Blankets Made in the USA

A lot of home goods manufacturers are producing their products overseas these days, including blankets. It is tough to find something high-quality and American-made! That’s why we set out to find all of the blankets made in the USA. Below are our research and findings.

Complete List of Blanket Brands Made in the USA


Headquarters: Camas, WA

States manufacturing in: WA

Authenticity50’s Heritage Blankets are designed to be super comfortable and versatile, you can stick them on your bed or on the couch.

Authenticity50 puts a ton of care into the production of its products. They make their Heritage Blankets from 100% American-grown cotton and yarns, all in facilities in Maine that have generations of experience. These blankets feature a herringbone design in colors such as coastal blue or prairie yellow.

Seek & Swoon

Headquarters: Portland, OR

States manufacturing in: OR

Seek & Swoon makes decorative throw blankets for any room in the house. They partnered with a 2nd generation family-owned knitting mill to manufacture everything, and they have some beautiful designs to choose from.


Headquarters: Portland, OR

States manufacturing in: OR

A patterned blanket is a fun way of adding some colors or themes to a room. Pendleton is a brand that has a range of blankets in a number of different patterns, including geometric designs, animal themes, Native American motifs, and more. Some blankets also have fringes

This brand offers wool and organic cotton blankets. The wool blankets are a better option for winter or cold climates, while the cotton blankets feel more breathable. The dimensions available vary from one blanket to another.

Maine Woolens

Headquarters: Brunswick, ME

States manufacturing in: ME

Cotton blankets from Maine Woolens are made to be soft and breathable. One of the advantages of sleeping with a cotton blanket is that this material is hypoallergenic. It’s ideal for babies and adults with sensitive skin. Their blankets will help regulate your temperature in the summer and is warm enough to use in the winter as well.

Maine Woolens only uses cotton to make this blanket. The blankets come in a variety of patterns, and all of them have a textured finish that feels soft and comforting. They are also machine washable!

Red Land Cotton

Headquarters: Moulton, AL

States manufacturing in: AL

Red Land Cotton has a great selection of bed, throw, and baby blankets. Everything is made from locally-sourced cotton from their family farm. All of their blankets are incredibly durable and soft.

Faribault Mill

Headquarters: Faribault, MN

States manufacturing in: MN

The Faribault Mill is located in Minnesota and is known for making high-quality blankets with Merino wool. Merino sheep have soft wool with fine fibers. The result is wool that feels extremely soft. These blankets use virgin Merino wool, which means that the wool has never been processed or woven before.

There are three sizes to choose from, including twin, queen, and king. There are seven soft and neutral colors available, chosen so that they’ll blend in with any bedroom décor. You can also wash these blankets in the machine as long as you use a cold cycle.

They also have blankets made for camping, such as the Cabin Wool Blanket. The Merino wool is super soft and it’s easy to pack with you while you’re camping. This soft wool results in a warm and comfortable blanket that insulates you from the cold or humid air. There are three striped color patterns available that create a rustic cabin look and will make your camping trip feel more authentic.

Mambe Waterproof Blankets

Headquarters: Fall City, WA

States manufacturing in: WA

Mambe Waterproof Blankets come in handy when you need them most. They keep you dry and comfortable even in the most treacherous conditions. Each blanket is 100% waterproof, warm, and machine washable.

American Blanket Co

Headquarters: Fall River, MA

States manufacturing in: MA

Made in Fall River, Massachusetts, the American Blanket Company offers soft fleece blankets in five vibrant colors. Fleece is the perfect material to insulate you from the cold air of a winter night. The soft and plush feel of that material is comfortable and ideal for kids.

Polyester fleece is easier to clean compared to wool, and you can wash these blankets in a washing machine. This synthetic material is durable, and the structure is designed to keep you warm.

You can choose from six different sizes, and American Blanket Company offers a lifetime warranty on these blankets.

Bates Mill Store

Headquarters: Monmouth, ME

States manufacturing in: ME

Feeling the weight of a heavy blanket can be very comforting and help you get a good night’s sleep. Bates Mill uses preshrunk cotton to create a soft blanket that feels heavier than other products whilst still being comfortable.

This blanket uses a tight woven pattern that retains heat. The tight criss-cross pattern of the blanket actually allows you to pack more material to increase the weight of the blanket. This blanket is an interesting compromise between a regular blanket and a weighted blanket. There is no weight added, but the tightly-woven cotton is heavy enough to feel comforting.

The tight weaving pattern prevents pet hair from getting stuck in the blanket too. It’s a real advantage if you have a pet who likes to cuddle in bed with you!

You can order a smaller throw size, or choose from a twin, queen, and king size. There are two colors to choose from, including white and an off-white color called antique.

Project Repat

Headquarters: Morganton, NC

States manufacturing in: NCTX

Project Repat makes cool repurposed quilts from your old t-shirts. They upcycle everything to make really unique quilt designs and help out some great nonprofits too.

Founder Goods

Headquarters: Napa, CA

States manufacturing in: CANCTX

Founder Goods makes an organic cotton baby blanket from cotton grown in Texas. Everything is sewn in North Carolina, and these blankets are great for swaddling too!

