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There are a lot of great puzzle makers out there, but it can be really tough for American consumers to figure out who is who, which puzzles are made in the USA, and which are mass-produced and imported by big overseas manufacturers. We did the research to find all the American made puzzles, which we listed below. I also included some material sourcing and made in the USA labeling tips and some popular brands we came across in our research that aren’t made here. Let’s get started.

Complete List of Puzzle Brands Made in the USA

Heritage Puzzle

Headquarters: Pfafftown, NC

States manufacturing in: NC

Heritage Puzzle is based in North Carolina and makes beautiful scenery-driven puzzles. They can also make custom puzzles for your next big event or just as a nice family heirloom.


Headquarters: Marion, IN

States manufacturing in: IN

SunsOut has a wide selection of great puzzles ranging from fine art to fun landscapes. They control their entire manufacturing process out of their facility in Marion, Indiana, where they recently invested in new machinery and infrastructure with great American workers.

Dowdle Folk Art

Headquarters: Lindon, UT

States manufacturing in: UT

Dowdle Folk Art is a great manufacturer of fine art puzzles. If you’re looking for something elegant to work on with your friends or potentially display in your home, definitely check them out. They also make custom puzzles.

Springbok Puzzles

Headquarters: Kansas City, MO

States manufacturing in: MO

Springbok Puzzles got started in 1963 and is a pretty popular brand in the American puzzle industry. They have a ton of great puzzle options, but make sure to stick to their classic puzzles. Unfortunately, as they’ve grown, they outsourced the production of their mini puzzles and premium wooden puzzles overseas.

Liberty Puzzles

Headquarters: Boulder, CO

States manufacturing in: CO

Liberty Puzzles makes classic, wooden jigsaw puzzles. They’ve been making everything in Boulder, Colorado, since their founding, and they have a ton of very intricate and cool artist designs to choose from.

Channel Craft

Headquarters: Charleroi, PA

States manufacturing in: PA

Channel Craft is a toys and games manufacturer that makes great puzzles for all ages. They have over 70 hard-working Americans at their factory in Pennsylvania.

White Mountain Puzzles

Headquarters: Jackson, NH

States manufacturing in: NH

White Mountain Puzzles got started in 1978 as a small poster company that eventually evolved into one of the most recognizable names in American puzzle making. They even got invited to the White House in 2018 for the Made in America showcase. However, when we reached out to their team to verify sourcing locations, they disclosed that they had to get some of their boards recently from the Netherlands due to supply shortages. We’re working with their team to determine which puzzles are specifically using the imported boards.

Hart Puzzles

Headquarters: Tipton, IN

States manufacturing in: IN

Hart Puzzles has so many fun puzzles ranging from fine art to cool graphics. Every puzzle purchased contributes to a bunch of charitable causes that Hart Puzzles is involved with, too.


Headquarters: Columbus, OH

States manufacturing in: OH

Intrism makes 3D marble maze puzzles that are fun for the whole family. They are super unique, and their manufacturing process is fully vertically integrated in the US, so they control everything from design to final assembly.

Brainstorm Puzzle Co.

Headquarters: Dover, NH

States manufacturing in: NH

Brainstorm Puzzle Co. is relatively new on the scene; they just started in 2017 and grew out of a design agency as a fun side project. They’ve grown since then, but still focus on small-batch puzzle production with some unique designs.

Portrait Puzzles

Headquarters: La Crosse, WI

States manufacturing in: WI

Portrait Puzzles makes custom puzzles based on anything you want – a family portrait, a recent vacation photo, or anything else! Every part of their production process happens at their facility in La Crosse, Wisconsin, and they source all materials from U.S. suppliers.

Puzzle People

Headquarters: Philo, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Check out Puzzle People if you’re looking for a fun wooden puzzle for your kids. All of their puzzles are made from non-toxic, US-sourced, water-based paints and finishes. They use domestically sourced wood as well.

