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Seat covers are a great way to keep your car, truck, SUV, or van seats free from stains and dirt, ensuring a better price if you decide to sell the vehicle. There are many factors to remember when shopping for seat covers, including materials, color, and price. If you want a high-quality product that supports U.S. jobs, your best bet is to find ones made in the USA. We did the research to find domestic seat covers to make your search easier. We are also providing tips on labeling, material sourcing, and popular seat cover brands not made in the USA. Let’s dig in!

Complete List of Seat Covers Made in the USA


Headquarters: North Hollywood, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

CalTrend is a leading seat cover manufacturer for good reason. This brand does everything domestically, from design to shipping. They also use the finest materials. In addition, CalTrend is known for making custom-fit covers with a quick turnaround.


Headquarters: Anaheim, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Coverking was founded by an engineer who worked in the aerospace defense industry. Although the business started out making dash covers, It now manufactures car covers and seat covers. It offers an amazing variety of styles, fabrics, and colors. You can even order seat covers with the logo of your favorite college sports team! Best of all, everything is made in the USA from start to finish.


Headquarters: Bolingbrook, IL

States manufacturing in: IL

WeatherTech makes all kinds of vehicle accessories, including seat covers, that provide superior protection. Their seat covers are made from a polycotton twill fabric treated with a water-repellent finish. They also have a nylon lining for further protection. These seat covers are ideal for families with young children and/or fur babies.

Ruff Tuff

Headquarters: West Valley City, UT

States manufacturing in: UT

This family-owned and operated company custom-makes seat covers for almost any kind of vehicle out there, including UTVs. If you want seat covers that will help you keep all your stuff organized, you’ve come to the right place. Ruff Tuff’s Special OPS Package includes plenty of front and rear pockets for baby supplies, snacks, tools, fishing gear, firearms, and even crossbows. However, keep in mind that although Ruff Tuff makes its products in Utah, some materials are imported.


Headquarters: Woodland Park, NJ

States manufacturing in: NJ

Founded more than 30 years ago, Saddleman is a pioneer in the custom seat cover field. This company specializes in making seat covers for heavy-duty trucks, but you can also order them for your car. Saddleman uses a robotic cutting machine to ensure each seat cover is a precise fit for your vehicle. All their products are made in the USA.

Seat Cover Man

Headquarters: Charlotte, NC

States manufacturing in: NC

Seat Cover Man started out by promoting their seat covers at car and truck shows nationwide. The father-and-son team’s products were such a hit that they decided to start a website so customers around the globe could purchase their bargain-priced, high-quality car seats online. Their turnaround time for filling orders is two to four weeks. Customers who purchased their seat covers five or more years ago say they are still in great shape.

Seat Covers USA

Headquarters: Jacksonville, FL

States manufacturing in: FL

Seat Covers USA stands out because it can produce customized seat covers for any vehicle from 1949 to 2021, including minivans and passenger vans that seat 12-15 people. Their comfy seat covers are made from heavy denim and can be ordered in 20 different hues. Camo patterns are available. Customers can even get their name, company name, or logo embroidered onto their seat cover.


Headquarters: Vesta, MN

States manufacturing in: MN

TigerTough specializes in making seat covers for fleet vehicles, but if you own a truck that you use for work or outdoor hobbies, this company could have just what you’re looking for. The materials they use are incredibly durable. Pets love them! Upgrades include stock and custom embroidery and seat organizers.

Wet Okole

Headquarters: Costa Mesa, CA

States manufacturing in: CAHI

As its name suggests, Wet Okle makes 100% waterproof vehicle seat covers that are perfect for those who love water sports or skiing—or even if they are taking the kids to the pool in the summer or live in an area that gets lots of snow in the winter. Their seat covers also protect against scratches, sun damage, and dirt while providing extra cushioning for the back, neck, and legs. Wet Okie offers customers a wide array of patterns and colors to choose from.

