Baby & Kids Toys Made in the USA

Finding the right toys that your baby or kids are going to enjoy can be a tough task – it has to be safe, durable, help them develop, and fun! We set out to help ease parents’ minds by finding the kids and baby toys made right here in America. Check out our full list below, along with a deeper dive into each product.

Full List of Baby and Kids Toy Brands Made in the USA

Begin Again

Headquarters: Fort Collins, CO

States manufacturing in: CO

The BeginAgain teethers are made for where safety is of the utmost importance. Their teethers are made from silicone with no phthalates, latex, BPA, or PVC. These teething rings are on a key ring that is fun for your little one to carry around and play with. These rings can also be easily refrigerated or frozen in case your child has aching gums that need soothing. The BeginAgain teething keys are designed to be lightweight and easy for your baby to hold too.

BeginAgain also does puzzles with a wide range of options. The blocks are easy to hold for small children, and they also come with a tray to hold all the puzzle pieces in, so it’s a lot easier for your child to keep track of all their pieces and keep them within reach. It’s made to be an educational toy for your young ones and is made of eco-friendly materials. These puzzles can also stand up when you’re done. Adults – check out our puzzles made in the USA research for some options for you.

Bears for Humanity

Headquarters: San Mateo, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Bears for Humanity is doing great work to help Americans in need, and they are making some high-quality stuffed bears in the process. Each of their bears is hand-sewn and stuffed by at-risk women in the California welfare-to-work program – giving them some stable income and helping them get back on their feet.

Additionally, with each bear purchase, Bears for Humanity donates a bear to a child in need – you can even include a personal note to the child that the bear is donated to! Each of these bears is GOTS certified organic – made from 100% organic cotton straight from co-op farmers here in the U.S. The stuffing inside each one is made completely from recycled plastic bottles, all 100% hypoallergenic and with no harmful materials. We heard from Vijay Prathap, their CEO, who echoed those thoughts. “We are the only product that has no chemicals, pesticides and heavy metals – safe for kids and peace of mind for parents and gift givers,” says Prathap.

Magic Cabin

Headquarters: Madison, VA

States manufacturing in: VA

Magic Cabin is bringing toys back to the basics – they make a large line of nature-inspired toys that help nurture a child’s inner curiosity and imagination. One of their most popular product lines is their plush toys, which are made to be super durable, safe, cute, and also machine washable! Most of the coats on each of their plush animal toys are actually hand cut and trimmed, which is typically the work of a machine these days. A lot of the animals also come with a “Toys that Teach” tag that has a description of the animal’s natural habitat and lifestyle.

Beka Blocks

Headquarters: St. Paul, MN

States manufacturing in: MN

Blocks are a staple of any child’s playroom, and Beka aims to keep that tradition in American homes. They love designing and building out of their family-owned workshop in Saint Paul, Minnesota, too. “For us, manufacturing in the U.S. is a no brainer; it’s where we live and what we do!” says Jamie Seeley-Kreisman, one of the Founders of Beka.

Beka blocks are made from hard maple, a dense material that improves durability and longevity, all while having a low carbon footprint. The hard maple material is different from most blocks you see on the market today, which are typically made of lighter and less durable wood. The traditional 68-piece set comes with a variety of shapes and sizes to provide a wide range of building options. Overall, Beka blocks will help your child develop their imagination, logic skills, and hand-eye coordination. Beka’s mission is simple, says Seeley-Kreisman: “Make quality wood items that encourage imaginations and enhance creativity; then provide fast, friendly and reliable service!”

Mary’s Softdough

Headquarters: Eugene, OR

States manufacturing in: OR

A family-owned and operated business, Mary’s Softdough has been making all-natural play dough in its office in Eugene, Oregon since 1988. Their play dough comes in a variety of scents and colors and is made from all-natural food-grade ingredients. Unlike other play dough that has a tendency to crumble, Mary’s Softdough keeps the right amount of moisture in the dough and holds up well to a lot of creative play. When stored in its container properly, it can last up to a year. All of their products also meet the strict standards of ASTM D4263 and CPSIA toy safety. Mary’s Softdough comes in a wide variety of options – scented, unscented, glow-in-the-dark, and more.

