Weight Benches Made in the USA

Weight benches are a sound investment for people who want to get in shape or stay in shape. Having a weight bench can provide the ability to do several workouts from home, but some foreign manufacturers can sell lower-quality items that may not be safe or last very long. That’s why we set out to find all of the weight benches manufactured in the USA.

Full List of Weight Bench Brands Made in the USA

Rogue Fitness

Headquarters: Columbus, OH

States manufacturing in: OH

Rogue Fitness sells a wide range of fitness benches, meaning that there’s something for everything, regardless of exercise goals, budget, or space.

They offer a variety of Utility Benches, which are flat and non-adjustable, perfect for basic use, but still include features that make them good for workouts, such as rubber boots to keep it stable, a wide set frame for comfort and security whilst working out and a neoprene pad to support the body.

Rogue also has a range of adjustable racks with plenty of extras and features you would expect with a pricier model. Some have features such as removable foot catch pads for decline movements, six-seat positions for versatility, and nine adjustable back positions. All feature rubber feet to ensure no damage to flooring and stability whilst working out.

As well as these freestanding weight benches, you can also get ones that fit into power racks, hip thruster benches, and a premium textured foam pad set for extra comfort on your bench.


Headquarters: Lexington, SC

States manufacturing in: SC

Sorinex sells a handful of benches, but all with entirely different features depending on your needs. These include an adjustable bench, competition bench, autospot bench, recon adjustable bench, flat bench, mobility maker, and adjustable decline sit-up bench.

These benches include rubber coating on the feet to prevent scratches to the floor and help maintain stability. Some of their benches have five adjustment position settings, and feature wheels, making them easy to move and store. The pads are also made of high-quality Naugahyde that can stand up to frequent use. Sorinex’s benches are ideal for home gyms or even professional or school gyms.

Stray Dog Strength

Headquarters: Newark, OH

States manufacturing in: OH

Stray Dog Strength is based in Newark, Ohio, and is making some great benches. Although they don’t have too many options, they are well-made and built to last. They offer an adjustable bench, decline bench, storage bench, and a few accessories.

Power Lift

Headquarters: Jefferson, IA

States manufacturing in: IA

Power Lift is known for its commercial gym equipment and has some great weight benches if you need to outfit your personal training facility, sports team, or other big training space.

Factors To Consider


The features you need in your weight bench are really going to depend on how you’re using it. Generally though, if you want to be able to do a variety of exercises, an adjustable bench is going to be the way to go. Here are some of the features to look at.

  • Adjustability
  • Decline
  • Attachments
  • Foldability and portability
  • Size
  • Pad and comfort level

Stability and Safety

Stability is essential when considering a weight bench purchase. The bench should prevent wobbling and movement while making the user safer and feel confident with the bench they choose. The models you’re looking at should be incredibly sturdy and can provide the support and durability athletes need when working out.

Construction: Frame and Pads

The materials used to construct the weight bench you choose should be top-quality and last for years. After all, you want to make sure the product will last, and that you get good value for your money. Look for weight benches that are made of stainless steel, not plastic or more flimsy materials that will likely break down pretty easily. Also look at foam density and the overall grip on the pads – you don’t want to be slipping off!

Weight Limit

You need to make sure you choose a weight bench that can support your weight and the weight you are lifting. The weight capacity of the bench will probably increase alongside the price of the bench since more materials are going to be used to provide extra support.

Easy to Use and Set Up

Your weight bench should be user-friendly and versatile. For adjustable benches, that means making it easy to switch positions and move the bench around. Set-up is also crucial, especially for benches that require assembly. For benches that come with customization options like multiple pads, they should be easy to switch out.

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