Where Is BRUNT Workwear Made?

BRUNT is a fresh new face in a long lineup of footwear and apparel made for the working crew. Founded barely two years ago by fellow blue-collar guy, Eric Girouard, BRUNT was created with the intention of offering quality workwear at an affordable price. 

Not many good things happened during the COVID-19 pandemic, but somehow, Girouard was able to start a company. Despite beginning in a less-than-ideal market, the growth of BRUNT was never stunted. 

They began with an offering of four work boot styles. Since going live, BRUNT has expanded its product line to apparel, including pants, shorts, socks, hats, hoodies, and more. This is in line with the company’s goals. Girouard intends BRUNT to “be a head-to-toe work wear uniform business,” and so far, they’re on track. 

The company operates with a direct-to-consumer model, cutting out the middle retailer and thus keeping prices lower for their customers. Is one of their price-lowering practices to source materials and labor from overseas? Read on to find out where BRUNT Workwear is being manufactured. 

Verdict: is BRUNT Workwear Made in the USA?

No, BRUNT Workwear is not made in the USA. BRUNT Workwear is made overseas in countries including China, Vietnam, India, and more. But, some leather is sourced from Texas cattle.

One of the brand’s foundational motives is to offer low-price products. The easiest way for companies to do this is to order out their labor.

According to an update published by the company in 2023, they have aspirations of offering an American made line.

In the excerpt above, BRUNT repeats its brand priorities, which again include selling items for the “best price.” But, we have to ask the question, what makes it the best? That it’s cheap? There could be an argument to be had there. 

BRUNT is upfront about its manufacturing. From clearly stating that their products are not made in the US to diligent labeling of import status, they lay it all out. 

The following information from the Martin Pant 3-Pack Product:

It appears as though some materials are sourced in the US despite manufacturing happening abroad. As seen below from the Ohman Soft Toe Boot product page, BRUNT states that their leather is sourced from Texan steers. 

Following information from the Ohman Soft Toe Boot:

So, BRUNT knows how to get things done in the US. Why aren’t they doing it? It comes down to dollars. They claim to value the American worker. On the company’s About page, founder Girouard states that his fellow working buddies in the US are “…the backbone of this country, and they deserve more.” It’s easy to agree with that! But, maybe don’t print the words “American Worker” on a t-shirt that wasn’t made in America and ask your American friends to wear it—just a thought.

Popular American Made BRUNT Workwear

  • None that we could find

Popular BRUNT Workwear Not Made in the USA

  • Martin Pant 3-Pack
  • Marin 8” (Comp Toe) Boot
  • Ohman Soft Toe Boot

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