Kids Clothes Made in the USA

When it comes to your kids, you know they deserve the best! Of course, you and your child might end up with slightly differing opinions on what makes clothes “the best.” You want kid’s clothes that are high-quality, durable, easy to wash, and available in many different sizes. Your kid has a few other ideas, which may change even throughout a single day!

We did the research to find all of the kid’s clothing brands in the USA. Below are our findings.

Full List of Kids Clothing Brands Made in the USA

Two Crows for Joy

Headquarters: Shaker Heights, OH

States manufacturing in: PA

Two Crows for Joy is an online small business marketplace that specializes in American-made organic kid’s clothes. On the Two Crows for Joy website, you can find baby toys and cloth diapering essentials, but the company’s primary offering is clothes.

Two USA-based moms run two Crows for Joy with a love for design, local manufacturing, and of course, kids. Their own brand, Adooka Organics, has been operating since 2009. With Adooka Organics’ success, the two owners expanded their organization to include other American organic kids’ clothes manufacturers.

If you are searching for organic, eco-friendly, high-quality kids, clothing, and toys made by small businesses, you will find it all at Two Crows for Joy.

All products are found on Two Crows for Joy and all are shipped for free to anywhere in the United States.

This kids’ clothing company prides itself on the overall sustainability of its products. There is a vast range of options for both boys and girls. Most choices come in many sizes, so big sibling, and little sibling matching outfits are available.

Shirts That Go

Headquarters: Chapel Hill, NC

States manufacturing in: NC

Shirts That Go has one theme and one purpose – to create unique and memorable short and long sleeve T-shirts that have graphics of planes, trains, boats, cars, and construction vehicles.

Shirts That Go is a small business that makes all of its products in the United States. Each T-shirt is printed with water-based, eco-friendly ink. Each T-shirt is also available in a raglan style. Whether you choose a traditional T-shirt or raglan style, they go up to a children’s size ten.

No matter what vehicle your child is interested in, Shirts That Go has something to offer. You can find monster trucks, trains, fire and rescue vehicles, garbage trucks, construction equipment, aircraft, boats, and rockets. These aren’t the cartoonish trucks you’ll find on most kids’ clothing. Shirts That Go uses realistic artwork on their clothing.

Free shipping is not available on the Shirts That Go website, but you can also purchase these shirts on Amazon for easy shipping and returns.

American Adorn

Headquarters: Livermore, GA

States manufacturing in: CA

American Adorn is a high-end online children’s clothing boutique that’s uniquely American. All products are made and designed in the United States. Each product is carefully hand-selected by the minds behind American Adorn.

American Adorn offers kids clothing in newborn sizes up to a child’s size six. On their website it’s possible to sort by color, size, and style. Clothing is available in boy and girl styles, and the website also offers accessories and swimwear.

This online kids’ clothing store is a certified green business that prides itself on utilizing sustainable methods from start to finish. Specifically, organic clothing in baby, boy, and girl sizes are available. Even the packaging is made of recyclable materials.

Returning or exchanging is simple at American Adorn. Full refunds are available within 30 days, and partial return or store credit can be obtained after that. All orders ship within at least three days and shipping is free for orders within the United States.

Aviator Nation

Headquarters: Venice, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Aviator Nation is not exclusively a children’s clothing store, but does offer a kids loungewear range. The sizes start with baby sizes, then children’s sizes goes from two to fourteen, and come in a wide variety of styles. Hoodies, tracksuits, T-shirts, and thermals come in many different colors and unisex sizing.

These 70s-inspired, California-style offerings at Aviator Nation are all designed and handmade in the United States since 2006. Each article of clothing is hand-distressed and made to be incredibly soft and durable.

Aviator Nation loungewear is machine washable. While customer service is very responsive, returns are not always available. Be sure to keep the order number close to you because you will need it if you have any problems that need fixing.


Headquarters: City of Industry, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Esme specialises in sleep sets for boys and girls. Each set comes in a wide variety of children’s sizes – two to adult extra-large. Pajama sets come with different tops like camis, short-sleeved, or long-sleeved tops. The colors are usually bright with large fun patterns and lace necklines and ends of sleeves.

Esme designs and manufactures all its sleep sets in the United States. The patterns are dyed with water-based dyes, and the sleep sets are machine washable.

Returns are tricky with Esme. Only store credit is available, and even canceling your order requires payment of ten dollars for a restocking fee.


Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

GrUVyWear has swimwear that recognizes the importance of powerful UV protection. Their swimwear is designed to be high-quality, comfortable, and cute – perfect for a day at the pool or beach and helps protect your child from harmful rays.

GrUVyWear offers swimwear ranging in size from babies to adults and purchased in sets or purchased as individual pieces. All their swimwear is made in the United States. There is no free shipping, but returns and exchanges are straightforward.

Tuff Kookooshka

Headquarters: Cataumet, MA

States manufacturing in: MA

Tuff Kookooshka makes a wide variety of kids’ clothing for boys and girls. They make everything from jackets to rompers, shirts, dresses, and even accessories like bags and scarves. Everything is made in small batches and produced in-house.

Factors To Consider


A wide variety of sizes make it easier to find what you are looking for in children’s clothing. There is no golden standard of kids’ clothing that will ensure a similar fit across different brands, so look at kids’ clothing brands with a wide range of sizes for each style.

Ease of Washing

Did anyone tell you about the dirt before a child came into your life? Or did you learn that one in the first hour?

However, you learned that lesson. You certainly know it by now. Children’s clothing will get dirty, and the laundry piles grow and grow.

To determine ease of washing, look for clothing shops that offered machine washable kids’ clothing. The ability to throw the clothes in the dryer is also a plus.


We think quality kids’ clothing is synonymous with durability. Kids’ clothing shouldn’t inhibit them from just being kids! But you don’t want to buy clothes any more than you have.

Look for high-quality fabrics and companies with high manufacturing standards for quality control and safety. As you may have guessed, we find that USA-made clothing is often of higher quality than the clothing produced elsewhere.

Returns and Exchanges

Kids grow and it can be hard to determine what the best size for your child is by pictures online. That’s why you should look for children’s clothing shops that have good return and exchange policies, so you can always get the right fit.

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