Where Is Wolfman Luggage Made?

Wolfman’s journey into the world of professional-grade motorcycle luggage began in 1992. In the years since they have developed into one of the premier producers in the industry thanks to continuous dedication to improving the function and style of their products.

Today, the company sports a wide array of motorcycle luggage suited to any bike for any purpose. Refining its materials from vinyl to improved waterproofing to today’s 100% radio-frequency welded bags, the company has shown continued innovation to meet the rising demands of its riders.

Despite its growth, Wolfman has never compromised on materials or its commitment to products designed and tested in the USA. They continue to innovate in response to their users’ desires and have found their way to the top of the field through a relentless pursuit of perfection. Wolfman products are legendary in the motorcycle luggage world, and rightly so.

So, we know that they are designed and tested in the USA, but is Wolfman still made in the USA? We updated our research to find out. Our verdict is below.

Verdict: Is Wolfman Luggage Made in the USA?

No, Wolfman luggage is no longer made in the USA. Their WP product line is now made in China, which we confirmed with their team.

Chalk up another loss for the luggage category. Wolfman Motorcycle Luggage used to be made in the USA, but they recently shifted production overseas. We actually wrote about Wolfman a few years ago when researching luggage, but sadly their production tables have turned.

They still have “designed in the USA” in the descriptions for all their products, so don’t be fooled by that language. I pasted an example below from their Rocky Mountain Expedition Saddle Bags WP.

We’re still looking for some great motorcycle luggage made in the USA, and we’ll update this article (and our main luggage research) when we find some good options.

Popular American Made Wolfman Luggage

  • None that we could find

Popular Wolfman Luggage Not Made in the USA

  • Enduro Motorcycle Tank Bag WP
  • Rolie Bags WP
  • Expedition Duffels WP
  • Rocky Mountain Expedition Saddle Bags WP
  • Peak Tail Bag WP

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