Wikki Stix

Headquarters: Phoenix, AZ

States manufacturing in: AZ

Wikki Stix is on a mission to bring safe, fun art supplies to babies and toddlers all over the world. If you’re unfamiliar with Wikki Stix, it is basically a set of colorful hand-knitted yarn that kids can stick to pieces of paper to create fun designs. Wikki Stix uses a non-toxic wax to get the strands to stick to the paper. To minimize messiness, you can easily reuse the strands and pack them back into the travel kit. Wikki Stix conforms to all U.S. Consumer Safety Standards and is made with eco-friendly and safe materials.


Headquarters: Boca Raton, FL

States manufacturing in: FL

Blast from the past! Yes, Slinkys are still being produced in the USA to this day. This classic toy stretches like an accordion and can travel down the stairs all on its own. The Slinky works as holiday gifts, stocking stuffers, birthday gifts, or just a staple toy to always have around the house. It’s recommended that your child is at least 5 years or older before you get them a Slinky, as it can be a choking hazard for smaller children.

Green Toys

Headquarters: San Leandro, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Green Toys makes eco-friendly baby toys. The Green Toys recycling truck is made out of 100% recycled milk jugs (HDPE #2 plastic) and is phthalate and BPA-free as well and has zero external paint, coatings, or dyes. It also has a tight local supply chain, so transportation emissions are kept to a minimum. It features a moveable recycling bed that comes with an open-and-close rear door and chutes on either side. It also comes with small cardboard cutouts of recyclable items that your child can place in the designated chutes for paper, cans, and bottles. It can even go in the dishwasher if it gets a little too dirty.

American Plastic Toys

Headquarters: Walled Lake, MI

States manufacturing in: MI

American Plastic Toys has been making quality products in the U.S. since 1962 from their five different factories in Michigan and Mississippi. They produce over 125 different products ranging from trucks to large playsets and everything in between. Their range of toys aim to go above and beyond for safety standards. None of their products are painted or use phthalates – a substance that is used in a lot of other plastic products to increase flexibility and longevity but has some potentially harmful health effects. Their products are designed to be incredibly durable and are made for babies and small children.

Little Tikes

Headquarters: Hudson, OH

States manufacturing in: OH

Little Tikes is a household name when it comes to children’s playsets, and many of those playsets are made in their facilities here in the U.S. Everything from the classic adjustable playground sets, to the Cozy Coupe, Jeep Wrangler toddler bed, turtle sandbox, and more are made in America – about 175 different products overall. You can check out their full lineup here. Their playgrounds are made from durable construction and weather-resistant material, ensuring they stand the test of time in the backyard, rain or shine.


Headquarters: Shelton, CT

States manufacturing in: CT

Another classic that you’re probably familiar with, Wiffle is a backyard game for kids and even adults. This set comes with a couple of bats and 6 Wiffle balls, which is more than enough to keep you occupied for batting practice or a full game. The classic Wiffle ball design is meant for limited flight, so it can be played in smaller yards and the ball won’t travel very far. You can also try out unique throwing angles – these balls can curve way more than a baseball.

Dirt King USA

Headquarters: WaKeeney, KS

States manufacturing in: KS

Dirt King Tricycles are ideal for any small children, typically ages 3 to 6. This tricycle is virtually indestructible, hand-constructed from heavy-duty steel with 3 all-terrain tires. The large tires are super helpful for uneven sidewalks or unexpected bumps, making the ride more smooth no matter what terrain you’re on. The seat and handlebars are also adjustable, so this toy can grow along with your kid.

Crazy Aaron’s

Headquarters: Norristown, PA

States manufacturing in: PA

Crazy Aaron’s primarily makes a Thinking Putty – inspired to make kids more curious but also educate them. Thinking Putty is a soft, squishy, stretchy material that can be molded into all kinds of shapes and designs. After educating himself in chemistry and physics, Crazy Aaron set out to make his own Thinking Putty, which is now available in over 60 colors, some with effects such as ‘dino scales’ and ‘intergalactic’. Crazy Aaron also gives back to the community by working with Philadelphia-based vocational centers and employs individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities to help work on his products and give them life experience.


