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Ready to add a rower to your home gym but not sure how to find one made in the USA? We did the research for you. Below is our complete list of rower brands made in the USA, how to find them, as well as a list of rower brands not made in the USA. Note – it is near impossible to find rowers using 100% US-sourced materials, so many of the brands we mention below have some globally sourced components; however, all assembly is happening in the U.S., and some components are sourced here, too. Let’s get into it!

Complete List of Rower Brands Made in the USA


Headquarters: Warren, RI

States manufacturing in: RI

A cardio equipment company based in Rhode Island, WaterRower is a leading name in premium rowing machines. Interestingly, their rowers use water inside the machines, and they make the frames from wood. The wood used is hardwood from the Appalachian Mountains region, and the rowers themselves are made and produced in Warren, RI.


Headquarters: Santa Ana, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Since 1981, VersaClimber has dedicated itself to making American-made products. VersaClimber is a cardio fitness equipment brand best known for its vertical climber (hence its name), but the company also sells a pulley and a rower. Unfortunately, as some parts of the rower are impossible to source on US soil, VersaClimer has had to use a few foreign materials to make the rower.


Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

ROPEFLEX is not your average fitness equipment company. This company specializes in equipment that focuses on the use of rope. This means their Rowing Rope Trainer is not your typical rower, but you use similar motions to work the machine. All ROPEFLEX products are made in the USA. They even manufacture everything in-house as much as possible.

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How to Find Rowers Made in the USA

With most production occurring abroad, finding a rower made in the USA can be challenging. So, here is everything you need to know to find rowers made in the USA.

What Does “Made in the USA” Mean?

First, let’s define what it means for something to be “made in the USA.” According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), it means “all or virtually all” of the product is made in the United States. This means everything from the raw materials to the assembly of the product must take place in the USA. However, in the case of rowers and other cardio equipment, it’s almost impossible to find something made with 100% American-made materials. So, in this case, using as many American-made materials as possible would be the goal for something to be considered “made in the USA.”

For more info on finding US-made products, check out our “made in the USA” guide.

Now, let’s talk about material sourcing, specifically for rowers.


The first step to finding American-made rowers is looking at the materials used to construct the product. Understanding the materials used and where these materials come from is a huge step in finding rowers made in the USA.


Most frames of rowers are made of metal – generally steel or aluminum. Of all the materials used in making a rower, steel is one of the most durable and easiest materials to find in the USA. China, Japan, and India may produce most of the world’s steel, but the USA comes in fourth. In fact, in terms of quality, USA-made steel is the way to go, as USA-made steel is three times stronger than Chinese steel.

Similarly, most of the world’s aluminum is made in China. Unfortunately, unlike steel, the USA imports a considerable percentage of its aluminum. So steer clear of aluminum, as finding an aluminum-framed rower may be more difficult.

Water rowers will often have a wooden frame. Wood is also easily sourced in the USA. For quality and durability’s sake, look specifically for rowers made with US hardwoods. The USA has one of the highest production of hardwood lumber in the world, falling just behind China. So, finding a rower made with USA hardwoods should not be too difficult.

Mechanical Components

Many mechanical components make up a rower, including the screen (if the rower has one). This is where most rowers fall short in terms of sourcing materials domestically. Most companies source the mechanical components in rowers and cardio equipment from overseas.


To find rowers made in the USA, you’ll also want to look at the labeling. Title 19 Chapter 4 Section 1304 of the US Code states that all overseas products must be labeled as such. This is why you’ll see labels like “made in China” and “made in Taiwan” on everything you buy. To find an American-made rower, look specifically for the FTC-protected label “made in the USA.”

Although simply looking for the label seems easy enough, there are a few things to watch out for. Unfortunately, the FTC does not have a pre-approval process for the label, meaning companies can stick the “made in the USA” label on their products as long as they believe they meet the criteria. Thankfully, the FTC does crack down on companies reported for falsely using the protected label.

You should also watch out for similar language on labels. For example, labels like “designed in the USA,” “assembled in the USA,” and “made in America” may sound synonymous with “made in the USA,” but they do not actually mean the same thing. This is because “designed” and “assembled” mean only a portion of the manufacturing takes place in the USA, and “America” can refer to either Canada or Mexico.

Furthermore, watch out for the American flag sticker on labels. Just because you see the flag does not mean the product is made in the United States.

Other Tips

Here are our other tips to help you find rowers made in the USA.

Check the Website

Go on the company’s website and look at the “About Us” or product page. “Made in the USA” is a huge selling point, so if this is the case, you should be able to find this information somewhere on the website.

On the other hand, if the product is not truly made in the USA, you may not find any information regarding the country of origin. This is because companies are not required to state the country of origin of their products online or on any promotional materials. So, if you can’t find the country of origin, it’s better to assume it’s made overseas.

Check Social Media

Social media is another excellent place to research brands and products. Companies often use social media platforms to showcase their products and answer customer questions. You might also be able to find information regarding the manufacturing process of the company’s products.

Contact the Company

If you’re still unsure where a particular rower is made, simply call the company and ask. A representative should be able to answer your questions regarding the country of origin of their rower.

Rower Brands Not Made in the USA

Here are some popular rower brands that are not made in the USA. We constantly update this list as we go, so feel free to reach out and let us know what else we can add here!

  • NordicTrack – Made in the USA, Canada, China, and Europe
  • Peloton – Made in Taiwan
  • ProForm – Made in China
  • Sunny Health and Fitness – Made in Taiwan and China

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