Cast Iron Cookware Made in the USA

Cast iron cookware is a top choice for many home chefs for several reasons. It holds heat well, meaning foods cook evenly. It also can be used on any type of stove, in the oven, or on a grill over an open flame. Cast iron pots and pans are affordable, durable, and non-toxic. But can you find ones made in the USA?

We did the research and found some great cast iron cookware produced right here in America. Here are our findings, as well as some tips for you to do your own research.

Complete List of Cast Iron Cookware Brands Made in the USA


Headquarters: Charleston, SC

States manufacturing in: SC

Smithey has a line of cast-iron cookware that includes skillets, Dutch ovens, roasters, and grill pans. These pieces have a smooth surface that is easier to clean than most cast-iron cookware – you can even use soap! If you are new to cooking with cast iron, Smithey is the perfect choice.

Field Company

Headquarters: New York City, NY

States manufacturing in: ILINWI

Who says they don’t make them like they used to? Field Company specializes in producing the thin, lightweight cast iron cookware your grandmother used in her kitchen. But just because these pieces aren’t as heavy as others on the market doesn’t mean they are flimsy. They are built to last. Field Company’s skillets, dutch ovens, griddles, and other cookware are finished by hand for a smoother appearance.

Lodge Cast Iron

Headquarters: South Pittsburg, TN

States manufacturing in: TN

This brand manufactures pre-seasoned cast iron cookware for every occasion, including camping. The collection features skillets, dutch ovens, and griddles. Lodge Cast Iron also makes bakeware such as pie pans and pizza pans. The company recently introduced a line of enabled cast iron cookware pieces that come in red, white, or blue.

Nest Homeware

Headquarters: Providence, RI

States manufacturing in: RI

Each piece of Nest Homeware’s cast iron cookware is a work of art. In addition to skillets and Dutch ovens, this brand makes pans, especially for eggs, braising pans, and self-basting lids. The handles are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. Nest’s products come at a premium price, but they are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Finex USA

Headquarters: Portland, OR

States manufacturing in: OR

This company’s vintage cast iron pots, pans, and other pieces of cookware have a unique octagon shape that makes it easier to pour liquids in and get cooked food out. The stainless-steel handles remain cool to the touch longer. FINEX cookware is expensive, but they do have some great sales on their sets of 2 to 22 pieces.

Borough Furnace

Headquarters: Owego, NY

States manufacturing in: NY

Borough Furnace machines its own tooling and makes its castings in-house for its oven-to-table cookware to ensure perfection. This brand manufactures the only enameled cast iron Dutch ovens made in America in addition to skillets, grill pans, and a pizza griddle.

American Skillet Company

Headquarters: Madison, WI

States manufacturing in: WI

This brand is true to its name in more ways than one. All their pre-seasoned cast iron skillets are 100% made in Wisconsin and are shaped like a US state – a unique feature that makes them perfect for the dining table as well as the kitchen.

Stargazer Cast Iron

Headquarters: Allentown, PA

States manufacturing in: PA

Stargazer Cast Iron cookware has a proprietary microtextured surface finish that holds onto seasoning and is easy to clean. The drip-free flared rim allows for clean pouring from any angle. The handles stay cool longer while cooking.

GRIZZLY Cookware

Headquarters: Charlotte, NC

States manufacturing in: GANCSCWI

GRIZZLY Cookware stands out because of its electroless nickel-coated cast iron, which hardens the surface of the skillet, improves wear resistance, increases corrosion protection, and enhances lubricity. In a show of appreciation for those who have served our country, GRIZZLY Cookware offers a 10% discount to veterans.

Lancaster Cast Iron

Headquarters: Conestoga, PA

States manufacturing in: PA

Amish artisans make Lancaster Cast Iron pieces by hand in Pennsylvania. These smooth, lightweight skillets with a natural, non-stick surface. The large pour spouts make it easy to save rendered bacon grease and drain liquids. These skillets are ideal for cooking delicious sauces.

