Cat Toys Made in the USA

Cats are curious creatures who love to explore and play with new things. We did the research to discover all the cat toys made in the USA. See our findings below, as well as tips for determining the country of origin for pet toys and which cat toy brands are not made here.

Complete List of Cat Toy Brands Made in the USA

Americat Company

Headquarters: Wexford, PA

States manufacturing in: PA

Americat makes make cat toys in the USA from non-toxic, recyclable domestic materials. They don’t have small parts that can become choking hazards. Americat toys’ tree-like textures are like catnip to kitties. Speaking of catnip, you can marinate or spray the toys with it to make them even more attractive to your fur baby.

Skinny Pete’s Gourmet Catnip

Headquarters: Rochester Hills, MI

States manufacturing in: MI

Skinny Pete’s Gourmet Catnip, which is homegrown in the USA, is 100% organic and completely free from pesticides and herbicides. Each catnip purchase includes a free, small cloth bag to use as a cat toy. In addition, Skinny Pete’s sells special apparel for cat-loving men and women. The company also gives to animal welfare organizations.

The Pussums Cat Company

Headquarters: Turner, ME

States manufacturing in: ME

This brand makes catnip toys and teasers that provide exercise and stimulation for felines of all ages. You can even subscribe to its toy of the month club! Dr. Pussums uses the finest, most sustainable materials, and combines expert craftsmanship with environmentally friendly production. In addition, the company supports organizations that protect animals.

Purrfect Play

Headquarters: Chesterton, IN

States manufacturing in: IN

Purrfect Play’s plastic-free cat toys have interesting textures and natural scents that cats adore. The company makes its organic catnip toys and catnip-free toys right here in the USA. Purrfect Play also produces chase toys with natural wool and cotton fibers. This brand sets its environmental sustainably standards even higher than the legal requirement.

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How to Find Cat Toys Made in the USA

Your cat is a member of the family, so you want to treat them as such. As a pet parent, knowing you are buying safe toys for your fur baby is a number one priority. Unfortunately, some cat toys contain toxic chemicals. Another thing to watch out for when buying kitty toys is flimsy materials that are easy for cats to chew or claw small pieces from, creating a choking hazard.

Buying cat toys made in the USA is a great way to avoid these pitfalls because domestic ones tend to be better made and safer than imported ones. Plus, you will be supporting American jobs.

Finding toys made 100% in the USA is difficult, but not impossible. Keep reading to find our tips for finding cat toys made here.

What Does “Made In The USA” Mean?

The term “made in the USA” means a product was made “all or virtually all” in the United States. Simply put, all significant parts must be domestically sourced, and 100% of the production process – including assembly – must occur in the U.S. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the agency that sets these rules and protects the use of the “Made in the USA” label.

For more information, read our complete made-in-the-USA labeling breakdown.


We recommend buying cat toys made from natural fabrics like wool, cotton, or hemp because they are non-toxic. Some of these materials are more likely to be sourced domestically than others, so here’s our guide to help you find cat toys that are 100% US-made.


Cotton is a great material for cat toys because it is safe for them, especially if it is an organic variety. This fabric is also easy to wash.

Luckily, it’s easy to find cat toys made from domestic cotton because the United States, China, and India are all major players on the global stage in the production of this material.


Wool cat toys are a wonderful choice because their texture resembles the fur of prey animals such as mice. Kitties love to pounce on them and bat them around with their paws.

Although the United States lags far behind China, Australia, and New Zealand in wool production, you can find domestic wool if you look hard enough.


Hemp fabric is durable and doesn’t pill easily, making it ideal for cat toys.

Hemp farming in the United States is growing rapidly. The US currently ranks third behind China and Canada in hemp production, meaning you shouldn’t have much trouble finding cat toys made from this fabric.


Most kitties adore the scent of catnip, an herb from the mint family. That’s why some cat toys are stuffed with dried catnip leaves.

Although catnip is native to parts of Europe and Asia, production of this plant takes place today all around the globe – including in the United States. You can even grow your own!


When shopping for domestic products, Title 19 Chapter 4 Section 1304 of the US Code is your friend because it requires imported products to be labeled according to their country of origin (made in China, Vietnam, Mexico, etc.)

As we mentioned earlier, the FTC mandates that brands can only use the made in the USA label if their goods are made entirely or almost entirely in the United States. Sounds great, right? Actually, the reality isn’t that simple. The FTC doesn’t always do the best job of protecting the “made in the USA” label. Therefore, it’s up to the consumer to do their own research to determine if they are truly getting a US-made product.

You also should be aware that some brands use misleading labels such as “manufactured in the USA,” a common smokescreen for a product assembled here but containing mostly imported components. Other language to look out for includes “designed in the USA” or “made in America.”

Another thing to remember is that the regulations that require companies to include the country of origin in the physical label or packaging don’t apply to online advertising and promotion, including the brand’s website.

Other Tips

Keep reading to discover more ways to determine which products are made in the USA and which aren’t.

Check Online

Brands that make their products in the USA will shout it from the rooftops because they know that’s important to some shoppers. That means companies will likely mention it on their official website’s home page or the “About Us” page. Product description pages are another good place to check for the phrase “made in the USA.”

Don’t Take the American Flag at Face Value

Sadly, some companies will stick an American flag sticker on a product that wasn’t made here to try to trick consumers into thinking it was made in the USA.

Contact the Company

The easiest solution might be to call or email the brand to ask about where its products are made. A company representative should be able to answer your questions.

Cat Toys Not Made in the USA

Our research found some popular pet brands that don’t make their cat toys in the United States. Here is our complete list, including the country of origin for these toys.

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