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Today’s parents are always out and about with their babies, whether it’s a short drive to spend the day at a friend’s house, a weekend road trip, or a cross-country flight to visit Grandma and Grandpa. This means you need a reliable bag for diapers, wipes, extra clothes, baby toys, etc. We did some digging to find all the diaper bags made in the USA, which we will outline below. In this article, we also included tips on labeling and materials sourcing and listed well-known companies that don’t make their diaper bags here. Let’s go!

Complete List of Diaper Bag Brands Made in the USA

Duluth Pack

Headquarters: Duluth, MN

States manufacturing in: MN

Customers report using Duluth Pack bags such as the Market Tote and the Scout Pack for baby supplies. The Market Tote is smaller than the Scout Pack, but still has room for diapers, wipes, blankets, and even jackets, hats and mittens if you are traveling somewhere with variable weather conditions. The Scout Pack’s interior is spacious but not bulky, and the cotton straps are both comfortable and durable. Both of these products are made from the study canvas material that has made Duluth Pack famous.

Tough Traveler

Headquarters: Schenectady, NY

States manufacturing in: NY

Tough Traveler makes several diaper bags and backpacks, all made 100% in the USA. This company’s Large Diaper Bag features a removable, lightweight pad in a separate pocket that can be used for changing diapers. The carry handles convert to shoulder straps. The Songbird Diaper Bag Backpack, which can be attached to a child carrier, also has a removable changing pad. Both these products are machine washable.

Cinda b

Headquarters: Fort Wayne, IN

States manufacturing in: IN

Cinda B’s roomy, versatile, multi-pocket Out and About Tote is machine washable and colorful, making it ideal for use as a diaper bag. You can carry it like a handbag, but there’s also an adjustable cross-body strap so you can carry it hands-free.

R. Riveter

Headquarters: Southern Pines, NC

States manufacturing in: NC

R. Riveter is a company that makes bags and backpacks handcrafted by military spouses. As many of these individuals are parents, they understand what it’s like to travel with a baby. R. Riveter’s Corbin backpacks can be used for many things, including a diaper bag. These packs are big enough to hold diapers, wipes, toys, a baby blanket, and even a change of clothes for your little one. You can also fit in essentials like a wallet and phone so you don’t need a separate purse if you are out and about with your child. The Corbin can be worn as a cross-body bag instead of a backpack if you prefer. Either way, your arms will be free to carry your baby.

Red Oxx

Headquarters: Billings, MT

States manufacturing in: MT

Red Oxx’s lightweight yet durable Gator bag works well as a diaper bag – not just for one kid, but two! This bag is small enough to fit in the bottom of a stroller, but big enough to carry your own essentials in addition to your baby’s.

How to Find Diaper Bags Made in the USA

Finding products made in the USA can be difficult because it usually involves online shopping and research. During our research, we didn’t see many domestically made bags specifically designed for toting diapers and other baby items. However, some brands make multipurpose totes and backpacks in the USA that can be used as diaper bags.

For more tips on shopping for domestically manufactured goods, see our Made in the USA labeling explainer guide.


One of the best ways to determine if an item was manufactured here is to look at its materials. Below, we’ve listed the most popular materials used to make diaper bags and the countries they typically come from.


Some diaper bags are made of canvas, which is valued for its sturdiness. Fortunately, American manufacturers often use domestic canvas. That being said, Central American and Asian countries are also major players in the canvas market. So, if you want to ensure you are getting an American made canvas bag, we recommend researching where a brand sources this material from.


If you prefer leather goods, you’re in luck: a number of brands use this material for their diaper bags. As with so many products these days, China is the most common country of origin for leather. However, some companies do use domestic leather to make bags. The easiest way to find a leather diaper bag made in the USA is to look for ones made from cowhide, which is more likely to be sourced from here.


Many diaper bags are made from polyester. These bags tend to be more budget-friendly than other options, but the downside is many of them are imported from China, which leads the world in the production of this material. Still, the U.S. ranks third in the global polyester market, so you might have some luck finding a diaper bag made from this material produced here in the USA.


Mesh, a common material found in diaper bags, is made from either polyester or nylon. Once again, China produces most of the nylon in the world. However, it is possible to find either polyester or nylon mesh produced domestically.


The zippers and hardware on diaper bags are most commonly made from aluminum. Unfortunately, China is by far the biggest producer of this metal, with the U.S. lagging behind in ninth place. This means you might have to settle for a bag that is almost but not entirely made here. If you find a diaper bag with brass zippers and hardware, it’s worth checking out because that metal is a bit more likely to be produced in the United States.


Several U.S. laws and regulations are designed to help shoppers looking for USA-made products. Title 19 Chapter 4 Section 1304 of the U.S. Code requires that goods produced overseas be labeled as imported, with the country of origin stated on the item or its packaging. Meanwhile, the Federal Trade Commission says products must be “all or virtually all” manufactured in the United States for a brand to advertise them as being “made in the USA.” Furthermore, the Textile Fiber Products Identification Act and Wool Products Labeling Act mandate that most textile products be labeled as such.

However, even with all these regulations in place, consumers still need to be cautious. For example, the FTC doesn’t have a pre-approval process brands must follow to use the phrase “made in the USA” when marketing a product. Also, companies sometimes use misleading phrases that make It sound like an item was made domestically when it wasn’t. Therefore, if a product is labeled as “assembled in the USA,” it could mean its materials were sourced globally. Another phrase that’s a red flag is “Made in America.” Products with this label could have been manufactured in Mexico or Canada.

Even if you see the image of the American flag on a label or in product advertising, you shouldn’t just assume the item was made here. Unfortunately, the U.S. government doesn’t protect the use of the Stars and Stripes, and some brands are willing to take advantage of this fact.

Final Tips

Here are some extra tips for finding American made diaper bags.

Check the Company’s Website

If a brand makes its products in the USA, the marketing department will do everything possible to promote that because of all the shoppers looking specifically for domestic goods. That’s why you will want to click on the “Our Story” or “About Us” link on the company’s website. Sometimes, brands will explain their manufacturing process or even indicate where they obtain the raw materials for products. Then, click on product descriptions for individual diaper bags to see if the country of origin is listed.

Do Additional Online Research

If you still aren’t sure about where a product was made after visiting the brand website, search for online articles and social media posts about the company. It’s also a good idea to check out the question-and-answer portion of Amazon descriptions for products. Another shopper may have already asked about the country of origin for that product, and if they haven’t, you can pose the question yourself.  

Call The Company

Another option is to simply call the manufacturer directly. Hopefully, a brand representative will tell you where its products are made and where the materials come from.

Diaper Bags Not Made in the USA

Here’s a list of brands that don’t make the diaper bags here. If we find more, we will add them.

  • Kate Spade – The Jack Spade Waxwear Dad Diaper bag, like the rest of Kate Spade’s products, is imported.
  • Herschel Supply Co – Based in Canada but manufactures its diaper bags and other products in China.
  • Pottery Barn – Their diaper bags are imported.
  • Lululemon – Their diaper bags and backpacks are imported.

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