Laptop Bags Made in the USA

The proper bag is essential if you are taking your laptop anywhere, no matter how short the trip. We did an exhaustive search of all the laptop bags out there to find the ones made in the USA. Here’s what we learned.

Complete List of Laptop Bag Brands Made in the USA


Headquarters: Corvallis, OR

States manufacturing in: ILOR

NutSac specializes in producing leather or waxed canvas bags for men, including ones designed for carrying 13, 15, and 17-inch laptop computers.

Duluth Pack

Headquarters: Duluth, MN

States manufacturing in: MN

Duluth Pack has been making its canvas and leather bags in Minnesota since 1882. This iconic brand produces a nice selection of laptop bags, including backpacks with special compartments for laptops that are ideal for students and a Transit Briefcase with a laptop sleeve that’s perfect for travelers.


Headquarters: Jersey City, NJ

States manufacturing in: NJ

This Los Angeles brand makes high-quality leather bags for all kinds of uses, including carrying laptops. Their laptop bags aren’t labeled as such, so you will have to look at individual product descriptions. A quick way to find a laptop on their website is to check out their satchel collection.

J.W. Hulme

Headquarters: Paul, MN

States manufacturing in: MN

J.W. Hulme was another Minnesota company that makes laptop bags. They have some amazing bags, including the Fremont Avenue Overnight Briefcase that has room for a change of clothes as well as a 17” laptop. Unfortunately, the company shut down in 2023, but you can still find many of their items at major retailers.

Colonel Littleton

Headquarters: Lynnville, TN

States manufacturing in: TN

Colonel Littleton (also known as the Great American Leather Company) produces bags with traditional Western patterns as well as minimalist styles. Their bags include the No. 1 Saddlebag Briefcase, which has plenty of room for most laptops. The briefcase features polished leather and solid brass hardware.

Lifetime Leather Co.

Headquarters: San Tan Valley, AZ

States manufacturing in: AZ

This company handcrafts bags in San Tan Valley, Arizona. They have a Leather Messenger Bag that fits up to 13” laptops. It is made of authentic American full-grain leather and features silver hardware. This bag also has a roomy interior and several pockets.

Jenny N

Headquarters: Dallas, TX

States manufacturing in: TX

The Archive Tote Bag from Jenny N Design comes in three sizes: the Custom Archive Mini Tote, which can carry up to a 13” laptop and essentials; the Custom Archive Tote, which can carry up to a 17” MacBook, files, and essentials; and the Custom Archive Plus, which has plenty of room for for a 17” laptop, files, books, and essentials. They are all made from premium full-grain pebbly cowskin leather. There’s an amazing array of body, accent, and lining colors to choose from.

Kamen Road

Headquarters: CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Kámen Road offers made-to-order Laptop Tote Bags that are ideal for your daily commute, business trips, and personal travel. These full-grain leather bags are being redesigned to hold Kámen’s removable 13” laptop sleeve available in wool felt. The bag features one exterior pocket, two interior pockets, and antique brass hardware.


Headquarters: Omaha, NE

States manufacturing in: NE

Artifact makes several bags that can hold a 17” laptop, including the Sojourn Bag and the Rucksack. All their products are produced by artisans in an Omaha, Nebraska studio using ethically-sourced materials. More than 90% of their studio waste is recycled or composted. Their bags and other products are built to last, but should they ever need repairs, Artifact will do them for a nominal fee.

Frost River

Headquarters: Duluth, MN

States manufacturing in: MN

This Duluth, Minnesota company is known for its outdoor bags, but Frost River also handcrafts computer bags from premium materials. These bags are rugged and incredibly versatile. Some of them are big enough to carry clothes, making them the perfect choice for travel.

Lotuff Leather

Headquarters: Providence, RI

States manufacturing in: RI

Lotuff makes its bags in its Providence, Rhode Island studio. Their team of local artisans are almost 80% women, and nearly 75% graduated from prestigious art institutions – including the Rhode Island School of Design. Some of their bags, which include totes, backpacks, and briefcases, can accommodate a laptop.

R. Riveter

Headquarters: Southern Pines, NC

States manufacturing in: NC

R. Riveter bags are designed to be practical, functional, and durable, making them ideal for those with active lifestyles. The company was founded by two military spouses. Parts and pieces are made remotely across the United States to provide military spouses with flexible income opportunities. R. Riveter’s bag selection includes some that are designed to hold laptops, including their best-selling Williams Convertible Crossbody Tote.

Copper River Bag Co.

Headquarters: Nevada, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Copper River Bag Company’s handmade products including laptop bags. These bags range from vintage 11-inch ones for tablets to customized 17-inch laptop bags. All these bags come with a 100-year guarantee.


