Natural Toothpaste Made in the USA

Some kinds of toothpaste can contain harmful chemicals that can cause stomach unrest, ulcers, canker sores, and more unpleasant side effects. That’s why we decided to put together a list of all of the natural toothpaste brands made in the USA. Below are all of the findings from our research.

Full List of Natural Toothpaste Brands Made in the USA


Headquarters: Temecula, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Davids toothpaste is free from sulfates and fluoride but manages to fight plaque and whiten teeth at the same time. All the ingredients included in the toothpaste are listed on the website and the product is all-natural. There aren’t any artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or flavors used. The toothpaste relies on a healthy formula of calcium carbonate, baking soda, xylitol, and hydrated silica to effectively clean and protect the teeth.

We spoke with the founder and CEO of Davids, Eric Buss. We talked about his choice to manufacture in the USA and some of the feedback he’s gotten from their customers. “We chose to manufacture our toothpaste in the USA to support American jobs and the economic sustainability of our country,” says Buss.

Dental Herb Company

Headquarters: Lancaster, NH

States manufacturing in: NH

If you’re searching for a natural toothpaste that effectively inhibits gum bleeding, the Tooth and Gums Essentials paste made by the Dental Herb Company would help with that. This product is a mix of essential oils like cinnamon, peppermint, and thyme to fight bacterial growth, as well as Gotu kola, aloe vera, and echinacea to reduce gum bleeding and promote healing. This powerful paste is made to help build healthier teeth and reduce oral bacteria as well. It’s worth noting that this toothpaste doesn’t include baking soda.

Desert Essence

Headquarters: Hauppauge, NY

States manufacturing in: NY

Most people have heard of how beneficial coconut oil can be for tooth health because of its anti-bacterial properties. Desert Essence Coconut Oil toothpaste uses the powerful oil to create an effective cleaner for your teeth. The product relies on sea salt and baking soda to scrub away the grime. Then it uses a mix of Zinc Citrate and coconut oil to fend off sugars and bacteria over time. The toothpaste has a mild minty flavor and it helps the mouth feel clean for a long time after use. It’s worth noting that this toothpaste doesn’t provide any foaming action.

Redmond Life

Headquarters: Heber City, UT

States manufacturing in: UT

Earthpaste’s Lemon Twist has few ingredients and still manages to do its job. The toothpaste works simply; it uses bentonite to remove debris and re-mineralize teeth. Sea salt is also included as a scrubbing agent. Other than that, the toothpaste includes xylitol to help fight bacteria, and it has a blend of lemon, lime, and tangerine essential oils for flavor – and that’s it other than water. The paste has a clean pleasant taste and effectively scrubs and cleans teeth. It doesn’t include some natural tools such as baking soda, which provides serious bacteria-fighting power.

Magic Mud

Headquarters: New Braunfels, TX

States manufacturing in: TX

My Magic Mud is made to whiten teeth. It has a unique appearance and texture -this black toothpaste comes in four different flavors and it effectively scrubs teeth clean while keeping damaging plaque away in the process. The paste is made from activated charcoal that scrubs and whitens teeth. It also comes with xylitol and coconut oil to fend off bacteria and features bentonite clay as an added scrubbing agent and a tool to remove any unwanted debris from the mouth. This paste is very different from standard toothpaste, but it’s been proven to whiten teeth effectively and keeps teeth clean as well.


Headquarters: Kutztown, PA

States manufacturing in: PA

Most natural toothpaste products aren’t designed for children, and it shows. They come in strong mint and spearmint flavors that many children don’t enjoy, and many are a bit harsher than a standard toothpaste with ingredients meant for optimal scrubbing. These can be good things, but not for children’s toothpaste.

Radius is a women-owned company that offers a great-tasting line of children’s toothpaste that’s not harsh, has a good flavor, and includes ingredients that help with tooth health while achieving effective cleaning. We had the chance to hear from Saskia Foley, their CEO, who spoke about their company’s relentless dedication to getting better every day. “We care about our planet and customers, and will continue to do so for generations to come,” says Foley.

The paste uses coconut oil and citric acid for much of its cleaning power. It comes with aloe to soothe ailing gums and is free from SLS. The toothpaste is made with fully organic ingredients and includes agave as a sweetener. Radius offers several different flavors and has a few gel toothpaste options that are even more kid-friendly than their standard toothpaste.

Tom’s of Maine

Headquarters: Kennebunk, ME

States manufacturing in: ME

Tom’s of Maine Luminous White toothpaste (made in Maine) manages to rely on mostly natural ingredients while reliably whitening teeth at the same time. The paste includes hydrated silica to effectively polish, clean, and whiten teeth. It features Carrageenan as a helpful gum cleanser and also includes xylitol, a known sweetener and anti-bacterial agent. The toothpaste cleans your teeth and tastes pleasant at the same time. It’s worth noting that some people don’t like that the toothpaste contains sodium laurel sulfate and fluoride.

Factors To Consider

All Natural

So many toothpastes used today have unhealthy chemicals and potentially harmful substances and it’s easy to use them without even thinking about it. That’s why you want to focus on toothpaste products made from all-natural ingredients. Each toothpaste listed above is made from natural ingredients and they avoid many of the more questionable chemicals such as artificial sweeteners, triclosan, artificial colors, and others. For other natural health products, check out our research on CBD oil made in the USA and beard care products made in the USA.


One of the most important jobs of toothpaste is to fight away the harmful bacteria that leads to gingivitis and eventually gum disease. According to the latest data from the Academy of General Dentistry, there are 800 to 1,000 different types of bacteria in the human mouth! That’s why you should look closely at the formulas of each toothpaste brand and choose options with anti-bacterial properties. Some rely on specific essential oils, some coconut oil, and many xylitol, among others.

Scrubbing and Whitening

A good toothpaste doesn’t just fight bad bacteria; it scrubs away plaque and other contaminants from the mouth. That’s why scrubbing agents like baking soda, clay, sea salt, and activated charcoal are included in most of the American made brands above. Many of these effective scrubbing agents work to whiten teeth as well. Charcoal in particular has seen a rise in recent popularity.

Avoids Fluoride and Sodium Laurel Sulfate

Most American made options also avoid fluoride and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate to make them more health-conscious. Fluoride is thought to help fight tooth decay but also comes with some undesirable side effects (like discoloration in your teeth), especially when ingested by children. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is another ingredient that is best avoided because it can cause canker sores. We focused on toothpaste products that avoid these two ingredients for the most part, though they are found in the Tom’s of Maine product to get the extra whitening effect.

Tastes Good

While it’s not necessary for toothpaste to taste good, try to track down products that offer cleaning benefits while tasting good as well. It’s true you can get used to a poor flavor while brushing your teeth, but it’s much more enjoyable to use a paste that leaves a good taste in your mouth. Most should achieve their flavor with essential oils, but some rely on coconut oil, xylitol, and other compounds for a pleasant taste.