Weighted Blankets Made in the USA

Weighted blankets have become popular in recent years, and tons of new manufacturers have popped up. It can be tough to know who’s making quality products! We did the research to find all the weighted blankets made in the USA. Our findings are listed below, along with tips on shopping American made. We will also tell you which brands don’t make their weighted blankets here. Let’s get started!

Complete List of Weighted Blanket Brands Made in the USA


Headquarters: Cranston, RI

States manufacturing in: RI

Sommerfly’s design team of occupational therapists is committed to making the best weighted blankets and other products for adults and children with sensory processing issues. This brand’s exclusive neck design provides extra safety because it allows the blanket to wrap around the sleeper without covering the face or putting pressure on the neck. Sommerfly also uses PET pellets that are free of BPA, phthalate, and lead.

Mosaic Weighted Blankets

Headquarters: Austin, TX

States manufacturing in: TX

Mosaic Weighted Blankets’ mission is to make products in the USA in an ethical manner. Excess material from their blankets is repurposed. The plastic pellets that provide the extra weight are hypo-allergenic and BPA-free. Some Mosaic blankets are made from 100% cotton, but a special material is used for COOLMAX blankets, which are designed to keep from overheating beneath them.

Magic Weighted Blanket

Headquarters: Valencia, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Magic Weighted Blanket was the first brand to make a weighted blanket back in 1997. The company is still going strong today. The inner liner of these blankets is made from cotton sewn into quilted squares with poly pellets sewn into them to keep the weight evenly distributed. Customers have several choices in the fabric used for the outer layer, including cotton, fleece, and flannel. One thing we love about this company is its online clearance section, where Magic Weighted Blankets that were ordered but then returned unworn because they were the wrong size are available for 30% off.

American Blanket Co

Headquarters: Fall River, MA

States manufacturing in: MA

American Blanket Company only makes one weighted blanket, but it’s a good one. The shell of the Luster Loft Weighted Blanket is made in the USA with global materials, while the quilted liner fabric and beads are sourced domestically. Weighted beads dispersed throughout the insert. This company’s blankets are available in 16 different colors to match any bedroom.

Tuc Weighted Blanket

Headquarters: Niles, IL

States manufacturing in: IL

Tuc’s weighted blanket stands out from the crowd because this brand doesn’t use uncomfortable pellets or beads to add extra heft. Instead, Tuc’s patented core sheet technology makes its weighted blankets move and feel like regular ones. The blankets for adults come in four varieties: Tuc Cool, Tuc Warm, Tuc Fleece, and Tuc Original. The company also makes weighted blankets for kids using the same technology as the ones for grown-ups.

How To Find Weighted Blankets Made in the USA

Purchasing a weighted blanket requires care because you will want one best suited to your needs. No matter the size and weight of the blanket and the type of fabric used, it should be durable enough to hold up through heavy use and frequent washing. However, with so much blanket production taking place outside the USA, manufacturers tend to skimp on quality. This makes doing your due diligence to find domestic weighted blankets well worth it. Keep reading to find out how to do your own research.

What Does “Made in the USA” Mean?

Let’s begin with the basics. What does it take for a product to be “made in the USA”? The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) defines made in the USA goods as being “all or almost all” manufactured domestically, from sourcing raw materials all the way through production. However, since the FTC isn’t specific about how much of the manufacturing process must be done in the United States for a product to be considered “made in the USA,” companies are largely left to their own devices when using that label. That’s why we recommend doing additional research to ensure the goods you buy are truly made here. Read our shopping made in the USA guide to learn more about labeling and our advice on finding USA-made items in general.  

Now, let’s consider the weighted blanket industry in particular, beginning with raw materials sourcing.


If you want an American made weighted blanket, find out where brands obtain the materials for them. Below, you will find the most common textiles used to make these blankets and where those fabrics usually come from. We’ve also included information on plastic and glass, which most manufacturers use for the beads or pellets in weighted blankets.


First, look for 100% cotton blankets. This material is not only soft and breathable, but is a natural fiber that won’t trigger any allergies you may have.

Although China and India are the top cotton-producing countries, the United States ranks third at $21 billion in sales annually. This means you should be able to find some weighted blankets made in the USA. Just check the label to be sure.


One advantage of buying a polyester-weighted blanket is the affordable price. Although most of the world’s supply of this material comes from Asian countries, the United States still produces polyester. In fact, the Eastman Chemical Company and William Barnet & Son are two of the biggest players in the polyester industry, and both are US companies. This means you should be able to find polyester or polyester blend weighted blankets that are made here without too much trouble.


The pellets in weighted blankets are traditionally made from plastic. Even though China and Europe dominate the market for this inexpensive material, the United States produces around 20% of the global supply. However, keep in mind that plastic is sometimes made with toxic chemicals, and always check to make sure the plastic pellets in the weighted blanket you are buying are BPA-free. You can easily find this information by visiting the brand’s website.


An increasing number of companies use glass beads in their weighted blankets because they are heavier than plastic. This means brands don’t have to use as many of them in each blanket, making them less bulky. Glass beads also make less noise when you turn over while wrapped in your blanket.

Sadly, only 6.5% of the world’s glass production happens in the United States. However, a few U.S. artisans make hand-blown glass, which could increase your chances of finding a weighted blanket with glass beads made in the USA.  


Now that you understand raw materials sourcing for weighted blankets, it’s time to examine the label. Fortunately, the US government has several laws regarding product labeling to help you. The Textile Fiber Products Identification Act requires brands to state the percentage of the different fibers used in textile goods, such as blankets, as well as the country of origin. Additionally, US Code Title 19, Chapter 4, Section 1304 mandates that products must have their country of origin on the label.

All this means you should search for the exact phrase “made in the USA” on labels. Be on the lookout for deceptive language such as “manufactured in the USA” or “sewn in the USA,” which usually indicates some of the production processes took place abroad. Also, beware of the phrase “made in America” because Canada and Mexico are also part of North America.

As we mentioned earlier, the FTC protects the “made in the USA” label but doesn’t have a pre-approval process for companies to use it. If you discover a brand is misusing the label, notify the FTC to stop it.

Final Tips

Here are more tips to help you find weighted blankets made in the USA.

Don’t Let Old Glory Fool You

Unfortunately, some brands will use the image of the American flag on a label to trick consumers into thinking the product was made in the USA. They can get away with it because the use of the Stars and Stripes is not protected. Remember, unless you see “made in the USA” on the label, the blanket you are looking at was made overseas.

Visit the Brand’s Website

You aren’t likely to find weighted blankets made in the USA in retail stores. This means you will be shopping online, where you won’t have a physical label to examine. The best way to guarantee you are getting a domestic product is to go directly to the company’s website. Once there, visit the “About Us” or individual product pages. Brands that make their weighted blankets in the USA will likely feature that prominently because they know it’s a big selling point for some shoppers. On the other hand, be aware that companies are under no legal obligation to state the country of origin for their products online or in promotional materials. This means if you don’t see any indication of where the item was made, it was probably manufactured overseas.

Contact the Business

Still not sure of the country of origin for the weighted blanket you are considering? If so, simply contact the brand directly. A customer service representative should be able to answer your questions. Be sure to ask where the blanket was manufactured and where the raw materials come from.

Weighted Blankets Not Made in the USA

During our research, we came across some brands that make their weighted blankets overseas. We will update this list when we find more.

  • Bearaby – Made in India from materials sourced from Austria, India and Sri Lanka.
  • Brooklinen – Made in Portugal.
  • Luxome – Made in China.
  • Garnet Hill – “Imported” – we’ll continue our research to find out where these weighted blankets are made.

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