China as a main manufacturer of their claimed “upscale” goods. It seems they are still holding on quite tightly to those practices. 

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  • Reportedly some, but none that we could find.

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  • Belgian Track Arm Sofa
  • French Contemporary Fabric Panel Bed

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