Baby Clothes Made in the USA

Quality baby clothes are important because they help keep your baby comfortable and safe. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as you would think to pick out the good baby clothes from the bad ones, and the products made locally. That’s why we went on the search to help you locate all of the baby clothes made in the USA today. Below are tons of details about each one, our tips for finding the country of origin when you’re shopping, and info on where some of the big baby clothing brands are actually made.

Complete List of Baby Clothes Brands Made in the USA

Winter Water Factory

Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY

States manufacturing in: NY

Winter Water Factory is the poster child for keeping it local – their baby clothes are sewn less than a mile from their design studio in Brooklyn, New York! The rompers and jumpsuits from Winter Water Factory feature a clever design and superior stitching. They use soft, 100% organic cotton, and each one features seven buttons for secure closing and quick access at the lower and upper ends for quick diaper changes. These rompers are offered in a wide range of colors and styles, making it easy to find the look you want for your baby. The jumpers come with a lap neck opening designed for maximum comfort. They are slightly more expensive than your typical baby rompers but are made to be quality and long-lasting. Winter Water Factory explains why they chose to produce locally: “In a world full of mass production and cheap wages, we want to do better, and we believe our clothing and our business benefits from doing so.”


Headquarters: Sherman Oaks, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Baby sacks are a popular way to keep little ones warm at night before blankets are safe for use, and PAIGELAUREN offers options designed for optimal comfort and longevity. The sacks all feature heavy stitching at all the wear points for long-term wear. They are equipped with tough seashell buttons that offer firm closure. They are also made from a supremely soft mixture of Supima cotton, polyester, and micro-modal that’s chosen as it’s both comfortable and very warm at the same time.

Soul Flower

Headquarters: Golden Valley, MN

States manufacturing in: MN

The Boho Onesies sold by Soul Flower are a product parents can feel good about. These onesies are free from chemicals and are made from 100% certified organic cotton. “Our customers love our free spirit designs, inspired by nature and music and always made with eco-friendly materials,” says Peggy Rossi, Co-Founder at Soul Flower, who we spoke to over email. The onesies are designed to be nice and soft and highly breathable for comfort in warm and cool environments.

They are made from recycled materials, have minimal dyes, and are offered with a range of different graphic designs, which are qualities that Peggy said are part of the reason why they manufacture in the U.S. “By manufacturing locally, we know that everything is created in a way that is respectful to the environment and the makers. We are able to guarantee things like no hazardous chemicals, low-impact dyes, and reduced water use, all of which are regulated and monitored closely.”

CastleWare Baby

Headquarters: Carlotta, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Made in Los Angeles, CA, CastleWare’s pajamas are designed for maximum comfort and utility. The pajamas are made to have a soft feel, and they use elastic around the ankles to keep your baby’s feet in the right position. These pajamas feature grippy dots on the bottom of the feet, offering traction when your little one crawls around the house. These footie pajamas are made from a mix of cotton and fleece that’s 100% organic, and they’re machine washable for easy maintenance. “I manufacture in the USA because I feel strongly about supporting people who ‘make’ things,” says Maureen Smithey (founder of Castleware), who we had the pleasure of speaking with. “It has not been easy, and it has not been a get-rich-quick plan, but it has been fulfilling to be a part of the growing ‘made in the USA’ and ‘shop local’ movement.”


Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Kumquat makes a variety of toddler dresses manufactured at their site in Los Angeles, California, for comfort and durability while providing beautiful designs. These 100% cotton dresses have many color and pattern options, including some for every season and event. They are available in various sizes and feature heavy stitching with a tough knit design.

Lucy & Leo

Headquarters: NY

States manufacturing in: NY

Lucy & Leo is an American company specializing in dressing little ones in more traditional-looking outfits. Each dress is made from 100% organic cotton and is machine washable for easy maintenance. The different garments are manufactured in New York and are heavily stitched with elastic in just the right locations for a snug fit and long-term performance.

American Adorn

Headquarters: Livermore, GA

States manufacturing in: CA

Parents searching for fun and functional swimwear for their little ones will find what they need at American Adorn. This company is well known for making durable swimwear in the United States. The swim trunks and bathing suits are made from a mix of materials like nylon and spandex or polyester to ensure they’re tough. They come in various colors, prints, styles, and designs to suit everyone’s tastes. American Adorn also makes many other kids’ clothes in the USA.

Colette Kids

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Colette Kids creates simple T-shirts, onesies, and bodysuits designed to be attractive and have impactful basic graphics. Each shirt is made from 100% organic cotton, and the material is sourced and treated for optimal softness. Each shirt is decorated with a screen-printed design to help minimize any dyes used, and they are all machine washable for easy maintenance.

Kira Kids

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Kira Kids garments are an online baby vendor whose American-made garments come in a vast range of looks, styles, and types. Parents searching for a single store to purchase all their baby clothes will find it at Kira Kids. The clothing sold by Kira Kids is made from organic cotton and sometimes blended with fleece for added warmth. Each of their items is machine washable and dyed with non-toxic ink. They pre-shrink their clothing for a good fit, and they build each piece carefully for maximum strength. Their clothing can be costly, which new parents need to keep in mind when shopping at Kira Kids. Still, they are a source for some quality baby clothes made in the USA today – manufactured in San Francisco, CA.