True South Puzzle Company

Headquarters: Nashville, TN

States manufacturing in: TN

True South Puzzle Company has tons of fun designs to choose from, and they do a great job highlighting the artists behind all their puzzles. We verified with them that all their materials are sourced in the USA.

The Missing Piece Puzzle Co.

Headquarters: Richland, NJ

States manufacturing in: NJ

The Missing Piece Puzzle Co. is another custom puzzle manufacturer that prints and ships puzzles from their factory in Richland, New Jersey, for a pretty affordable price.

South Bend Woodworks

Headquarters: South Bend, IN

States manufacturing in: IN

South Bend Woodworks makes beautiful wooden puzzles handcrafted by local woodworkers. They also sell block sets, stacking rings, and other kids’ learning tools that will last generations.

Mike’s YouTube Video on American Made Puzzles (& Other Toys)

How to Find Puzzles Made in the USA

Our mission is to not just tell you which brands are made in the USA, but equip you with the knowledge to shop confidently and know where your products come from. So, here are some tips for material sourcing, labeling, and finding the country of origin, no matter what puzzles you’re looking at.



Most puzzles these days are made from paperboard or recycled paperboard. It’s thin, readily available, cheap, and easy to mass produce. Because of all those attractive qualities, tons of paperboard puzzles are made overseas.

However, paperboard (just thin cardboard) is very easy to come by in the United States, so these puzzles are easy to produce domestically as well (and still relatively inexpensive). So, there are a lot of good American sourcing options.


Lithography is the most common process used to “stick” artwork to a cardboard puzzle. There are a lot of good American suppliers of inks and dyes used in puzzlemaking, so you should have no problem finding brands that are sourcing domestically. Some manufacturers will use water-based stains and finishes for higher-end puzzles or wooden puzzles.

Wooden Puzzles

Some puzzles are made from thick wooden blocks – a lot more substantial than your basic chipboard or paperboard puzzle. Often, these puzzles are hand-cut, which is unique and impressive (compared to faster, machine-cut paperboard puzzles). Obviously, you want to make sure that wood is US-sourced, and you should have no problem finding brands that source locally.


We have some U.S. laws in place to help us identify the country of origin for products regarding labeling, which is a huge help. Title 19, Chapter 4, Section 1304 of the U.S. Code is one of those pieces of legislation. It essentially states that any imported products must be labeled as such with the country of origin somewhere on the physical product or packaging.

Unfortunately, that law does not apply to the brand website (yet, hopefully) or other materials. So, if you’re shopping in-store for your next puzzle, flip the box over and check for that country of origin label.

If you’re shopping online and the brand is not forthcoming with that information (most are not), the best way to find out the country of origin is to contact them directly via phone or chat (my two favorite methods).

Also, watch out for certain red flags around “made in the USA” language. Brands will sometimes use small variations from that phrase, like “assembled in the USA” or “printed in the USA,” that makes you think their entire production process is here when in actuality, they don’t source their materials domestically or have some other part of their manufacturing process overseas.

For all of our tips on labeling and sourcing, head to our research on how to find products made in the USA.

Puzzles Not Made In the USA

Here are some popular puzzle makers that are not made in the USA. We’ll keep updating this list as we find more.

  • MasterPieces Puzzle Company – made in China
  • Cobble Hill – puzzles are made in the USA, but they are owned by a Canadian company
  • Buffalo Games – some production in the U.S., but they’ve expanded manufacturing to China
  • New York Puzzle Co. – assembled in the U.S., but a lot of raw materials are from Europe
  • Eurographics – based in Canada
  • Mattel, Hasbro, and most other large toy manufacturers outsource all their puzzle manufacturing
  • Lang Puzzles – made in China
  • Pomegranate – most puzzles aren’t made here
  • Ravensburger – based in Germany
  • Clementoni – based in Italy

Pending Verification

We’re still working on gathering complete sourcing and manufacturing information from the teams at the following brands in addition to the shopping and research we’ve already done.

  • Puzzletwist
  • Vermont Christmas Company

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