Gun Safes Made in the USA

Let’s dive into gun safes made in the USA. Below, you’ll find our research on all the American-made safes we could find, along with shopping tips on how to find the country of origin, and finishing up with some well-known gun safe manufacturers that are not made domestically. Let’s get started.

Complete List of Gun Safe Brands Made in the USA

American Security

Headquarters: Fontana, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Made in Fontana, California, American Security Products (AMSEC) builds high-quality safes made in the USA. They are a West Coast-based company (check out a video tour of their facility here) and make safes in all different sizes, whether it’s a big standing safe or one that fits on your wall or floor.

The Bf6030 is designed to be one of the most secure models they have for your firearms. It has pre-cut anchor holes for bolting to the floor and exterior door hinges for a wider range of motion. The 1/2-inch steel plate door is made to be one of the best in class; it also comes with fire protection up to 1275 degrees F for 90 minutes and has 2-inch filled walls on all sides with concrete-like material for better fire protection. This safe also has an ESL electronic lock with a relocker and anti-drill plate, so it can’t be broken into.

Liberty Safe

Headquarters: Payson, UT

States manufacturing in: UT

Liberty Safe is another great gun safe manufacturers that has lots of options made in the USA.

The Liberty Smart Vault Biometric Safe is designed to be one of the best for handgun storage and is big enough to store nearly any handgun. The biometric finger swipe technology is a reliable and secure way to lock your safe. The finger swipe is also ideal for speed – you can access your safe in about one second, which is crucial if your family’s safety is on the line.

If you’re looking to store more than a handgun, the Liberty Safe & Security Prod Re18-Bkt 18-Gun Safe is their entry-level model for basic protection and fire resistance. The interior can be rearranged slightly to fit your needs for storing ammo and other valuables besides your guns. No bells and whistles inside like interior lighting or fancy fabric – just the essentials. Like most other popular gun safes, this model can be bolted to the floor and has fire resistance capabilities – it’s fire resistant for 30 minutes at 1200 degrees F. It’s a tight fit for 18 guns, which it specifies it can store, but it is good value and comes with an old-school, reliable combination lock.

If you need a little more room than usual, Liberty also sells The Big Boy 36, which uses 12-gauge, 2-piece roll-form steel to form the body and the 1″ thick door. The triple case hardened steel plates protect the lock from a drill attack. This safe has fire resistance for up to 30 minutes at 1200 degrees F, which is pretty standard for most standing gun safes. It can be bolted to the floor for enhanced security and has a flexible interior with moveable shelving.


Headquarters: Simi Valley, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

V-Line is a great American manufacturer, and the V-Line Quick Vault Safe is ideal for anyone who needs a wall safe for either ease of access or concealment. It’s designed to be installed between wall studs, completely flush with the wall surface so that it can be easily concealable behind other objects. It’s made to be sturdy and can hold a handgun and other small valuables (it comes with a shelf inside as well). It comes with a five-button mechanical lock, meaning there are 1081 possible combinations. It is fire-resistant but less so than a typical standing safe.

Champion Safe

Headquarters: Provo, UT

States manufacturing in: UT

Champion Safe has been producing safes made with American-made steel since 1999. They have a lot of options to choose from, but their Estate Series safe is made for storing other valuables in addition to your firearms. It has an ASTM-certified steel plate, many customization options, many security features, and a 75-minute fire rating at 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. The interior also has an organizer for storing smaller items like jewelry, documents, and other valuables.

Fort Knox Vaults

Headquarters: Orem, UT

States manufacturing in: UT

Fort Knox Vaults makes handcrafted custom-made vaults, meaning that you’ll be able to get a gun safe suited to your needs. You can select the steel thickness, security level, color, fire protection, and layout, and even add more layers of steel for additional protection. The highest rating of fireproofing they offer is 120 mins, and there are options to get lighting or a dehumidifier too.

Pendleton Safes

Headquarters: Loganville, GA

States manufacturing in: GA

Pendleton also offers custom-built safes designed to protect your firearms collection. To buy a safe from Pendleton, you choose the series (which has different features and benefits), the level (the finish and look), and finally, the layout (the shelving options depending on what you want to store). Their traditional layout gun safe is big enough to hold over 40 handguns plus 40 shotguns or 30 scoped bolt action rifles, or if you only need to store handguns, there’s a safe that can hold up to 300. These safes are ideal for those who need to store a lot of ammunition. They also include rotating shelves, making finding the firearm you need easier without damaging or disrupting your organized guns.

Sturdy Safe

Headquarters: Fresno, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Sturdy Safe offers long gun and small pistol safes, depending on your needs. There are two pistol safes on offer, but a wide range of long gun safes. Though the size of these safes is generally off the shelf, there are many options to customize your gun safe. With the small pistol safe, there is the option of adding a fire liner, mountable floor plate, “dri rod,” key-in-dial, safe inside a safe, hard plate upgrade, and four handgun hangers. You can also choose the finish and the dials of the safe. With the long gun safe, you can also choose the metal, interior (different shelving options), gun rack types, safe door cover, and drop slot depository. There’s also an option to purchase an extra warranty with these safes.

