Made in Vermont

Vermont is a stronghold in American manufacturing. There are lots of great companies that have operations in this great state, making everything from tools to textiles. Vermont also has a big agriculture sector, largely focused on dairy and yummy maple syrup. Below are all the companies in our directory that are made in Vermont. See any good ones missing? Drop us a line! We’ll verify their manufacturing footprint and get them added.

Vermont Made Companies in Our Directory


Accessories, Clothing

Hubbardton Forge

Home Goods

Silver Forest


Danforth Pewter


Queen City Footwear

Accessories, Shoes

J.K. Adams


Beau Ties LTD


Vermont Teddy Bear

Home Goods

Maple Landmark

Home Goods

Pompanoosuc Mills




Darn Tough


Salaam Clothing


Vermont Glove


Turtle Gloves


Basis Pet


Simon Pearce


The Vermont Economy at a Glance

In Vermont’s dynamic economy, there’s never a dull moment. From dairy farming to manufacturing, mining to tourism, the state is buzzing with activity. It’s a place where service sector jobs abound, despite wages being a touch lower than the national average.

Biggest Industries

In Vermont’s diverse economy, farming plays a key role. However, it’s also seen significant changes over the years. The number of farms has dropped, and dairy farms contribute to most of the farm income.

But there’s also a rising trend in specialty and gourmet foods. This has carved out an exciting niche in the agricultural sector.

Manufacturing holds a significant place in Vermont’s economy as well. There are hundreds of plants scattered across the state. While traditional textile mills have moved south, innovative computer industries have made their home in Vermont.

The state’s rich resources have also fueled a robust mining industry. From the sprawling granite pits of Barre to the marble-loaded fields of Proctor, mining forms another key pillar of Vermont’s multifaceted economy.

Current State of Vermont’s Manufacturing and Mining Industry

Despite the closure of many textile mills, the manufacturing and mining sector continues to play a crucial role in Vermont’s economy. There are hundreds of manufacturing plants and significant extractive industries in the state. Vermont’s machine-tool plants in Springfield, for instance, expand and contract in sync with the national economy. It’s not just old-school industries that make a mark; computer industries are also making their home in Vermont, adding diversity to the sector.

Also, wood and paper product manufacturing remain major industries in the state. The mining scene isn’t left behind either, as extractive industries are significant contributors to Vermont’s economy. With some of the world’s largest granite pits in Barre and marble quarries in Proctor, they’re literally carving out a niche for Vermont on the global stage.