How to Find Seat Covers Made in the USA

Now that we’ve given you our recommendations for seat covers made in the USA, let’s look at how you can do your own research. Keep reading to learn about where the materials come from, information on labeling, and everything else you need to know to shop confidently. But first, we will explain what it means for a product to be made in the USA.

What Does “Made in the USA” Mean?

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), a product must be “all or virtually all” manufactured within the USA, and all significant materials should be domestically sourced if a brand plans to use the phrase “made in the USA” in promotional materials. That’s why looking at both labeling and materials is crucial when shopping for seat covers. See our “made in the USA” shopping guide for further guidance.


One of the best methods to determine if seat covers are made here is to look at the raw materials sourcing. Here are the most common textiles companies use in manufacturing seat covers and where those materials typically come from.


Polyester is a popular material for seat covers because it is easy to clean and affordable. China leads the world in polyester production, which is one reason why so many car seats are made in that country. However, the US ranks third worldwide in polyester production, so you can still find seat covers made here.

Polyurethane Leather (PU Leather)

PU leather, also known as faux leather, is much easier to keep clean than natural leather. This is why it is commonly used to make seat covers. Unfortunately, China is the world’s largest product of this material, while the small amount of PU leather the United States makes is usually exported rather than being used in domestic manufacturing. Still, you may be able to find seat covers made with domestic faux fur if you do some research.


Neoprene is a synthetic rubber material often used to produce seat covers. It is also common in shoes and dive suits. It’s usually made from a combination of chloroprene, petroleum products, and other materials. Although China is the top producer of many neoprene components, the United States leads the world in producing the most important one, polychloroprene. So, if you are shopping for neoprene seat covers that are at least mostly made in the USA, your chances of finding them are excellent.


Nylon is a sturdy material despite its lightweight. It is also stain—and water-resistant, making it an ideal choice for seat covers. Although China dominates the world in producing this material, the US produces 2.4 million tons each year. If you do your research, you can find domestically made nylon seat covers.


The United States has laws and regulations that help consumers look for made-in-the-USA goods. Title 19 Chapter 4 Section 1304 of the U.S. Code says products exported into the country should be labeled as such and have the country or origin stated on the item and its packaging. As we stated earlier, the FTC mandates that if a brand markets goods as being “made in the USA,” they have to be “all or virtually all” manufactured stateside.

However, shoppers still need to practice due diligence to ensure they buy products that are truly made here. For one thing, the FTC doesn’t require companies to get pre-approved to put “made in the USA” on a label or use the phrase in promotional materials. Some brands also use misleading language such as “assembled in the USA,” which is often a tip-off that the components were sourced from overseas. Similarly, if you see the phrase “Made in America,” it’s likely the item was made in Canada or Mexico, which are also part of North America.

Ironically, using an American flag sticker on a label could be a red flag that an item was imported because the U.S. government doesn’t protect the image of the Stars and Stripes.

Last-Minute Tips

Here are some final tips for shopping for seat covers made in the USA.

Check the Company’s Website

Brands that make their products here tend to shout it from the rooftops because they know it is a major selling point. That’s why you should go to a company’s website and check out its “About Us” or “Our Story” page, as this is where key information about its manufacturing process – including where products are made and where the components come from — may appear. If you don’t find what you’re looking for there, individual product pages might list it.  

Other Online Research

Online articles, social media posts, and Amazon are other good sources of information about where products come from. For example, if a brand’s website doesn’t include the country of origin of its products, you can often find it on Amazon product pages.

Make a Phone Call

Still unsure where a product was made? Simply call the company. A brand representative should tell you everything you want to know, including the source of raw materials.

Seat Covers Not Made in the USA

Here are some popular seat cover brands that aren’t made in the US. We’ll keep adding more as we continue our research.

  • Carhartt – made in China.
  • BDK – made in China.
  • FLORICH – Made in China.
  • FH Group – Made in China.
  • CAROMOP – Made in China.
  • Dryva – Made in China.
  • Coverado – Made in China.
  • Black Panther – Made in China.

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