Johnson Woolen Mills

Johnson Woolen Mills

Headquarters: Johnson, VT

States manufacturing in: VT


Johnson Woolen Mills has been manufacturing woolen clothing since 1842. Beginning as a need for warm, comfortable, strong clothing in the cold climate of Vermont, word spread through the community about the quality, warmth, and water-resistant properties of Johnson Woolen Mills clothing. They saw much success among hunters, loggers, fishermen, ice harvesters, and other outdoorsmen in the early 1900s. Now owned by a fourth-generation family member, Johnson Woolen Mills operates out of a modern manufacturing facility but still uses many traditional processes to make their clothing. They’ve also continued their 200-year legacy of ensuring that there is no waste with their products – all scraps are either used or recycled.

They source most of their wool from US farmers (particularly in the New England area), but, unfortunately, use some materials from global suppliers.