Emerson Creek Pottery

Emerson Creek Pottery

Headquarters: Bedford, VA

States manufacturing in: VA


Emerson Creek Pottery is a small American-owned business in Virginia. The Bedford manufacturer adheres to eco-friendly rules in its everyday operations and produces high-quality earthenware for consumers.

As far as earth-friendliness, Emerson Creek Pottery receives high marks. Its guidelines include using natural materials that are free of lead. This means each item is safe for everyone in the whole family to use.

Emerson Creek Pottery also produces non-toxic ceramic dinnerware and other products, sourcing materials locally whenever possible. All shipped orders use recycled paper materials, and online orders utilize the UPS carbon-neutral program. Green shipping practices mean you can get close to or reach zero waste even when shopping online for earth-friendly products.

The company also skips printed catalogs unless customers specifically request them. Skipping mass-printing of catalogs keeps paper out of landfills, while their earthenware promises to enjoy a long life without chipping or sustaining damage.

You can read up on Emerson Creek Pottery’s different glazes—ranging from the Go Green Earthenware with a semi-matte, lightly textured glaze to an American Blue Glaze with speckled, glossy glazing for mixing and matching.

Each handmade piece can have slight variations, but you can also order a full set (or mix elements) to use throughout your home. Other Go Green Earthenware pieces include casserole dishes, dinner plates, and more.

You’ll also find other pottery featuring fun designs (like blue crabs) and color options (though those aren’t Go Green Earthenware selections).

Featured Emerson Creek Pottery Made in the USA

Coffee mugs: One of their earliest products, Emerson Creek Pottery’s Classic Mugs are all 12oz with the original logo impressed on the side. Featuring gently sloped sides, these mugs come in a range of colors and patterns, ranging from classic 17th-century earthy colors to bright, watercolor-esque flower patterns. 

Bakeware: You’ll never want to leave your kitchen with this range of bakeware. Emerson Creek Pottery’s range includes bread bakers, the Brookline baker, casserole dishes, cookie stamps, frilly pie plates, loaf pans, ramekins, and shortbread pans. Their custom stoneware formula has been designed to evenly distribute heat and remain durable, ensuring you get the perfect bake every time. 

Dinnerware: Feel safe at mealtimes with the dinnerware range. Made from non-toxic clay with no lead or cadmium, your family will remain unexposed to toxins with this set. With collections such as Brookline dinnerware, cereal bowls, children’s dinnerware, classic dinnerware, classic/coupe soup bowls, coupe dinnerware, and onion soup crocks, you’ll be able to kit out your whole kitchen. As an added bonus, this dinnerware is dishwasher, oven, microwave, and freezer-safe, meaning it’ll hold up against daily use. 

Manufacturing Notes 

You can’t go much wrong with Emerson Creek Pottery products. Designed to last a lifetime and be passed down through generations, these stoneware collections are non-toxic, lead-safe with no cadmium. Made through the most sustainable, earth-friendly practices, buying from Emerson Creek Pottery also supports American jobs by being a 100% American-made company. 

Since 1977, this Virginia-based company nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains has continued to handcraft and hand-paint its pottery, not using any automatic machines as part of its sustainability commitment. Every step, from mixing clay, forming, finishing, glazing, painting, firing, packing, and shipping, is completed by people.

The care taken with every product is evident in the fantastic designs that range from classic pottery inspired by the 17th century to stunning floral designs. Your family can eat in style, comfort, and safely with Emerson Creek Pottery products.