Recliners Made in the USA

Recliners are a popular feature in many living rooms because they are a great way to put up your feet and relax after a long day. We researched furniture companies to find American-made recliners. Here is our complete list of brands that make recliners in the USA, plus some tips for finding recliners that are made here – as well as those not made in the USA.

Complete List of Recliner Brands Made in the USA

American Eco Furniture

Headquarters: Athens, GA

States manufacturing in: GA

This brand features a nice variety of recliners, including swivel, glider, and rocker models. In addition, American Eco focuses on environmental-friendly practices in its manufacturing. Everything they make is lead-free, phthalate-free, and plastic-free.

American Leather

Headquarters: Dallas, TX

States manufacturing in: TX

Their customers can choose from an array of options, including Comfort Air technology (the company’s exclusive engineering solution that’s designed to move with your body), power, or push-back recliners. American Leather also has petite or oversize recliners.


Headquarters: Conover, NC

States manufacturing in: NC

Arhaus has all kinds of leather and cloth recliners. The company is devoted to sustainability, using recycled and repurposed materials like leather hides cast aside by other industries, as well as salvaged and reclaimed wood.

Bradington Young

Headquarters: Hickory, NC

States manufacturing in: NC

This company manufactures luxury leather furniture. Their recliners come in an amazing variety of styles, including 3-way loungers and high-leg loungers. They also have zero-gravity models and power headrest options.

Club Furniture

Headquarters: Charlotte, NC

States manufacturing in: NC

Their recliners feature either a manual tempered steel reclining mechanism or an electric power reclining option for maximum comfort. In addition, many of their models are available in 30 or even 40 colors, so you are sure to find something that harmonizes with your décor.


Headquarters: Hiddenite, NC

States manufacturing in: NC

Craftmaster recliners are fully customizable, with 800 different fabrics or 50 leather types to choose from. Shoppers can also pick what arm, back, and seam options they want. These chairs only require 3 inches behind the back to fully recline.

Dutch Crafters

Headquarters: Sarasota, FL

States manufacturing in: FL

DutchCrafters has a huge selection of Amish recliners that includes chairs, loveseats, and sofas. Plus, for every furniture owner placed, the company plants a tree right here in the USA.

Homestead Furniture

Headquarters: Mt Hope, OH

States manufacturing in: OH

Homestead is another Amish furniture maker that produces recliners. They even have home theater seating systems, which are ideal for getting the gang together at your house to watch a movie.


Headquarters: Monroe, MI

States manufacturing in: ARMOTN

In an era when iconic American companies are increasingly moving their manufacturing overseas, we are happy to let you know that Laz-Z-Boy still makes some of its furniture domestically. However, this brand does have several factories in Mexico. If you go to their website and look at the details for various recliners, some descriptions say nothing about where it is made. Others state the recliner is “Made in North America,” but North America includes Mexico. Your best bet is to go to a store and ask a sales representative to help you look at a tag, which should have a code indicating the factory where that recliner was made.

Norwalk Furniture

Headquarters: Norwalk, OH

States manufacturing in: OH

This handcrafted furniture brand makes reclining chairs and sofas. You can’t order them online; instead, you have to visit a store that carries their furniture. Fortunately, hundreds of retailers throughout the country sell Norwalk Furniture. You can use the store locater on the Norwalk website to find which of these stores are near you.

Pompanoosuc Mills

Headquarters: Thetford, VT

States manufacturing in: VT

They make several styles of recliners. You can order online and/or visit one of their showrooms in New England. Their “Pompy Promise” means that if you buy a piece of furniture from them and are unsatisfied for any reason, you have 30 days from the time of delivery to make a redesign request or return it for a full refund.


Headquarters: Dubuque, IA

States manufacturing in: IA

This furniture company makes an amazing variety of reclining chairs, loveseats, and sofas, but the View Swivel Power Recliner with Power Headrest and Lumbar stands out as a customer favorite. Whatever model you choose will include Flexsteel’s all-riveted blue steel base spring, which provides maximum comfort and durability.

Smith Brothers Furniture

Headquarters: Berne, IN

States manufacturing in: IN

The Smith Brothers recliner collection includes some styles with motorized adjustable headrests. You can use the dealer locater on their website to find the stores closest to you that carry their furniture. But before you head to the nearest dealer, be aware that the leather Smith Brothers uses is tanned in Europe, South America, or China, not in the United States. Fortunately, they have plenty of cloth recliners available.


Headquarters: Pineville, NC

States manufacturing in: NCNY

Their recliners include models with a classic style to ones with a sleek, contemporary design. You can do a search on the Stickley website to find a dealer near you. Over 90% of their furniture is made in the USA, but they do have a few imported pieces. This means you need to do some checking before you buy.

Marc Taggart & Co

Headquarters: Cody, WY

States manufacturing in: WY

If you’re after a Western-style recliner, Marc Taggart is the first place you should look. They have images of their furniture on their website, but you can’t order pieces online. However, you can call, email or text them for more information. You can also visit their showroom in Cody, Wyoming.

Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams

Headquarters: Taylorsville, NC

States manufacturing in: NC

This furniture brand, which features modern styles, makes several different kinds of recliners. Their pieces are pricy, but if you are planning to buy a lot of other furniture in addition to recliners, you could save money in the long run by paying $150 to join their Comfort Club. Doing so will give you a 25% discount on all regularly-prized items and exclusive benefits such as in-home or virtual complimentary design services.

Online Amish Furniture

Headquarters: Shelby Township, MI

States manufacturing in: INMIOH

Online Amish Furniture makes many different recliner styles, including loveseat and sofa options. They also have glider recliners, swivel recliners, and wall-hugger recliners.

