Where Are Wrangler Jeans Made?

Wrangler is an institution when it comes to jeans and denim products, specifically for work and western wear. They are owned by VF Corporation (merging with them in 1986), which is the parent company that also owns popular brands like JanSport, The North Face, Lee, and others. Wrangler was founded by C.C. Hudson in Greensboro, North Carolina (and is still headquartered there) and started to produce denim overalls in 1904. The company actually didn’t start using the Wrangler brand name until 1943 when they purchased the Casey Jones Work-Clothes Company, which owned the rights to the name. By the mid 1990’s, it was estimated that one out of every five pairs of jeans in America was made by Wrangler. Like so many other clothing manufacturers, they have faced enormous pressure to reduce costs and move production overseas. But did they cave? Our verdict below.

Verdict: Are Wrangler Jeans Made in the USA?

Unfortunately, the large majority of Wrangler jeans are produced overseas. The mass exodus from U.S. manufacturing took place around the turn of the 21st century, when they shut down several factories in North Carolina, Oklahoma, and other states to move internationally.

That being said, Wrangler continues to produce a handful of jean styles close to home around Greensboro, North Carolina. Their “27406” line pays tribute to the zip code in the Greensboro area, sourcing materials from local mills and doing all of their sewing locally. The “1947” style from Wrangler is also produced in the U.S. (screenshot and links below). We hope this has helped answer your question, “where is Wrangler made?”

Popular American Made Wrangler Products

Popular Wrangler Products Not Made in the USA

  • Cowboy Cut Original Fit Jean – Men’s
  • George Strait Cowboy Cut Original Fit Jean – Men’s
  • Premium Performance Advanced Comfort Cowboy Cut Regular Fit Jean – Men’s
  • Ultimate Riding Jean Q-Baby Jean – Women’s
  • Prewashed Cowboy Cut Slim Fit Jean – Women’s
  • The Instantly Slimming Jean – Women’s

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