Headquarters: Minneapolis, MN

States manufacturing in: MN

CŪBLES is a company that allows kids to create their own paperboard characters. Their products are made from 100% CŪBLESTOCK – a durable paperboard that is 100% recyclable. CŪBLES is committed to sustainable manufacturing, from product to packaging, using materials that won’t hurt our planet. They also plant 100 trees for every 1 that goes into creating a CŪBLES product.

Their paperboard characters come in a huge range, from animals to robots, dinosaurs, and princesses. They also sell branded CŪBLES such as “My Little Pony”, “Dog Man and Friends” and “G.I Joe.” These products have won several awards and have been featured across the press for their educational and sustainable children’s toys.

Land of Dough

Headquarters: Norristown, PA

States manufacturing in: PA

Land Dough creates a play dough that is handcrafted using wholesome natural ingredients that are designed to get kids’ imaginations running wild. They use sustainable ingredients with organic essential oils and eco-friendly glitter to give their play dough a soft hand feel and a scent made to calm children.

Land Dough’s products are designed, mixed, and created by hand by a small team in Pennsylvania. Their products are also sold in compostable packaging. Land Dough sells seasonal and innovative designs with their play dough such as ghost or pumpkin-themed ones around Halloween and also has cups of play dough that feature multi-layered designs such as their “Journey to the Center of the Earth” play dough that is the Earth on the top but changes colors as you get nearer the center, making it quite educational too. You can add water to this dough to rehydrate it for longer use.

Lincoln Logs

Headquarters: Burham, ME

States manufacturing in: ME

After being made in China for over 60 years, Lincoln Logs returned to the USA in 2015 and has been making its classic building toy in Maine since. It uses trees from the forests in Maine to create its products. Lincoln Logs consist of miniature lightweight wooden logs that are used to create houses, buildings, and forts.

Luke’s Toy Factory

Headquarters: Danbury, CT

States manufacturing in: CT

Luke’s Toy Factory is passionate about creating educational, eco-friendly toys right here in the USA. Their award-winning toys are made with sawdust reclaimed from U.S. furniture manufacturers, resulting in a toy that’s highly eco-friendly and uses 30% less plastic than traditional plastic toys. They are committed to ensuring that every sourced material, tool, and supplier they use to make their products are American.

Luke’s Toy Factory also fully understands the developmental needs of children and has created 3D stacking puzzles in the form of things such as trucks to help children in the pre-K years learn problem-solving and develop their fine motor skills without getting frustrated.

POOF Footballs

Headquarters: Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

States manufacturing in: NJ

POOF Footballs are multi-colored spiraled balls that are made with a soft foam exterior. The foam makes it safer for use indoors and outdoors, whilst the spiral design creates a better grip, making it easier to throw more accurately and further. Recommended for children age 5 years and older, POOF footballs can be helpful in the development of catching and throwing skills. Note – not all of their toys are made in the USA, others like the chalk aren’t.

Sock Monkey

Headquarters: OH

States manufacturing in: OH

Everyone knows the Sock Monkey – the classic brown long-limbed monkey with red lips made from socks is a popular children’s toy that has a place in American culture. Originating in the Victorian era, the Sock Monkey spread from Eurpoe over to North America where is was made popular by the Nelson Kitting Company who began manufacturing the Sock Monkey and were responsible for adding the classic red lips we all know now.

Uncle Goose Blocks

Headquarters: Grand Rapids, MI

States manufacturing in: MI

The quality wooden blocks from Uncle Goose Blocks are made to be heirloom-worthy and passed down through generations. Coming a range of colors, fonts and images Uncle Goose Blocks are made to help children learn so much in many different ways. Early on they can develop their fine motor skills before learning how to stack and balance. As they get older they’ll be using them to learn numbers and the alphabet. There’s a whole host of educational blocks after that, for children looking to learn about the calander, underwater creatures, foreign languages, animals, planets, seasons, Greek Mythology and so much more.

These handcrafted woods are 100% made in the USA in Michigan and uses materials from around the Great Lakes to create its products.

YouTube Video: How to Find Toys Made in the USA

How To Find Baby Toys Made In The USA

The last thing you want to do is risk putting something in your baby’s mouth that is unsafe and potentially toxic. So before buying, you want to make sure you are purchasing the best quality toys for your baby.

