Enamelware Made in the USA

Many cooking enthusiasts love enamelware because it Is beautiful, durable, easy to clean, and keeps food hot. Unfortunately, finding enamel pots and pans made in the USA is challenging. Through our research, we were able to find a few brands that manufacture enamelware here. Here are all the details about these companies, and our shopping tips for finding American made enamelware.

Complete List Of Enamelware Brands Made in the USA

Lodge Cast Iron

Headquarters: South Pittsburg, TN

States manufacturing in: TN

Lodge Cast Iron recently introduced its first-ever line of fully American-made enameled cast-iron pieces. The USA Enamel Dutch Ovens come in red, white, or blue. Several different sizes are available. These pots can go directly from the oven to the table. They are also marinade-friendly, meaning you can leave them in the refrigerator if needed.

Borough Furnace

Headquarters: Owego, NY

States manufacturing in: NY

This company hand-makes its cookware at a workshop in New York’s Finger Lakes area. Borough has one enameled piece, a 5.5-quart Dutch oven large enough for a one-pot family meal. Its big handles make it easy to transfer from stovetop to oven. Pips on the underside of the lid baste food as it cooks.

Nordic Ware

Headquarters: Minneapolis, MN

States manufacturing in: MN

Nordic Ware manufactures most of its cookware and bakeware at its factory in Minnesota. Most product descriptions are transparent about where the item was made and what material was imported. This brand makes a few products with an enamel exterior. The Slim Griddle is explicitly described as “Proudly Made in the USA.”

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How To Find Enamelware Made In The USA

A product that’s “made in the USA” is “all or virtually all” made domestically, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). This means everything from raw materials sourcing to assembly of the item needs to happen in the United States. However, remember that the FTC doesn’t always enforce the rules on who can use the “made in the USA” label as well as it could.

If you’d like to learn more about this, check out our detailed how to find “made in the USA” products guide.


Some raw materials are more likely to be sourced from the US than others. Therefore, when shopping for enamelware, the first step is to consider the materials most often used to make these pieces and where they come from.


The type of enamel used to coat metal in cookware is called vitreous enamel. It is sometimes called porcelain enamel. The enameling process involves fusing powdered glass to another substance through extreme heat to create a smooth, scratch-resistant coating that won’t fade.

The enameling process for cooking vessels began in Germany and later spread to other countries, including the United States. Today, most of the world’s enameled cookware and bakeware is manufactured in countries like China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and France. However, a few companies are bringing this process back to the U.S.

Cast Iron

Cast iron pots and pans can last a lifetime and beyond if they are treated with some TLC. That’s why a lot of high-end enamelware has a cast iron base.

Australia, Brazil, and China lead the world in iron ore production, but the United States is still in the top 10. This means finding enameled cast iron cookware made entirely in the USA will be more difficult, but not impossible.


Steel is another durable material often used to make cookware, including enamelware. China is the world’s top steel-making country, but the USA also manufactures its fair share of this material.

Finding products made with US steel is worth the effort and additional cost because it is even stronger than steel items imported from China.


Aluminum enamelware is less costly than cast iron or steel and distributes heat evenly. What’s more, it is available at Target and other big chains, meaning you can probably find it locally and not have to shop online.

However, China dominates the global aluminum market, while the United States is far behind in ninth place. You might have some luck finding domestic aluminum cookware that’s not enameled, but if you want USA-made aluminum enamelware, you won’t have much luck.


Once you have checked out the materials, you need to look at the product labels. Title 19 Chapter 4 Section 1304 of the US Code is your friend here. According to this legislation, products made or sourced from overseas are required to be labeled accordingly (for example, “made in China,” “made in India,” etc.)

As we said before, the FTC protects the “made in the USA” label. However, the agency doesn’t have a pre-approval process for using it, leaving brands to make their own determination if their products are “all or virtually all” made here. That’s why we recommend doing your own research, even if the label says “made in the USA,” and report any false claims to the FTC.

When you are shopping, you will likely see labels that seem similar to “made in the USA.” These labels might say “designed in the USA,” “made in America,” or “made in the USA with global materials.” However, this language could mean the product was partially or nearly entirely made in another country.

Consumers also should be skeptical if they see the American flag sticker on a label because the use of this sticker is not protected.  

More Tips

Look At The Company’s Website

Brands know that “Made in the USA” is a big selling point for some shoppers, so if they make their products domestically, they tend to shout it from the rooftops. Therefore, the company’s “About Us” or “Our Story” page and individual product pages are likely to state that upfront.

However, brands are under no legal obligation to state the country of origin for their products online or through promotional materials. This means if there’s no indication where an item was produced, it was probably not made in the USA.

Call The Company

If you are still uncertain about where a product was made, call the manufacturer. A company representative hopefully will tell you what you need to know.

Enamelware Not Made in the USA

There are a lot more major cookware brands that don’t make their enamelware in the USA than those that do. Here’s a list of well-known companies that don’t produce enameled pots, pans, etc. We will keep updating the list as we find more examples.  

  • Made In – manufactured in France.
  • All-Clad Metal Crafters – designed in Pennsylvania but made in China.
  • J.K. Adams – made in Indonesia.
  • Le Creuset – Made in France.
  • GreenPan – Made in China and Italy.
  • Cuisinart – Made in China and France.
  • Misen – Made in China.
  • T-fal – Made in China and France.
  • Calphalon – Their enamelware is manufactured in China from materials sourced from Asian countries and Germany.
  • Farberware – They currently produce one enamel 16-quart stockpot, but it is made in China.

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