Leather Creations

Headquarters: Atlanta, GA

States manufacturing in: GA

Leather Creations makes custom leather furniture out of Atlanta and has a great selection of leather recliners. They have showrooms in Atlanta, Austin, and Chicago, but you can also purchase online.

Stuart David

Headquarters: Ceres, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Stuart David is a big furniture manufacturer in California that is handcrafting great recliners and other furniture for every room in your house. All of their recliners are made to order and you can customize your chair with the wood, size, finish, and style you want.

How to Find Recliners Made in the USA

There are lots of factors to keep in mind when shopping for a recliner, including the height of the person who will be primarily using it (there’s a reason why these chairs are often referred to as “Dad’s recliner” or “Mom’s recliner”), if you have enough space to fully recline it without hitting a wall, and of course, the style and color.

Naturally, you want your recliner to last as long as possible. USA-made recliners generally cost more than imported ones, but they are more likely to have a long lifespan. Below are some tips to keep in mind when shopping for domestically made recliners.  

What Exactly Does “Made in the USA” Mean?

Any item a company advertises as being “made in the USA” must be “all or virtually all” assembled in the United States from domestically-sourced components, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The short version is the product must have no or only a small amount of imported material.

How can you find a recliner that’s entirely, or at least mostly, made in the USA? The first thing to do is look at the materials and labeling. Check out our “made in the USA” guide for additional information.


To be classified as “made in the USA,” a recliner must be entirely manufactured from domestic materials. To help with your search, here are the key materials used to make these chairs and where they usually come from.


Chip wood or plywood is often used for the recliner frame to cut costs, but the most durable recliners have a hardwood frame. Fortunately, many hardwood trees, such as oak, are grown in the USA, making it the global leader in the production of hardwood lumber.


Stamped steel is commonly used for the mechanism inside a recliner that makes it lie back. China leads the world in steel production at 50%, while the U.S. ranks only fourth. The good news is a recliner made with American steel will last longer because domestic steel is three times as strong as its Chinese counterpart. 


This material is what makes recliners so comfy. Fortunately, although China leads the world in foam production, many companies in the United States source it from domestic suppliers who are key players in the global market for this material.


Cotton upholstery is a good option to look for if you want a recliner that’s made here. Depending on the weave, this natural fiber can be very durable. China is now the global leader in cotton production, but the U.S. is still among the top five cotton manufacturers in the world.


If you prefer a leather recliner, you can still find one made in the USA because of all the cattle raised here. However, keep in mind that some furniture brands use other kinds of leather that are probably sourced from abroad.


Manufacturers are required to state the country of origin on product labels. Furthermore, the phrase “made in the USA” is protected by the FTC. That being said, shoppers should retain a healthy skepticism if they see language such as “assembled in the USA” or designed in the USA” because that could be a sign that not all of the manufacturing process took place here.

You should also watch out for the phrase “made in America” because that term covers lots of countries outside the United States. Remember, there’s Central America and South America in addition to North America. Even if a tag says “Made in North America,” the product could have been manufactured in Mexico or Canada.

Not even the presence of the American flag on a label is proof that an item was made here because that image is not protected. Furthermore, even if you see the phrase “made in the USA” on a brand’s website, that’s no guarantee the product was entirely made in the United States. This is because companies don’t have to get approval from the USA to use that language, meaning brands are free to determine if their products qualify. A company policing itself: Hmm, what could possibly go wrong?

You also should be cautious when you see an American flag on a label because this image is not protected. The product might not be made entirely in the USA.

In a nutshell, all this means it’s up to you to do the research to figure out if an item you want to buy was really made domestically. Fortunately, we are here to help!

All this means it’s up to the consumer to research products to determine if they are genuinely made in the USA.

Some More Tips

Go Online

A good place to start is to look at a brand’s website. Companies that make items domestically generally market that fact aggressively to attract shoppers who want made-in-the-USA goods. Hint: Check the sections of the website called “Our Story” or “About Us.” Sometimes a company will have detailed information on where the materials come from and where products are manufactured.

In addition, online descriptions for specific products may include the country of origin for that item. If not, the brand still might indicate if a particular item is imported.

The not-so-good news is manufacturers have no legal obligation to provide any country-of-origin information on their websites. If they leave it out, it’s probably because their products are made overseas.

Do Your Research

If all else fails, do some digging. You might be able to find press releases or news stories on the internet about where a company makes its products. Message boards and social media are also possible sources of information.  

Pick up the Phone

However, the easiest option might be to find the company’s phone number on their website and call them to see if they can tell you where their products are made and give you information on materials sourcing.

Recliners Not Made in the USA

Here are some famous furniture bands that don’t make their recliners here. If you aren’t looking for a recliner right now but might in the future, be sure to check our website again because we continuously update our lists that don’t make their recliners in the USA. We are constantly updating our lists as we find more information.

  • Universal Furniture – They make most of their products in Asia.
  • Ashley Furniture – This popular brand manufactures its furniture mainly in Vietnam and China.
  • IKEA – This Swedish company makes its products in China, Malaysia, Vietnam, and other nations in Asia, as well as Eastern Europe.
  • West Elm – They make some items in North America, but most of their manufacturing takes place in India.
  • Coaster Furniture – This brand’s recliners, like the rest of its furniture, are all imported.
  • Hooker Furniture – Their manufacturing happens mainly in Central America, Mexico, and Asia.
  • Pottery Barn – This well-known company’s recliners are made overseas.

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