Where Is Jeep Made?

Jeeps may be the most easily recognizable vehicle out there. It’s hard to mistake the boxy, utilitarian design for anything other than itself. Founded over 80 years ago with a focus on military use, Jeeps now mostly roam outside the Army bases. 

The US automobile manufacturer, Willys-Overland, was contracted to construct vehicles for the Army during World War II. From this, the Jeep brand was born, and after the war, they began to manufacture civilian vehicles too. Today, they are headquartered in Toledo, Ohio.

The Jeep brand is owned by Stellantis, an Amsterdam-based automotive manufacturing company. Stellantis also owns Dodge, Chrysler, Fiat, RAM, and more international brands. Jeep is a division of Chrysler, categorized under its parent company, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Therefore, many manufacturing plants are shared across the vehicle brands. 

The most popular model of Jeep is the Grand Cherokee. In 2021, over 250,000 of them were sold. Like other models, it is reminiscent of the original military designs. Jeep also manufactures 2-doors, a truck, and other SUV-style vehicles. 

With a worldwide market and a choice consumer position within the United States, Jeeps have long held high-ranking popularity. They began as a war effort and now outfit civilian use across the nation. Their start couldn’t be more American, but where are Jeeps manufactured now? Read on to find out more. 

Verdict: Where Are Jeeps Made?

Jeeps are made in the US and abroad. 

For the American market, Jeep assembly and parts manufacturing mainly occur here in the US, with a small percentage of vehicles being made in Mexico or Italy. Jeeps are manufactured worldwide, primarily for their local markets, although India is a production and export hub for European and Australian consumers. 

In the US, parent company Chrysler has five manufacturing facilities that produce Jeep models: Two in Detroit, one in Toledo, and one in Warren, Michigan. There is one more facility in Belvidere, Illinois; however, according to recent news, this plant is likely heading toward a shutdown. 

In good news, Jeep ranked as the 4th “Most American-Made” vehicle in 2021, only falling behind Tesla and the Ford Mustang.

For their international market, Jeep utilizes their local plants for part assembly. The highest-producing international manufacturing facility is located in Melfi, Italy.

Factories that have manufactured Jeep in the past but have since been closed include Chrysler Australia, Venezuela, Argentina, Brampton Assembly in Canada, Wisconsin, 

Jeep Manufacturing Plants in the USA

Facility NameLocationAnnual Production CapacityPrimary ModelsNumber of Jobs
Jefferson North Assembly Plant   Mack Ave. AssemblyDetroit, Michigan

Detriot, Michigan
500,000Grand Cherokee, midsize SUVs Also, Dodge models5,096

Toledo Assembly ComplexToledo, Ohio320,000Gladiator, Wrangler, Wrangler 4xe, Wrangler Unlimited5,851
Belvidere PlantBelvidere, Illinois190,000 capacity, but production is currently at a standstill and may shut downCherokee   And Chrysler models1,300
Warren Truck AssemblyWarren, MichiganWagoneer, Wagoneer L, Grand Wagoneer   And RAM models4,145

The majority of Jeep models are manufactured right here in the US. The exceptions for the American market include: Jeep Renegade, made in Melfi, Italy; Cherokee and Grand Cherokee, also made in Venezuela; and the Compass, made in Mexico.

International Jeep Manufacturing Plants

Facility NameLocationAnnual Production CapacityPrimary Models
Melfi PlantMelfi, Italy300,000Renegade, Compass Also, Fiat models
FCA Jeep Assembly ComplexGoiana, Brazil250,000For South American markets: Renegade, Compass Also, Fiat models
China PlantGuangzhou, China   The Guangzhou plant is closing and transferring production to Changsha.328,000For Chinese market: Cherokee, Renegade, Compass, Grand Cherokee
India PlantsRanjangaon, India   Pune, India245,000For local market and European and Australian export: Compass, Renegade Also, Fiat models
Arab American VehiclesEgypt17,600Military and professional use vehicle, Jeep J8
Toluca Car AssemblyToluca, Mexico100,000Compass, Cherokee
Canada FactoriesWindsor, OntarioMostly EV batteries for Jeep and Chrysler vehicles. 
Tychy PlantTychy, Poland300,000For European markets: Avenger

How to Tell Where Your Jeep is Made

There are several ways to locate the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on your Jeep. The VIN contains important information about your Jeep, including exactly where it was built. You’ll find this number stamped on a metal plate next to the driver’s side seat or chassis or through the front windshield.

Your VIN can tell you more than just where your Jeep was made. You can use a free service like faxvin.com or the NHTSA Vin Decoder to pull even more information from your VIN.

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