Tuff Kookooshka

Headquarters: Cataumet, MA

States manufacturing in: MA

Tuff Kookooshka is a slow-fashion baby clothing brand that makes all sorts of apparel items for babies and kids of all ages. Most of their prints feature animals or flowery styles.

Tenth & Pine

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Tenth & Pine makes all-natural baby clothes for sensitive skin. Their collection ranges from newborn to six-month-old babies, and everything is gender-neutral.

Lucky Bug Clothing Company

Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY

States manufacturing in: LANY

Lucky Bug Clothing Company has a great selection of baby and toddler clothes that they manufacture in small batches from eco-friendly materials. Everything is designed and sewn in New York.

Baby Patriot

Headquarters: Delaware, OH

States manufacturing in: OH

Baby Patriot makes super comfortable patriotic apparel for babies and toddlers. They have everything from t-shirts to onesies and almost everything in between (in terms of casual essentials for babies). They use organic cotton, and all of their ink is OEKO-TEX certified, meaning it’s safe for kids.

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How To Find Baby Clothes Made In The USA

You won’t want to skimp on quality regarding baby clothes. You want to ensure your baby has the best quality clothing on their soft skin. Products made in the USA tend to be made of better quality materials and craftsmanship, so if you’re looking for good quality baby clothes, finding American made baby clothes is the way to go. If you’re doing your own research, here are our best tips for finding the country of origin and domestically made baby clothing.

What Does “Made in the USA” Mean?

The “made in the USA” label is a term that is protected by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and can only be used if the product is “all or virtually all” made in the United States.

In other words, everything from the materials to the manufacturing must be sourced from and based in the USA. However, it is worth noting that the FTC does not do the best job policing the usage of the “made in the USA” label, so it will be worth your time to do additional research, which we’ll dig into below.

Check out our helpful “made in the USA” guide to learn more.


First, you should research the materials used in the baby clothes. Knowing where the raw materials come from is the first step to finding baby clothes made in the USA.

Cotton is the most widely used fabric in making baby clothes. It is a light fabric that is gentle on the skin and absorbent. The material is also easy to clean and is soft on baby skin. Quality baby clothing should be made of 100% cotton.

While China and India are the world’s leading cotton producers, the United States does not rank too far behind in cotton production. Moreover, the cotton industry in the USA is booming – it is a 21 billion-dollar industry. Therefore, it should not be overly difficult to find cotton baby clothes made in the USA. But since cotton can be grown elsewhere and primarily made in Asia, ensure that the cotton used in the baby clothes you purchase is actually sourced in the USA.


Researching the product’s material can only get you so far. You have to look at the label as well.

When it comes to textiles, the Textile Fiber Products Identification Act is there to help consumers determine whether or not a specific product is made in the USA. The act makes it a legal requirement for all companies to be transparent about the fiber contents of their textile products.

The act dictates what goes on your clothing tags. For example, you’ll see on the label whether your baby clothes are made from 100% cotton or 80% cotton and 20% polyester. The Textile Fiber Products Identification Act also dictates that the country of origin for the product must be visible on the label.

In addition, Title 19 Chapter 4 Section 1304 of the US Code states that all imported products must be labeled with the country of origin. These two pieces of legislation make it much easier for us to find baby clothes made in the USA. Specifically, you should look for the FTC-protected “made in the USA” label.

However, the FTC does not do the best job of policing the usage of the protected “made in the USA” label. As there is no pre-approval process, it is up to the individual companies to determine whether their product meets the requirements to use the label.

In addition, you should pay attention to the particular vocabulary used in labels. For example, words like “manufactured” or “designed” may be used to infer that a product is made in the USA, but they mean only a part of the manufacturing process took place in the States. Similarly, phrases like “made in America” can be used, but this label signifies that the product could have been made in Canada or Mexico.

You should also look for the American flag sticker on the label. Just because a product has an American flag does not mean that the product and materials are made in the USA. In addition, the usage of the flag on a product’s tags is not protected, so take it with a grain of salt.

Other Tips 

Here are some other helpful tips to use when determining if a piece of baby clothing is made in the USA.

Check the Website

The company’s website is a great way to check if the product is made in the USA. There is usually an “About Us” page that should give you more information. Generally, most companies that manufacture their products in the USA would proudly advertise that on their website.

On the other hand, if the product is made abroad, you won’t typically find any information regarding the country of origin. This is because companies are not required to state the country of origin on their online or promotional materials, so silence normally means the product is made abroad.

Call the Company

If all else fails, simply give the company a call and ask. A customer service representative should be able to answer any of your questions or at least point you in the right direction.

Baby Clothes Not Made in the USA

During our research, we came across popular baby clothing brands that are not making their products in the USA. Take a look at our findings. We’ll update this list as we do more research.

  • Hanna Andersson – Mostly made in India and China, but also Turkey, Bangladesh, Sweden, Peru, Sri Lanka, Latvia, Ukraine, Bosnia & Herzegovina.
  • Burt’s Bees – Made in India.
  • Old Navy – Made in Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Philippines, and Sri Lanka.
  • Pehr – Made in India.
  • Carter’s – Made in China.
  • Kissy Kissy – Made in Peru.

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