Rubber Boots Made in the USA

Whether you’re working outdoors or are looking for something stylish, rubber boots are versatile, and there are a variety of options to choose from. However, not all of them are made in the USA. We did the research to help you find the companies manufacturing American-made rubber boots and provide a little more information about sourcing rubber boots made in the USA at the end.

Full List of Rubber Boot Brands Made in the USA


Headquarters: Ship Bottom, NJ

States manufacturing in: NJ

Grundens Deck-Boss Fishing Boots are made for when you need a durable boot for fishing, general work, or rain boots that can get a little dirty. The exterior provides all the benefits you would expect when it comes to its seamless and waterproof design.

Grundens uses an SRC-certified slip-resistant Herkules Grip, which provides stability on a slippery boat deck. The boot design also provides comfort through a foot-forming system while fully supporting the arch of your foot. The tread on the bottom of these boots also allows for easier removal and putting back on. This boot is made for anyone who finds themselves working on farms, wet terrains, or just general activities occurring in the dirt.


Headquarters: Havre de Grace, MD

States manufacturing in: MD

The Durapro steel toe boot from Dunlop combines protection, comfort, and durability. The rubber material is resistant to most chemicals, including fuel oil, while a hard steel tip creates an added safety level to protect your foot from potential impact.

The boot has a round pull tab that makes taking the boot on and off a simple process. The boot’s top is sloped, which prevents chafing, creating more natural movement when walking or bending.

Along with their next-generation traction technology, these functional features are designed to make this boot an exceptional combination of safety and comfort. The Durapro Steel Toe Boot from Dunlop is the boot for you if you want a little extra protection on the job but don’t want to compromise comfort.

Dunlop also sells a Chesapeake rubber boot which is a light-duty boot that runs a little taller in its material. This taller-than-average height covers much more of your leg, especially if you are a taller person.

This taller boot will provide solid functionality with its lightweight PVC material and shock-absorbing outsoles. The outsoles also are designed with deep grooves to repel water and keep you moving with ease. These boots are designed to be waterproof and withstand wet conditions but aren’t made for wearing in harsh weather conditions daily.

All American Clothing Co.

Headquarters: Arcanum, OH

All American Clothing Co. is not a manufacturer, but rather an online retailer that exclusively partners with made in the USA suppliers. They have a great inventory of rubber boots and tons of other clothing, shoes, and accessories. Their items are typically pretty affordable, too.

L.L. Bean

Headquarters: Freeport, ME

States manufacturing in: MENCNY

The original L.L. Bean boot has been handcrafted in Maine since 1912! Full-grain leather attached to a rubberized bottom provides waterproof protection with comfort and style. Having warm and dry feet in the elements is a passion for L.L. Bean.

Determining what boot you will need is convenient because there is a sizing tool on their website. You will also have the option to choose from 3 different width options for these boots, allowing you to get a more customized fit for your feet. The steel shank underneath the insole provides support, while the unique foot form padding offers stability. This boot is designed to keep your feet dry and has a classic look that is intended to never go out of style.

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How to Find Rubber Boots Made in the USA

American-made rubber boots are renowned for their superior craftsmanship and attention to detail, making them an ideal choice when you need a pair of boots that will stand up to the elements. 

But with most production occurring abroad, it can be hard to find products made in the USA. Here are all the tips and tricks to find rubber boots made in the United States.

What Does “Made In The USA” Mean?

Before we dive into how to find American-made rubber boots, it’s essential to understand what “made in the USA” actually means. By the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) definition, a product must be “all or virtually all” made in the United States to earn the “made in the USA” label. That means that all significant parts, processing, and labor must be of U.S. origin for a product to qualify.

For rubber boots, this means that the rubber used to make the boots must be sourced from an American supplier, while all labor and assembly must also take place in the United States.

Check our comprehensive “made in the USA” guide for more information.


When looking for American-made rubber boots, you should first consider the materials used to make them and know where they are made. Some common materials used to make rubber boots include neoprene, natural rubber, and synthetic rubber.


Neoprene is a synthetic rubber material common in shoes and dive suits. It’s usually made from a combination of chloroprene, petroleum products, and other synthetic materials. While China is a leading producer of many materials, the USA is the largest producer of polychloroprene, the key component in neoprene.

In fact, DuPont’s factory in Los Angeles is the world’s largest facility of its kind. So if you are looking for neoprene rubber boots, chances are high that they’ll be made in the USA.


Natural rubber is another common material used in the production of rubber boots. It’s derived from the sap of certain rubber trees, which is then refined into usable material. Almost 90% of natural rubber is produced in Asian countries, with Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia being the leading producers.

However, some American-based companies produce their own natural rubber, though to a much lesser extent. So, if you are specifically after natural rubber boots, while not impossible, you may have a more challenging time finding a genuine American-made product.

Instead, you should look for synthetic rubber. Synthetic rubber is created as an alternative to natural rubber due to its superior durability and resistance to heat. It’s usually made from petroleum-based chemicals and other materials.

The USA produces around 35 million tons of rubber yearly, of which two-thirds are synthetic. Since the United States has a sizeable synthetic rubber industry, synthetic is your best bet if you are looking for rubber boots made in the USA.


All products must be labeled according to specific regulations in the United States. According to Title 19 Chapter 4 Section 1304 of the United States Code, all imported products must be labeled as such. And when looking for American-made rubber boots, you should look specifically for the FTC-protected “made in the USA” label.

However, keep in mind that the FTC does not do the best job of policing the usage of the label. There is no pre-approval process for the label, meaning it’s up to the companies to determine whether or not their products meet the criteria to be able to use the label.

When checking labels on rubber boots, you should also be wary of misleading language such as “made in the USA from imported materials,” which would indicate that only the final assembly process takes place in the USA. Some other labels to look out for include “made in America,” which could refer to products made in Canada or Mexico, and “manufactured/designed in the USA,” which means only a part of the whole manufacturing process takes place in the USA.

Another misleading tactic some companies use is to feature the American flag on the label. Just because you see the flag does not automatically mean the product is made domestically, so take it with a grain of salt.

Other Tips

Here are some other tips to help you find quality American-made rubber boots.

Check Online Presence

Many companies have an online presence, which can give you a lot of insight into the product and where it is made. Check out the company website, social media accounts, and online reviews to get an idea of the product’s quality and if it is indeed made in the US.

One thing to keep in mind is that companies are not required to state the country of origin of their products on their online or promotional materials. So, if you can’t find the country of origin, it’s safer to assume the product is made abroad. Alternatively, if it’s made in the USA, this is a huge selling point, so you should see this fact advertised on the website, on social media, and elsewhere.

Call the Manufacturer

Sometimes the best way to ensure that your rubber boots are made in the USA is to contact the manufacturer directly. Ask questions about where their materials are sourced and if the assembly process takes palace in the US.

Rubber Boots Not Made in the USA

When researching made in the USA rubber boots, we came across several big brands that are not making their rubber boots in the U.S. Check out the full list below as well as where their boots are being made. We’ll update this list as we find more brands.

  • BOGS – Made in the Dominican Republic, and China.
  • Dunlop – Made in the USA, Portugal, and the Netherlands.
  • Le Chameau – Made in Morocco.
  • Xtratuff – Made in China.
  • Kamik – Made in Canada using domestic and imported materials.
  • Muck – Made in China.

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