Mike’s YouTube Video on American Made Blankets

How To Find Blankets Made in the USA

One of life’s greatest joys is to fall asleep after a hard day in a bed with clean sheets and a cozy blanket. In addition to being soft and breathable, a wonderful blanket should also be long-lasting and keep you warm for many years.

But unfortunately, as most production has moved abroad, so too has the quality of goods, including blankets. So, if you want to buy a high-quality blanket, you should look at those made in the USA. But, if you’re unsure how to find blankets made in the USA, this guide is for you!

What Does “Made in the USA” Mean?

Let’s start by defining what “made in the USA” means. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guards the “made in the USA” label and describes it in a specific manner. To use the label, the product must be “all or almost all” made in the USA. This includes everything from obtaining the raw materials to the actual production of the product. The “virtually all” is a bit vague, so it’s worth doing additional research to ensure that the product is genuinely made in the United States.

Check out our shopping made in the USA guide to learn more about labeling and how to find American made products in general. Let’s dive into the blanket industry specifically and talk about material sourcing.


The first step to finding blankets made in the USA is researching the product’s materials. Knowing where these materials are produced and if they are produced in the USA can help determine the country or origin of the product.


A blanket manufactured from fabric that is 100 percent cotton offers a variety of appealing qualities. Cotton blankets are gentle, hypoallergenic, and breathable.

Cotton is a 21 billion-dollar industry in the United States, which is quite sizable. However, China and India dominate the cotton industry, and the US only comes in third. Still, since the USA produces a significant amount of cotton, it should be fairly easy enough to find US-made cotton. Just make sure to double-check the country of origin of the cotton, as it is more likely that this material is produced in Asia.

Wool and Fleece

A wool or fleece blanket will keep you warm and cozy when the temperature drops and you need additional insulation at night.

Wool is sourced or shorn from sheep. Unfortunately, although the USA produced a lot of wool once upon a time, US wool production is declining. Currently, the USA produces just 17% of the world’s wool. While Australia is the world’s largest wool producer, the USA still produces just under a fifth of the world’s wool, so finding US-shorn wool should not be too difficult. But, since the industry is in decline, this may become more difficult over the years.


Acrylic is a warm, lightweight material often used as a wool substitute. Acrylic can mimic the texture of natural fibers, but it requires far less maintenance.

This synthetic material was first produced in the USA, but China currently dominates in acrylic fabric production, accounting for about 30% of the worldwide output of this material. Although most acrylic you’ll find on the market comes from countries throughout China and South America, the USA still produces some acrylic fabric – though to a much lesser degree.


Polyester is the ideal material if you want a durable blanket at a reasonable price.

While most of the world’s polyester is produced in Asia, polyester production also occurs in the USA. Some of the biggest names in the industry are Eastman Chemical Company and William Barnet & Son – both US companies. So, finding a polyester or polyester blend blanket made in the USA shouldn’t be too hard!


Examining the label is the second step in finding blankets made in the US. There are a couple of pieces of legislation that help us here. First, the Textile Fiber Products Identification Act aids in locating the manufacturing location of textile goods, like blankets. As a result of this act, businesses are required to state the percentage of the different types of fibers used in their textile goods and the country of origin. Plus, according to the US Code Title 19, Chapter 4, Section 1304, items must be appropriately labeled with their country of origin.

So, while searching for US-made blankets, pay close attention to the “made in the USA” label. Watch out for clever terms and phrases businesses may use to deceive you into believing their items are made in the USA. For instance, the phrases “manufactured in the USA” and “designed in the USA” only refer to a portion of the production process. Or “made in America” is another popular label used, but “America” can refer to Canada or Mexico.

The “made in the USA” label is protected, although there is no pre-approval procedure, as an aside. So, it is up to the businesses to decide if their goods fit the criteria so that they may use the label. And in the end, it is up to consumers to notify the FTC of any erroneous label use.

Other Tips

Here are some additional tips to help you find American-made blankets.

Don’t Let The American Flag Fool You

The presence of the American flag on a product’s label does not imply that it is necessarily made in the USA. Unlike the “made in the USA” label, the flag is not protected, so take it with a grain of salt.

Check Out The Website

Nowadays, a lot of individuals buy products online. However, since you can’t physically look at labels online, the best source of information is the company’s website.

Look at the “About Us” or product pages of the company. If the blankets are produced in the United States, this is a huge selling point, so the company is likely to advertise it on the website. However, it’s worth noting that companies are not required to state the country of origin on their online or promotional materials. So, if you can’t find the country of origin stated anywhere, it’s likely that it’s made abroad.

Contact the Business

If you’re still unsure where a particular blanket is made, simply call the company. The customer support staff should be able to answer your questions about the country of origin and any manufacturing processes.

Blankets Not Made in the USA

During our research, we came across some big homeware brands that are not making their blankets in the USA – take a look at the full list below. We’ll continue updating this as we do more research.

  • Boll & Branch – Made in India, Turkey, and Pakistan.
  • Bearaby – Made in India. Materials sourced from India, Austria, and Sri Lanka.
  • Brooklinen – Made in the USA, Germany, and China (they state where in each product description).
  • Cozy Earth – Made in China.
  • Luxome – Made in China.
  • Garnet Hill – “Imported” – we’ll continue our research to find out where.
  • Coyuchi – Made in Germany, India, Portugal, and Turkey.

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