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E-bike sales have skyrocketed in recent years because they are more environmentally friendly than cars and easier to pedal than traditional bicycles. They are also versatile. However, finding an e-bike that’s truly made in the United States is quite a challenge.

A handful of companies assemble these bicycles here, but at least some of the components tend to be sourced from overseas. We want to help you find products that are as close to 100% made in the USA as possible, so we did extensive research on e-bikes to determine where the parts originate from. Here are our findings.

Complete List of E-Bike Brands Made in the USA

Electric Bike Company

Headquarters: Newport Beach, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Electric Bike Company is known for its custom-built electric cruises. EBC customers can choose from eight different models; a rainbow of colors for some parts of their bike, including the frame, fork, and battery case; and options such as a front basket, anti-theft alarm, and helmet. The company’s factory direct-to-consumer business model cuts down on the price for the e-cruisers. Warranties of up to 10 years are available. EBC cherry-picks the best materials and accessories for its e-cruisers from suppliers from around the world, but all assembly happens in the United States.


Headquarters: Denver, CO

States manufacturing in: CO

FattE-Bikes, the first women-owned e-bike company in the US, makes custom-built fat-tire electric bicycles in Denver, Colorado. Like most e-bike brands, they must source some components from outside the United States.

Spark Cycleworks

Headquarters: North Branford, CT

States manufacturing in: CT

Spark Cycleworks’ electric bikes and mopeds are built to order in Connecticut. This brand has a lot of customized features. For example, you can order a second battery to give you more range. Spark Cycleworks does source some materials from outside the United States.

Life EV

Headquarters: Deerfield Beach, FL

States manufacturing in: FL

Life Electric Vehicles (Life EV) hand-builds its e-bikes at its facility in Florida, which potential buyers can visit. Some raw materials are imported. This company prides itself on its first-rate craftsmanship and commitment to customer service.


Headquarters: Paonia, CO

States manufacturing in: CO

Optibike is another Colorado-based brand that produces e-bikes. These electric bicycles are considered by many as the best on the market. Optibike builds its bicycles locally from domestic and imported parts.

Small Town Bike Co.

Headquarters: Waldo, WI

States manufacturing in: WI

Small Town Bike Co is a veteran-led company whose e-bikes get rave reviews for being comfortable no matter what your body type and easy to operate. This brand assembles its bicycles domestically with some global parts.

Ride Scoozy

Headquarters: St. Petersburg, FL

States manufacturing in: FL

Ride Scoozy, which got its start in 2013, was one of the first American companies to make e-bikes. This brand’s most popular model is the VeeGo Fat Tire Bike, which has Cloud-9 Comfort Seats. Customers can buy front baskets and rear racks designed especially for this electric bike, making it an ideal choice for hauling groceries, luggage, or other cargo. Ride Scoozy gets the components for its bikes from all over the globe, but all the assembly takes place in the USA.

Bike Friday

Headquarters: Eugene, OR

States manufacturing in: OR

Bike Friday’s claim to fame is its ability to personalize bikes according to the buyer’s body type and lifestyle. You can get a new e-bike from this company or get an older, traditional Bike Friday bicycle retrofitted as an electric bike. All of this brand’s bikes are put together in the USA using international components.

Hi Power Cycles

Headquarters: Chatsworth, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Hi Power Cycles focuses exclusively on electric bikes. This company offers a varied lineup of e-bikes at a range of price points. You can even order a pre-owned model if you are on a budget. Everything is assembled at a warehouse in Los Angeles, but some components are imported.

Outrider USA

Headquarters: Mars Hill, NC

States manufacturing in: NC

Outrider USA began in 2009 with the building of a high-speed electric bike. Since then, the company has evolved, producing electric trikes and now ATVs. Outrider USA’s trikes are designed for commuting and have pedal and electric power options. All products are built in the USA from mainly overseas parts.

Foes Racing USA

Headquarters: San Dimas, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

This company makes two kinds of e-bikes: the E-Ticket and the Fat-E-Ticket, which has fat tires. Both are powered by Shimano EP8 electric motors. Foes states on its website that its e-bikes are some of the only ones truly made in the USA, but doesn’t mention where the parts come from.

R&E Cycles

Headquarters: Seattle, WA

States manufacturing in: WA

R+E’s classic Phinney Ridge is offered in an e-bike version that is lighter and more responsive than most electric bicycles on the market because it is designed to give riders a bit of assistance, not a fully-powered ride. R+E’s bikes are handmade in Seattle, but we didn’t find any information on the website on where they source the components for the e-bikes.

Co-Motion Cycles

Headquarters: Eugene, OR

States manufacturing in: OR

Co-Motion Cycles makes an e-tandem bike named the Metolius, after a scenic river in central Oregon. It’s based on a similar platform as this Co-Motion Steelhead road/gravel tandem. The Metolius utilizes the most powerful Bosch Performance pedal-assist motor integrated with an electronic shifting Rohloff internally geared hub or SRAM AXS components for the ultimate riding experience. Riders can travel farther with more comfort and less effort. The company’s website says Co-Motion Cycles are “American Made” and “Oregon Made,” but some of the components are imported.

Worksman Cycles

Headquarters: Ozone Park, NY

States manufacturing in: NYSC

The Lightning Series includes many of Worksman Cycles’ most popular trikes outfitted with high-quality front wheel (integrated from hub) Worksman E-Bike Kits. For those who want or need more range, hill-climbing ability, or riding flexibility, the Worksman Lightning Series can give riders freedom, function, fun, and independence while riding in style. Like the rest of Worksman Cycles, these trikes are built in the USA with domestic and imported components.