The overwhelming majority of baby toys are manufactured abroad, but if you’re looking for quality toys, finding something that is made in the USA would be your best bet. Finding baby toys made in the USA may involve more research, but it is crucial to ensure your baby is safe from low-quality plastic and other unsafe materials.

What Does “Made in the USA” Mean? 

First, let’s define what “made in the USA” means.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is a regulatory body responsible for restraining companies under the FTC Act of 1914 that come forward with false or disingenuous “made in the USA” claims regarding their products. According to the FTC, companies can only use the “made in the USA” label if “all or virtually all” of the product is made in the USA. This includes the manufacturing as well as the sourcing of the raw material.

Check out our “made in the USA” labeling guide to learn more about this.


The manufacturing companies in the USA and other countries have to be certified with Children’s Product Certificates and pass the Federal Toy Safety Standard to confirm the material quality because babies often put these toys into their mouths, which can be harmful.

To find baby toys made in the USA, we’ll need to look at the materials used. The materials commonly used to make baby toys are silicon, rubber, and plastic.


Silicon is the best alternative to traditional plastic materials to make baby toys. It is easy to clean and free from all harmful toxins such as microplastics, bisphenol A (BPA), and bisphenol S (BPS).

The USA is one of the world’s major silicon-producing countries and exporters, with an estimated 350,000 tons of silicon produced in 2021. It ranks fourth among the top silicon producers after Russia, India, and China.


The primary source of natural rubber is latex, extracted from the rubber tree. 90% of the world’s natural rubber is grown in South East Asia. 

Synthetic rubber is another common form of rubber that is artificial rather than extracted from trees. Around 35 million tons of rubber are produced annually in the United States, of which two-thirds are synthetic. The USA produces only a tiny percentage of global natural rubber. Thailand is the biggest producer of natural rubber, whereas the US, China, Japan, and some European countries are the top producers of synthetic rubber. So, synthetic is your best bet if you’re looking for rubber baby toys made in the USA.


About 90% of the toys available worldwide are made from plastic. The USA produces around 20% of the world’s plastic, which is certainly not insignificant, falling behind just China and Europe. Therefore, plastic made in the USA should not be too difficult to find.


The second part of finding baby toys made in the USA is to check the labeling. The United States Code – Title 19 Chapter 4 Section 1304 directs the manufacturer to label or mark a product with its origin country on the product tags or packaging. This piece of legislation helps us to find USA-made products. In particular, you should look for the “made in the USA” label.

Conversely, labels like “made in America” do not necessarily signify that the product is made in the United States, as America can also refer to Canada or Mexico.

Make sure to differentiate between the words “made” and “assembled.” Whenever you find a label saying “assembled in the USA,” it only indicates that a product is manufactured in the USA with imported materials.

You should also watch out for the American flag sticker. Just because a product is marked with an American flag sticker or symbol doesn’t mean it is “made in the USA”.

It is also worth noting that although the FTC protects the usage of the “made in the USA” label, there is no pre-approval process. So, ultimately, it’s up to the consumers to report any false claims to the FTC.

Other Tips

Here are some extra tips to help you find baby toys made in the USA.

Check the Company Website

Specifically, look at the company’s “About Us” page or the product page. If the baby toy is truly made in the USA, you’ll find this fact loudly advertised on the website as it is a huge selling point. Companies are not required to label the country of origin on their online materials. So, on the other hand, if you can’t find any information regarding the country of origin, it’s best to assume it is made overseas.

Call A Sales Representative

If you still aren’t sure where a particular product is made, call the company. A company sales representative can tell you where the product is made.

For more kids’ recommendations, make sure to check out our research on baby cribs made in the USA and baby clothes made in the USA.

Toys Not Made in the USA

Here are some popular toy brands that we found are not made in America.

  • K’nex – most parts are made in the USA, but motors are made in China and parts are sorted in the Dominican Republic
  • POOF sidewalk chalk – made in China
  • Backyard Discovery playsets – made in China
  • Gorilla Playsets – imported
  • LEGOs – made in Denmark, Hungary, Mexico, and other countries
  • Nerf – most manufacturing happens in Asian countries
  • Barbie dolls – mostly made in China, Indonesia, and Malaysia
  • Hot Wheels – most production happens in Asia
  • Monopoly – made in China, along with many other Hasbro games