Rifle Scopes Made in the USA

The performance of your rifle scope can make a substantial difference, so it’s not an area you can skimp on when it comes to hunting. But when shopping, it’s easy to run into foreign-made products that don’t give the level of quality necessary to make a reliable and accurate rifle scope. To help you find a quality rifle scope, we researched all the rifle scopes made in the USA. Below are our findings.

Complete List of Rifle Scope Brands Made in the USA


Headquarters: Beaverton, OR

States manufacturing in: OR

Leupold is a major hunting scope and binocular manufacturer that still produces a few scopes made in the USA. The company has been around for over 100 years and has had a commitment to producing top-level rifle scopes that work well. While navigating the American-made scopes on their site is a bit challenging, they have a few scopes that are designed, machined, and assembled in the USA.


Headquarters: Wixom, MI

States manufacturing in: MI

Trijicon produces all sorts of firearms accessories and also has a few nice American-made rifle scopes. No matter what your needs are and how much magnification you want on your rifle, Trijicon has got you covered. They design fantastic scopes for military and law enforcement as well as standard hunting scopes. While not all Trijicon scopes are made in the USA, the majority of them are manufactured in their factories in Michigan and California. A few scopes are assembled in the USA using global parts. Trijicon is very clear and transparent about their manufacturing process on their site.

U.S. Optics

Headquarters: Connelly Springs, NC

States manufacturing in: NC

U.S Optics has some good scopes in their Foundation series that are made in the USA. U.S Optics makes scopes that serve both hunters and competitive shooters. A lot of them feature night vision compatible settings for handling different lighting conditions, and a five-hundred-hour battery life for the reticles gives you plenty of use without needing to worry about constantly recharging. Although their Foundation series is made domestically, not all of their scopes are. Watch out for their TS Series and red dot scopes, which are unfortunately made in China.

D.Z. Arms

Headquarters: Oklahoma City, OK

States manufacturing in: OK

D.Z. Arms make no-frills, old school scopes. All products are made in the USA in their small facility in Ohklahoma City. Their scope has an 8x zoom and fits in the Malcolm style category. While resembling the older styles, this product still performs to modern expectations, which D.Z. Arms were shooting for all along.

This scope is designed so that you can adjust things quickly without any issues, making it easy to get a clear view of your target. D.Z Arms have also accounted for balance regarding the size of the crosshairs – big enough to be visible but not too large to be distracting. For those who need the complete mounting package, you can purchase them all in one set, and there are even left-handed rear mounts you can select if you need them. As a result, picking up the total package can be more expensive than other options out there.

How To Find Rifle Scopes Made in the USA

There is nothing more American than guns, so why should any firearms or their accessories be made anywhere else? By buying USA-made rifle scopes, you are ensuring that you get a high-quality and well-made product that also supports your local manufacturers and jobs.

Let’s find out what it takes to find American made rifle scopes.

What Does “Made in the USA” Mean?

It is important to first define what it means for a product to be “made in the USA.” The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) defines the label as something that is “all or virtually all” made in the USA. This means everything from the sourcing of the raw materials to the manufacturing of the product must take place in the United States.

This detailed labeling guide will give you more information on this topic.


To determine if the product is “made in the USA,” it is important to understand what materials are used and where they come from. Rifle scopes are made from stainless steel and glass.

Stainless Steel

It is not difficult to find US-made steel as the USA is one of the world’s largest steel manufacturers. The USA only falls behind China, Japan, and India, making it the fourth-largest manufacturer of this material worldwide.

For quality’s sake, it is important to watch out for rifle scopes made of lower-grade steel. Lower-grade steel generally suggests that the steel is imported. Imported steel is often cheaper and less durable than steel from the USA. Higher-grade steel is a lot more likely to be sourced from domestic suppliers. Interestingly, American-made steel is three times stronger than Chinese-made steel! So if you are after quality rifle scopes, American-made stainless steel would be the best choice. 


Glass production in the USA is sizeable, but it’s not very comparable to the likes of glass manufacturing giants like China. China produces around a quarter of the world’s glass, so the glass you see on most products is likely to be imported. Since there are a limited number of big glass-producing companies in the United States, it is vital to check the country of origin when it comes to glass.


The product’s label is especially important when looking for rifle scopes made in the USA. Title 19 Chapter 4 Section 1304 of the United States Code clearly states that all imported products must be labeled as imported. Therefore, paying attention to the labeling of the product you are after will get you one step closer to finding one made in the USA. When looking for American-made, look for the “made in the USA” label.

Although there is no pre-approval process for using the “made in the USA” label, the FTC will investigate complaints and take action when necessary. Wrong or misleading labeling is prohibited by law and can result in penalties. With that said, the FTC does not police the usage of the label as well as it should, so definitely keep an eye out and do some additional research on the product if you can!

Misleading language can be used to confuse you into thinking the product is “made in the USA.” Watch out for labels such as “assembled in the USA” or “designed in the USA,” as these do not necessarily mean the product is made domestically. Also, a product labeled “made in America” does not mean that it is US-made, as America can also refer to Canada and Mexico.

Another trick companies use is placing an American flag sticker on a product’s label. But just because a product has the American flag sticker does not always mean it is made in the USA. The use of the American flag on labels is not regulated, so make sure you research the product before purchasing.

Other Tips

Here are a few more helpful tips for finding rifle scopes made in the USA.

Check the Company’s Website

The first place to check is the company’s website. “Made in the USA” is a strong selling point to advertise a product, so if this is the case, you should find this information on the website. Specifically, check out the “About Us” section or the product page to learn more about the product and where it is from.

An important thing to remember is that companies are not required to label their products with the country of origin on their website or marketing materials, only on the physical product itself. So if a product listed fails to let you know where it is made, there is a high chance it is made abroad.

Social Media Handles

Check the company’s social media handles for posts, as these can contain information about the product’s origins through videos and pictures.

Call The Company

If you are still unsure about the product, your best bet will be to call the company! A company representative can assist you and answer your questions about the product and the country of origin.

Rifle Scopes Not Made in the USA

Here are some popular scope brands that are not made in the USA. We’ll keep adding to this list with other prominent names we do research on.

  • Vortex – Most scopes are made overseas
  • Leapers UTG – Most made overseas
  • Bushnell – Made in China, South Korea, and other countries
  • Simmons – Older scopes made in Japan, newer ones made in the Philippines and China
  • Primary Arms – Made in Japan, China, and the Philippines
  • Athlon Optics – Mostly China and Japan

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