Where Are Giant Bikes Made?

Long touted as a global bicycle juggernaut, Giant bikes have remained at the top of the trade for decades. Originating in the 70s, the Giant brand was founded in Taiwan by King Liu and Tony Lo. Right off the bat, we know that this isn’t an American born company.

Giant bicycles quickly took the trade by storm, edging their way into European and American markets. They set the pace for industry innovations, like the carbon fiber road bike, award-winning designs, and technological design. 

By 2018, Giant Bikes had held its stride with other global competitors, like Specialized and Trek, since the inception of competitive cycling manufacturing. It’s been 50 years since their debut and their involvement in progressing the industry remains at the tip of the peloton. 

Yet, our question remains, where are Giant bikes made? A valid question for American cyclists looking to support local brands and close-to-home businesses. Before you hop on the saddle, let’s cleat up and find out.

Verdict: Are Giant Bikes Made in the USA?

True to their roots, Giant Bike manufacturing remains based out of Taiwan. Supplementary facilities are located in the Netherlands, China, and Hungary.

Some of those chess pieces are moving, as newly introduced tariffs in the past several years have de-incentivized manufacturing out of China. Is it likely that Giant Bikes will ever be made in the USA? Far from it. The brand is greatly established out of Taiwan and much of the market focus remains on Southeast Asia, one of their key bicycle exporters. 

Though it isn’t abundantly clear the company’s manufacturing location from their own website, they certainly don’t hide it. Let’s say their transparency just has a slight tinge of fog. A simple swipe reveals the history clearly. 

Giant does happily report that they own their own raw materials factories. Owning this part of the process allows for more company control, and thus a higher level of quality can be expected.

Below are some of their popular bikes and our own research on American made bicycles as a better alternative.

Popular American Made Giant Bikes

  • None that we could find

Popular Giant Bikes Not Made in the USA

  • Talon 1: a great introductory hardtail
  • Revolt Advanced Pro Force: the king of gravel bikes
  • Roam E+: let the bike work for you with an electric boost!
  • STP 20: get the kids riding pro early

American Made Alternatives

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