Headquarters: Naples, FL

States manufacturing in: FL

This company, which was founded more than a century ago, makes some of its bags in the USA, including laptop briefcases. These bags are big enough to hold laptops measuring up to 15 inches, as well as a tablet, smartphone, power cord, and small personal items.

Range Leather Co.

Headquarters: Laramie, WY

States manufacturing in: WY

Range Leather Co. specializes in making full-grain leather bags by hand in the USA. A few of those bags are big enough to carry laptops.

Waltzing Matilda USA

Headquarters: Brewer, ME

States manufacturing in: ME

This company produces hand-sewn leather tote bags. Waltzing Matilda sells a few laptop sleeves.

Holtz Leather

Headquarters: Huntsville, AL

States manufacturing in: AL

Holtz Leather produces bags from full-grain American leather that can be personalized. This company’s bags come in all sizes, and some are big enough to hold not just one but two laptops.


Headquarters: Mooresville, NC

States manufacturing in: NC

Olpr makes beautiful full grain leather laptop bags and other leather goods out of their workshop in Mooresville. The owner moved to North Carolina from Ukraine to grow his business, and hasn’t looked back since. They source a lot of their leather from US tanners, but also have some from Italy.

How to Find Laptop Bags Made in the USA

If you want a high-quality laptop bag that will last a lifetime, buying one made in the USA is the way to go.

Here are some tips to help you shop and notes on how we did our research to find all the American made laptop bags. Let’s get started with wording.

What Does “Made in the USA” Mean?

First, let’s define the term “Made in the USA.” The use of this phrase on a product label is protected by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). This means brands can only use it if an item was “all or virtually all” produced domestically.

Sounds simple, right? Not really. There are lots of loopholes involved. To help find your way through them, see our guide on this topic.

Let’s get into material sourcing specifically for laptop bags.


If you want to find a laptop bag that’s 100% made in the USA, first look at the source materials. Some are more likely to be made here than others.


The United States produces a lot of leather, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find a domestically-made bag using this material. Keep in mind that most USA leather comes from cowhide.

Leather has a reputation of being beautiful and durable. However, not all leather is created equal. The term “genuine leather” simply means something is 100% leather. Therefore, look specifically for full-grain leather, which is the sturdiest type.

Some laptop bags have a canvas exterior. Although the American textile industry frequently uses domestically produced canvas, keep in mind that countries in Central America and Asia comprise a good share of the global production of this material.


Don’t forget about the lining! Some laptop backs don’t have a lining, but if they do, they are most likely lined with cotton or polyester.


China and India are the global leaders in cotton production, but the United States isn’t far behind at third place.  That’s good news for those looking for a laptop bag that’s genuinely made here.


Polyester lining is less likely to be made in the USA than cotton lining. However, a few of the largest polyester manufacturers in the world, such as the Eastman Chemical Company and William Barnet & Son, are located in the USA.


The next step in the process of finding any product that’s made in the USA is checking labels. We’ve already mentioned that the FTC protects the use of the “Made in the USA” label. However, brands don’t have to go through a pre-approval process to use that label. Theoretically, this means a company can slap that label on a product willy-nilly (although the FTC will go after companies that misuse the label if they get complaints from the public). Therefore, it is your job as a consumer to do some of your own research to ensure any item you buy is 100% made here.

Brands are obligated to list the country of origin on product labels. However, some companies use misleading language to trick shoppers into thinking an item was made in the USA when it wasn’t.

For instance, phrases such as “designed in the USA” or “manufactured in the USA” might mean only a portion of the manufacturing process took place in the United States. Brands will also sometimes put “Made in America” on a label when the product was actually made in Mexico or Canada.

Other Tips

More tips on finding laptop bags made in the USA are listed below.

Go Online

Brands aren’t legally obligated to reveal the country of origin of their products on their websites. However, companies that manufacture their goods in the USA tend to make that a selling point. Look at the brand’s About Us page or product descriptions to see if that information is there. If it isn’t listed, there’s probably a good reason: the item was not made in the USA.  

Don’t Trust American Flag Stickers

If you see an Old Glory sticker on a label, that’s no guarantee the item was made here. Unlike the words “made in the USA,” the image of the Stars and Stripes is not protected by the FTC. This means some brands will try to mislead consumers by using the Red, White, and Blue.

Call the Company

Most brands will list a customer service line on their website. If you have questions about where a laptop bag was made or where the materials were sourced from, calling this number is a good way to get answers.

Laptop Bag Brands Not Made in the USA

Here are some popular laptop bag brands not made here. As we find more, we will update the list.

  • Madewell – Made in China.
  • Cuyana – Manufactured in Italy, Turkey, and Argentina.
  • Kate Spade – Most are made in China, the Dominican Republic, Italy, Indonesia, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Vietnam.
  • Yves Saint Laurent – Produced in Italy.
  • Fossil – Manufactured in China.

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