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How To Find Gun Safes Made In The USA

Beyond just listing all-American gun safes, we aim to arm you with the knowledge to conduct your own research and shop more astutely. Here, we take a closer look at the manufacturing of gun safes—focusing on materials, labeling, and how to find top-notch safes made in the USA. Let’s explore what “made in the USA” really means and how to interpret it.

What Does “Made in the USA” Mean?

For a product to be labeled as “made in the USA,” “all or virtually all” of the raw materials and the manufacturing must be from the United States. The “made in the USA” label is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which has a set of strict guidelines that must be followed for a product to be able to use the label.

For more information about this topic, check our detailed guide.


To begin researching gun safes made in the USA, it’s worth considering the materials these safes are made of. Understanding whether or not the United States produces certain materials can help you find gun safes made in the USA.

Gun safes need to be sturdy, so they will primarily be made of steel. Most gun safes also include some sort of fire and heat-resistant insulator.


China is the largest steel producer, producing around 57% of the steel in the world. On the other hand, the USA is the fourth largest steel producer, so although it is possible to find steel made in the United States, you will find a lot more Chinese-made steel on the market.

American-made steel is three times stronger than Chinese steel, so it is important to look for good-quality steel made in the USA when looking for a gun safe.


The best gun safes will also have a thick inner and outer steel plate with fire-resistant insulation between the two plates. This insulation protects the guns in the case of a fire in the home. Since ammunition will likely be stored in the safe, it is important to have heat protection to avoid a possible catastrophic incident in which the ammo combusts.

This insulation can be made of various materials, but it is usually comprised of ceramic fibers, fiberglass, or cellulose. China is the number one producer of all three of these products, but it is possible to find these products made in the USA.

Burglary Rating

It is also worth mentioning the importance of the burglary rating. This is basically the industry standard for how difficult the safe is to break into. A good safe should withstand 15 minutes of break-in attempts using tools such as crowbars. Gun safes made in the USA are generally well-constructed with a strong steel frame, making them more challenging to break into, keeping you and your family safe.


Another important tip for finding gun safes made in the USA is to check the label. A label that says “made in the USA” can only be used if the product is genuinely sourced and manufactured in the United States. This label is regulated by the FTC.

However, although the “made in the USA” label is regulated by the FTC, the FTC doesn’t do a great job of policing the usage of this label. So, if you see a product with the label “made in the USA,” it is worth researching to ensure that it is genuinely American-made.

Some companies will try to trick you into thinking the product is made in the USA by using phrases like “manufactured in the USA” or “designed in the USA.” Keep a look out for labels like this because they are not actually a product made in the USA. Many companies will also label their products “made in America.” This label can be misleading because “made in America” can mean the product was made in Mexico or Canada as well.

Other Tips

Here are some of our other top tips for finding gun safes made in the USA.

Go Online

Check the website and other online materials for the company and the gun safe. If a gun safe is genuinely American-made, this fact will be highly advertised. Check the About Us page or the product page to see if you can spot any signs that the product is made in the USA. However, if the website doesn’t say where a particular product is made, likely, it is not an American made product. Unlike labeling on physical products, on websites, companies are not required to state where their products are made. So, if you can’t find any proud sign or statement declaring that their gun safes are made in the USA, it is very likely that they are not.

Contact The Company

Companies are not always clear about where the products are made. If you are unsure whether a gun safe is made in the USA, we recommend contacting the company directly and enquiring where their materials are sourced from and where the assembly takes place.

Be Wary of American Flags

Seeing an American flag on your gun safe or the company’s website may seem like a sure sign that the product is made in the USA, but this is not the case. The flag is not regulated in the same way that a “made in the USA” label is. So, unfortunately, the stars and stripes don’t really tell you much.

Why Buy American?

American Steel vs. Chinese Steel

There are some significant quality differences between American and Chinese steel, a popular manufacturing choice for businesses that build their safes outside the US. American steel typically has lower oxidation than its Chinese counterpart, which results in a stronger final product. A great example is Champion, an American safe manufacturer. Their 12-gauge steel is three times stronger than your typical 14-gauge steel imported from China.

Investing in Our Country

Investing in an American made gun safe means investing in the American workforce and our economy. Employees at gun safe manufacturers all across our country are passionate about what they do and appreciate your support as a consumer.

Gun Safes Not Made in the USA

Several manufacturers don’t make gun safes in the USA, often using imported steel or assembling them abroad.

  • First Alert – China
  • GunVault – China
  • Cannon Safes – Mexico
  • Sentry Industries – Andorra
  • AmazonBasics Security Safe – China

We have an entire article on where Cannon safes are made as well, the same company that owns GunVault.

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