Butter Pat Industries

Headquarters: Easton, MD

States manufacturing in: MD

Butter Pat Industries makes lighter cast iron cookware that comes in a ton of sizes. They are sticklers about design, and that resulted in a light, smooth cast iron product that will stand the test of time.

Mike’s YouTube Video on American Made Cast Iron Cookware

How to Find Cast Iron Cookware Made in The USA

If you’re doing some shopping on your own, here are our tips for finding American made cast iron cookware. These are also the factors that we use when doing our research for guides like this one.

What Does “Made in the USA” Mean?

If a brand wants to refer to its goods as being “made in the USA,” those items must be “all or virtually all” produced here, from raw materials sourcing to assembly, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). However, keep in mind that the FTC generally lets businesses police themselves when it comes to the use of the “made in the USA” label. Not surprisingly, this leads to widespread mislabeling.

For more information on this topic, read our guide on how to find “made in the USA” products.


If you want cast iron cookware made in the United States, the first step is to consider the raw materials. Naturally, we will begin with cast iron itself.

Cast Iron

Although the USA has plenty of iron mines, it ranks only ninth in the world in iron ore production, lagging behind global leaders Australia, Brazil, and China. Fortunately, some companies have committed to using US iron for their cookware. You just have to do some extra work to find them.  


Some cast iron cookware is coated with vitreous enamel, also known as porcelain enamel. During the enameling process, powdered glass is fused to the cast iron under extreme heat. The result is a smooth, scratch-resistant coating. The brilliant colors created by enameling also won’t fade over time.

The first enameled cookware came from Germany. The United States was among the countries that adopted the process, but today, the majority of this cookware is made in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and France. This doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find enameled cast iron cookware that’s manufactured here, but it is rare.

Stainless Steel

Some cast iron cookware has stainless steel handles. Although China is the global leader in steel production, the United States also produces some of this material. In fact, domestic steel is much stronger than Chinese steel, so that’s an additional incentive to make sure your cast iron cookware is made in the USA down to the smallest details.


Now that you know where the raw materials of your cast iron cookware come from, it’s time to consider labeling. Title 19 Chapter 4 Section 1304 of the US Code stipulates that items made overseas should be labeled accordingly. This is why you see labels such as “made in China” or “made in Japan” on products.

If you want domestic cast iron cookware, look for the “made in the USA” label. That exact language is important because similar phrases such as “designed in the USA” or “assembled in the USA” can be misleading. In addition, beware of the “made in America” label, as that item may have been manufactured in Canada or Mexico.

As we mentioned earlier, the FTC is charged with policing the use of the “made in the USA” label but sometimes falls short on this task. This means consumers still need to do their research to make sure they aren’t being duped and report offending companies to the FTC.

To make things even more complicated, some brands will put an American flag sticker on a label even if the product was made overseas. They can get away with this because the image of Old Glory is not protected. If you see the Stars and Stripes on a label, be skeptical and check to make sure the item was really made here.

Final Tips

Check The Company’s Website

Brands know that many consumers are looking specifically for domestic products. This means if a company does make its cast iron cookware here, they won’t be shy about advertising that fact. A manufacturer’s “About Us” page is a great place to find out about its production process and materials sourcing.

Individual product description pages are another possible source of information on an item’s origins. Some brands will state on these pages the country where a product was made or at least indicate if it was imported. However, companies have no obligation to say anything about this online or in promotional materials. To be safe, if there’s no country-of-origin information, assume the product wasn’t made here.

Call The Company

Still in doubt? Simply call the manufacturer. Hopefully, a company representative will be able to answer your questions about where the product was made, as well as raw materials sourcing.

Cast Iron Cookware Not Made in the USA

We’ve listed some famous cookware companies that don’t make their cast iron pieces domestically. As we find more of these brands, we will add them to the list.

  • Our Place – Made in Thailand, China, and Mexico.
  • Le Creuset – Made in France.
  • Cuisinart – Made in China and France.
  • Misen – Made in China.
  • T-fal – Made in China and France.
  • Granitestone – Made in China.

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