Cat Food & Water Bowls Made in the USA

Cat owners know they can’t just put food and water for their fur babies in any old container. Getting the right bowl for your kitty is important. One of the best ways to ensure you get a high-quality product for your furry friend is to buy ones made in the USA. Our findings are listed below, including brands that produce cat bowls domestically and tips for conducting your own research.

Complete List of Cat Bowl Brands Made in the USA

Americat Company

Headquarters: Wexford, PA

States manufacturing in: PA

Americat Company’s cat food and water bowls are made in the USA from premium US steel. They are free of lead and radioactive materials, so they are safe for you and your pet. These heavy bowls will stay in place while your kitty is using them. They are shallow enough for your cat’s comfort but can hold up to two cups of food or water.

Basis Pet

Headquarters: Colchester, VT

States manufacturing in: VT

This small company makes sturdy cat bowls from 100% US stainless steel. They are wide and shallow to avoid whiskey fatigue. Basis Pet bowls are independently tested for heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, and mercury, so you know they are safe to use. They are affordably priced, and when you buy more than one, you save even more money.

Country Brook Petz

Headquarters: Moulton, AL

States manufacturing in: AL

Country Brook Petz’s TarHong Gibraltar Saucer Melamine Pet Bowl is ideal for kittens because it has the right depth for them to reach their food properly. This bowl is made of non-toxic materials and has a non-skid base. It is also dishwasher-safe. In addition, it features a gorgeous blue and teal mosaic pattern. If you think your kitty should be treated like royalty, this could be the brand for you!

Fiesta Tableware

Headquarters: Newell, WV

States manufacturing in: WV

Did you know this iconic American company produces dinnerware for pets as well as people? Fiesta Petware cat bowls feature brilliant colors and are also dishwasher-safe. The one downside is their high price, but they are so durable that they are worth the investment.

Emerson Creek Pottery

Headquarters: Bedford, VA

States manufacturing in: VA

Emerson Creek Pottery makes adorable, handmade pet bowls. The smaller ones work for cats. You can even get them personalized with your kitty’s name! These bowls are sturdy enough to prevent cats who like to make a mess from knocking them over.

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How to Find Cat Bowls Made in the USA

Not all cat bowls are created equal. Some produced outside the US are made of flimsy materials and need to be replaced often. Some might even contain toxins. Yikes!  

If you want the best for your kitty, look for American made cat bowls. Here are the notes from our research to help you do some shopping on your own and understand a little more about the cat supplies manufacturing industry.

What Does “Made in the USA” Mean?

First, let’s define the phrase “made in the USA.” According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), “all or virtually all” of an item must be made here to receive this designation. This includes both the components of a product as well as the manufacturing process.

To find out more about the FTC labeling and guidelines, see our helpful made in the USA guide.

Let’s dive into materials for cat bowls and how the US stacks up against other countries for raw materials.


If you want to find cat bowls made in the USA, you need to familiarize yourself with the typical materials and their likely country or countries of origin. Most cat bowls are made from plastic, stainless steel, or ceramic.


Plastic is a popular material for cat bowls because it is inexpensive. Although China and Europe dominate the plastic market, the US produces around 20% of the world’s supply.

Although it is possible to find domestically produced plastic cat bowls, you should be cautious. Unfortunately, some plastics are made with toxic chemicals. This is why you should check to ensure the bowl you buy is BPA-free.

Stainless Steel

Many cat owners prefer stainless steel bowls because they are so sturdy. They not only last for years, but are tip-resistant. Lots of manufacturers use Chinese steel for their products to cut costs, but the US does produce some stainless steel. In fact, the United States ranks fourth in this area. US steel is also three times stronger than Chinese steel, which is an excellent reason to make an effort to find products made from American steel.


Ceramic bowls are costlier than plastic or steel but are heavier. This makes them more likely to stay where you put them, even if your pet is an aggressive eater. China is the top ceramics producer in the world, but the United States is by no means a minor player in this market. In fact, in 2022, the total domestic ceramics revenue totaled $3 billion.


Labeling is also a key factor to consider when shopping for American-made goods. Fortunately, the FTC protects the “made in the USA” label to make the search easier for consumers.

Another helpful tool is Title 19 Chapter 4 Section 1304 of the US Code, which requires companies that make their goods overseas to label them accordingly.  

The FCT is responsible for policing the usage of the “made in the USA” label, but unfortunately, several loopholes exist. For example, brands can determine whether their goods meet the made in the USA requirements. If you discover a product labeled as being made here wasn’t, we encourage you to report it to the FTC, as this is the only way to stop the misuse.

Sadly, some companies aren’t above misleading shoppers about where their goods come from. They might use confusing phrases like “assembled in the USA” or “designed in the USA,” which is a good indicator that the product wasn’t 100% made here. Another phrase to look out for is “made in America,” which usually signals an item was manufactured in either Canada or Mexico.

Finally, be warned that the appearance of an American flag sticker on a product is no guarantee it was made in the USA because our government doesn’t protect the image of the Stars and Stripes.

More Tips

Below are some additional tips for finding cat bowls made in the USA.

Visit the Company’s Website

We highly recommend checking out the brand’s website to find out if they make their products in the United States. If they do, it will likely be prominently featured in their advertising because it’s a big selling point. The company’s “About Us” section or individual product pages are good places to find out if their goods are made here.  

However, remember that brands are under no legal obligation to list the country of origin for items on online or promotional materials. This means if your research doesn’t turn up anything on where a product comes from, it probably wasn’t made domestically.

Look at Online Shopping Sites

These sites are a good alternative if a brand’s official website doesn’t have any information on the country of origin of their products. Amazon is always an option because of the huge number of items in its online store, but Chewy is a great place to look up pet products. Their website often will list where an item was made on the product page.

Call The Company

To clear up any remaining confusion on the country of origin for a product, give the company a call. A brand representative should be able to provide the information you need.

Cat Bowls Not Made in the USA

What about well-known pet brands that don’t make their cat bowls domestically? To make your search easier, we are providing a list of those companies and where their bowls are produced. We are constantly doing research, so we will add to the list as we find more bowls not manufactured here.

  • Frisco Pet Products – Made in China.
  • Ethical Pet Products – Made in China.
  • Van Ness – Made in China.
  • CatGuru – Made in China.
  • OurPets – Made in India.
  • LovingPets – Made in India.
  • Neater Feeder – Feeder made in the USA, stainless steel bowls made in India.

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