Made In Cookware

Made In Cookware

Headquarters: Austin, TX

States manufacturing in: TX


Even though Made In only hit the market in 2016, they’ve combined a 100-year history of kitchen experience to craft some of the best materials into making their cookware. The company works with raw material providers from all over the US and Europe to produce the highest quality kitchen products on the planet.

Today, you’ll find Made In gear in many three-Michelin star restaurants as well as many other amazing restaurants as well. If you’re looking for an upgrade in your kitchen, the owners of this company believe you’re making the right choice by choosing Made In.

First, the company has traveled near and far to find the greatest chefs to work with when creating their cookware. They dedicate their lives to their craft, and they expect the people who work with these items every day to have a significant stake in the design and craftsmanship.

Their products don’t come from a huge factory mass-producing hundreds an hour; instead, they are handcrafted by people who know and understand the product better than anyone else.

If you’re looking for products that grab the attention of everyone who comes into your kitchen, Made In has you covered. They’ve received plenty of awards for the design and functionality of their cookware. These reviews come from The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Cook’s Illustrated, and more.

Featured Made In Cookware Made in the USA

Stainless Clad Frying Pan: Made from a premium construction of 5-layered American metal, this stainless clad frying pan is a top performer. Its composition makes for fast and even heat retention. It’s able to handle a restaurant-level stovetop and also withstand up to 800 degrees in the oven. However, its handle is designed to stay cool wherever you’re cooking, no matter how hot, and it is ergonomically designed to balance the pan. 

Oyster Shucker: If you’re looking to shuck your oysters with complete ease, then look no further. The Made In Oyster Shucker features a Made in the USA high carbon stainless steel blade, and a crosshatched walnut wood handle. The blade design is a nod to its Boston roots and is typical for New England oysters, though any oyster can be tackled easily and quickly with this shucker. 

The Fishing Knife Set: Comprising of a Flexible Fillet Knife and a Utility Knife, this set was designed in collaboration with chef Tom Colicchio for all your fishing needs. Whether you’re catching fresh fish on your boat, on the dock or simply tucking into them at home, this knife set has you covered. The straight-edged blade will help you achieve more precise cuts, butchering, and portioning fish. Whilst the serrated-edged knife is great for tougher cuts, like taking the head off a fish, cutting frozen fish, or prepping bait. Both knives have edge guards and slip-resistant handles for added protection. 

Manufacturing Notes

Unfortunately, Made In has recently changed its manufacturing footprint from being primarily made in the USA to having largely international suppliers and manufacturing partners. 

They’re transparent on their website about where they now source/manufacture their products. They now work with raw material providers and family-owned manufacturers in the US and Western Europe to create their superior culinary tools. 

Each product page states where they’re made and they also list on their ‘Our Story’ page where they source things from now, which is:  

  • Stainless steel pans – made in the US and Italy
  • All non-stick products – made in Italy
  • Carbon steel products – made in France
  • Copper collection – made in France
  • Plateware, glassware, and flatware – made in England and Italy
  • Oven-safe plateware- made in central England
  • Glassware – made in Italy
  • Knives – made in Thiers, France
  • Bakeware – made in France

This change from being predominantly USA-made to sourcing its products in Western Europe is a result of Made In changing its business model. Now, no resellers, distributors, or retailers need their cut of profits. That means Made In has been able to put more money into working with the best manufacturers and creating high-quality products with no extra costs to the customers. 

It’s great that Made In has sourced premium artisan crafters who are experts in their field rather than mass-producing their products in factories. This means they continue to produce the quality cookware and bakeware products they’re known for, but it’s a shame that very few of their products are now USA-made.