Where Are Thermador Appliances Made?

Thermador Appliances is a home appliance company in the United States that manufactures ovens, cooktops and ranges, refrigerators, and dishwashers. The brand was founded in 1916 and claims to be responsible for introducing stainless steel to household appliances. 

They also take credit for introducing the cooktop to American kitchens and initiating the production of steam and convection ovens. Originally an independent brand, they are now owned by Bosch as of 2015. 

Since the acquisition by Bosch, Thermador has grown and climbed to the ranks of the sixth-largest appliance manufacturer in 2022. Now, they share manufacturing space with their parent company. 

The headquarters for Thermador is also the same for the North American branch of Bosch Appliances in Irvine, CA. If they share a headquarters, do they also share manufacturing facilities? Read on to find out.  

Verdict: Are Thermador Appliances Made in the USA?

Only some Thermador appliances are assembled in the USA. The majority are manufactured in the United States and overseas in areas such as Mexico, Germany, and Turkey. 

Thermador, by their own remarks, is an “All-American” brand:

Remember that the Bosch brand owns Thermador, and because of this, they share manufacturing space. There are two production sites in the US: New Bern, NC, and LaFollette, TN, both facilities owned by Bosch.

Knowing that Thermador and Bosch are a part of the same company and share American manufacturing space, it’s not that far of a leap to assume that they may share foreign manufacturing as well. 

We reached out to their customer support team to ask a few more questions. Unfortunately for us, we ended up with the same agent that we’d just spoken to a few minutes prior when inquiring about the Bosch brand. For some reason, they were rather haughty when we came in with similar questions, albeit for a different brand name. 

In our opinion, if you want to work in customer service, you must be prepared to…deal with customers. 

Anyways, here’s that conversation:

Sorry to bother you, Beth. As we uncovered in our Bosch article, the same rules apply to Thermador appliances. The majority of appliances sold in the United States are also manufactured here. Emphasis on majority.

Beth changed her tune slightly and suggested contacting a local dealer to verify manufacturing locales for specific products. However, we’re suspicious that her farewell wasn’t a return to civility but, instead, just a shortcut copy-and-paste.

You can also locate an appliance’s country of origin on the model number tag, just like you can with a Bosch. Here are some examples:

Check this one out:

Wait a minute…Did you catch that “Made in Mexico” in the above photo? That clip was found in a Help video for a ventilation hood posted to Thermador’s website. It turns out the brand isn’t that All-American after all. 

Here are a few more manufacturing clues we found:

Here’s one made in Turkey:

So, there you have it. It’s obvious now why Thermador doesn’t shout “Made in the USA!” from their cooktops. Yes, some, and possibly a majority of items, are made here in the United States, but certainly not all. 

You will need to do your due diligence and verify the manufacturing location of a product by scoping out the model number tag. And for Thermador…it might be time to change their label from All-American to Mostly-American. And also hire friendlier customer service reps. 

Popular American Made Thermador Appliances

Just like the parent brand Bosch, re-verify the manufacturing location by checking the serial number tag:

  • Star Sapphire Dishwasher 24” Stainless Steel
  • 30-inch Pro Harmony Liberty Induction Range
  • Gas Cooktop 30” Stainless Steel

Popular Thermador Appliances Not Made in the USA

  • Freedom Built-In Panel Ready Freezer Column 36” 
  • Dishwasher 24” Stainless Steel
  • Masterpiece Low Profile Wall Hood

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