Firefly Bicycles

Headquarters: Boston, MA

States manufacturing in: MA

Firefly can custom-build an e-bike for you. Virtually any of this brand’s full titanium frame models can be an e-bike that perfectly matches your riding style. We know that Firefly builds its bikes in Massachusetts, and at least some of the parts are domestically sourced.

Moots Bikes

Headquarters: Steamboat Springs, CO

States manufacturing in: CO

The latest extension into the industry-leading Moots gravel lineup, the Express goes to another level by adding power assist and extended range. The Express is a class 3, pedal assist e-bike all rolled up into a composite chassis. This bicycle is designed, engineered, tested, and assembled in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, but the frame, fork, handlebar, stem, and seatpost are manufactured by two long-term partners based out of China and Taiwan.

Christini Bicycles

Headquarters: Philadelphia, PA

States manufacturing in: PA

Christini Bicycles custom-builds fat-wheel e-bikes that stand up to the toughest conditions, including snow. These bikes are assembled in the USA from global materials.

How to Find E-Bikes Made in the USA

If you want an e-bike made right here in the USA, you might be wondering where to start your search due to so much manufacturing taking place overseas. Although the task is daunting, it’s not impossible. Here are our shopping tips for finding American made e-bikes.

What Does Made In The USA Mean?

Let’s begin by defining the phrase “made in the USA.” The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says it means “all or virtually all” of a product was made here, including raw materials, assembly, and packaging. In other words, items with a few small parts sourced or manufactured overseas can still be considered to be made in the USA.

For more information on the FTC’s rules for this, see our “made in the USA” labeling research.

Now, let’s look at material sourcing for e-bike manufacturing and why it’s close to impossible to find all parts from US suppliers.


Looking at the materials is the key to finding e-bikes made in the USA. It’s important to remember that although a growing number of these bicycles are assembled in the United States, at least some parts are most likely imported. Since you aren’t likely to find an e-bike that’s 100% American-made, you should at least look for one manufactured here with as many domestic components as possible.

Let’s break down the various parts of an e-bike and the materials they are made from.


Most bicycles are made from steel, aluminum, or carbon fiber. Your best odds for finding an e-bike frame manufactured in the USA is narrowing your search to steel ones.


China leads the world in steel production, but the USA also is a global player in this market. In fact, US steel is stronger than Chinese steel. Some companies in the United States specialize In making steel frames, so it’s not difficult to find e-bike frames that are produced domestically.


Although a few companies make e-bike frames from domestic aluminum, the vast majority import aluminum tubing from abroad – mainly from China.

Carbon Fiber

Most carbon fiber frames are manufactured in China, so you aren’t likely to find a carbon fiber e-bike that was 100% made in the USA. And even if you do, it will probably be costly.  


Next, consider the wheels. Most bicycle wheel tracks – as well as other smaller parts such as handlebar grips, are made from rubber.


Most bicycle wheels are made of imported rubber because it is less expensive and more consistent in quality. This means even if you find some e-bikes with domestic rubber wheels, you will want to try them out first.


The world’s major e-bike motor manufacturers, which include Bosch and Shimano, build their products overseas. However, smaller companies are emerging due to the tremendous growth in the e-bike market. This means even if you can’t find e-bike motors made in the USA right now, you might in the future.


E-bike batteries use lithium-ion technology. China is the global leader in raw material production for these batteries, followed by Australia. The US ranks 15th, but is projected to move to 13th place by 2025. So, if you wait a few years, you might be more likely to find e-bikes with domestically produced batteries.


When shopping for e-bikes made in the USA, be sure to check out the label or packaging. Title 19 Chapter 4 Section 1304 of the US Code says all products must be labeled according to their country of origin, i.e., “made in China” or “made in the USA.”

However, you need to keep in mind that the FTC doesn’t have a pre-approval process for the “made in the USA” label. Since companies aren’t always honest when policing themselves, we recommend doing your own research to be sure products are truly manufactured in the United States.

Furthermore, some brands aren’t above using misleading language to trick buyers into thinking their products are made in the USA. Here are some examples:

  • Made in America: An item with this label may have been made in Mexico or Canada. Unlikely, but it can happen and has happened before.
  • Assembled/Designed in the USA: This label is a sign that some of the production process took place outside the United States.
  • Made in the USA with imported materials: If you see this, it means the item contains parts from overseas.

You should also be aware that the FTC doesn’t protect the usage of the American flag image on labels. Therefore, if you see the Stars and Stripes on a label, that doesn’t mean the product was made in the USA.

Further Tips

Here are some additional tips to help you find e-bikes made in the USA:

Check The Website

Look at the brand’s “About Us” or individual product pages. Companies that make their goods here aren’t shy about promoting that fact because they know it’s a big selling point. Therefore, these pages may have lots of details on their made in the USA bona fides.

However, if a company’s website has no information on where their products come from, they probably were made outside the United States.

Don’t Forget Amazon

Amazon and other online shopping websites might have key information on the country of origin on product pages or the FAQ section for that item.  

Give the Company a Call

Still not sure? Consider contacting the company directly. Hopefully, a brand representative will tell you where the e-bike you are considering was made.

E-Bike Brands Not Made in the USA

Here are some manufacturers that don’t make their e-bikes in the USA. We are always looking for companies that make (or don’t make) their products here, so we will continually add to this list.

  • Trek – Made in the Netherlands, Germany, and China.
  • Cannondale – Made in Taiwan.
  • Schwinn – Made in China and other Asian countries.
  • Giant -Made in Taiwan.
  • Intense – Designed and prototyped in the USA but engineered in Germany and manufactured in Taiwan.

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