Hunting Bows Made in the USA

To have success hunting, you need a quality piece of equipment – which isn’t always easy to find when looking at products manufactured overseas. We’ve done the legwork to find all the hunting bows made in the USA. Below are our findings.

Complete List of Hunting Bow Brands Made in the USA

Martin Archery

Headquarters: Walla Walla, WA

States manufacturing in: WA

Martin Archery has been supplying archers with bows for over 60 years. They sell target bows, hunting bows, and fishing bows, all of the bows they sell are compound bows. They only have seven bows in the hunting bow range, but they are constantly innovating and bringing out new ranges.

On their website, they handily have some quick glance stats that tell you axle-to-axle length, FPS speed, and draw weights so that you can quickly identify the bows most suited to your needs without digging into each one.

Some of their newer bows have a 2 track CAM system as part of their most advanced hunting line. Their compound bows are designed to be compact, lightweight, and have no hand shock. Featuring a weight distribution system, they’re made to be quiet and fast with a new wide pocket design on newer models. There’s an option to pick from 10 riser color options, from standard colors to camouflage to a greyscale American flag. You can also get some of their bows in right- and left-handed options.

PSE Archery

Headquarters: Tuscon, AZ

States manufacturing in: AZ

PSE sells a wide range of bows, including hunting bows, target bows, crossbows, bowfishing, heritage bows, and a range for kids. Their hunting bows are all compound bows and are broken down into two categories: PSE Pro Series Hunting Bows (made for professionals) and PSE Core Series Hunting Bows (designed for every skill level).

They further divide their bows into different models, such as ‘Omen,’ ‘Evo, ‘Nock-On,’ ‘Drive,’ etc., all having different features depending on what you’re after. Their website also includes quick-glance information about each bow which is handy considering the amount they have on offer. Their bows come in various colors, including basic black and tan to camouflage.

PSE’s latest compound hunting bows feature full draw stability, using a dynamic brace height; it actively resists induced torque and allows you to shoot with stability. PSE also regularly brings out new models of its bows, working to make each new one more performance-driven.


Headquarters: Westchester, PA

States manufacturing in: PA

Crossbows may operate differently than other hunting bows, but they still have plenty of the same areas where they need to succeed. Kodabow builds recurve limb crossbows using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and materials in the USA.

Koda’s Express ER is their biggest-selling crossbow. It’s a model with manageable weight while still able to let off shots that have enough speed and power to take down big game. In terms of operation, this crossbow is easy to cock into the ready position, which is helpful when you need to fire quickly – or if you’re an older hunter that still wants to get in some bow and arrow game. Additionally, the scope attached to this product is pretty powerful, with five different brightness settings and a non-illuminated option to help you see your target in many conditions. This bow falls right on the one-thousand-dollar MSRP line, which isn’t the most expensive bow out there, but it isn’t affordable for everyone on the hunt for a quality crossbow.

Note: As of August 2022, Kodabow is no longer in business. We’ll update this page if that changes.

Bob Lee Bows

Headquarters: Jacksonville, TX

States manufacturing in: TX

Bob Lee has been crafting recurves and longbows since 1951. Now in its third generation of Lees, these bows are made old-school – from scratch using raw materials and traditional woodworking techniques. They can also create a custom recurve or longbow from their workshop in Texas.

Despite being made in an old-school way without the synthetic materials most modern bows use, it doesn’t impact the performance of Bob Lee’s bows. They offer smooth shooting at rapid speeds. The bow operates silently as well, an essential when you don’t want to startle your target by firing. Bob Lee also offers a two-year warranty on its bows, which gives you decent coverage and shows their confidence in the durability and performance of their product. Being made in such a way makes these bows quite expensive, but they’re designed to be solid, long-lasting quality bows.

Best Made

Headquarters: New York, NY

States manufacturing in: NY

The Best Made Company is a notable brand name out there and sells a longbow popular with archers and hunters alike. It has accuracy and power on its side, even without any additional accessories added. This bow knows how to stand on its own and gives a more “natural” feel to shooting. Aside from the fact that this longbow performs well, it also has an affordable price tag. It comes shipped with a bow stringer included, so all you need is some arrows to get started. It arrives in a handmade wooden crate, keeping your longbow secure during and after shipping. Something to keep an eye out for is that, while this bow comes in different draw weights, you may have to wait a bit if your preferred option isn’t readily available when you go to make your order.

Unfortunately, it looks like their doors have closed for now. We’ll update this page if they return online.

Survival Archery Systems

Headquarters: Lexington, KY

States manufacturing in: KY

Survival Archery Systems makes a compact tactical folding bow that is meant to fit inside a backpack. It’s intended for survivalists, but can be used by anyone who needs to take their bow with them on a long hunt and conserve space.

Darton Archery

Headquarters: Canton, GA

States manufacturing in: GA

Darton Archery is a well-known brand in the industry and has been around for over 60 years. They have a wide selection of innovative bows for everyone, from beginners to advanced archers.

Mission Archery

Headquarters: Sparta, WI

States manufacturing in: WI

Mission Archery is based in Sparta, Wisconsin, and makes a large selection of bows for archery and hunting enthusiasts. They have been in business for over 25 years, and their bows are pretty affordable compared to other bows of similar quality.

Hoyt Archery

Headquarters: Salt Lake City, UT

States manufacturing in: UT

Hoyt is a very well-known brand in the archery industry that is used by tons of professionals around the world, including Olympians. Their bows are assembled in the US with some domestically sourced materials, but they use some global components as well.

How to Find Hunting Bows Made in the USA

There are plenty of reasons to look for hunting bows made in the USA. Supporting American companies creates jobs and boosts our economy, and the quality of American-made products is often superior. If you’re looking for a hunting bow that won’t let you down in the great outdoors, many excellent options are made here in the USA. Here’s our guide to help you find American made hunting bows.

What Does “Made In The USA” Mean?

According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), when a product is labeled as made in the USA, it means that all or virtually all components are produced in the United States. That includes everything from the raw materials used to make the product to the manufacturing processes.

Check out our detailed labeling guide for more information on the FTC’s guidelines.


To choose a bow that will last, you must consider the materials used. Many of the best hunting bows are made with high-quality aluminum and composite materials, providing superior strength and accuracy.

Most hunting bows made today are generally made of carbon fiber or aluminum.


Aluminum is one of the most popular materials used in hunting bows. Not only is it lightweight and strong, but it also provides great accuracy. Aluminum bows are typically made of either aircraft-grade aluminum or machined aluminum, both of which are strong and durable.

China is the leading supplier of aluminum for hunting bows, while the USA imports about 81% of the aluminum used for sporting goods. In other words, you’re more likely to come across aluminum-based hunting bows made with overseas materials – especially for companies looking to cut down on costs. So, if you’re looking for a hunting bow made in the USA, it’s worth double-checking whether the aluminum used is imported or sourced domestically.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is another popular material used in hunting bows, providing superior strength, accuracy, and durability. Carbon fiber is significantly lighter than aluminum and can make stronger and more accurate bows. Carbon fiber bows are also more expensive than aluminum bows, so they are usually reserved for more advanced hunters.

The USA, China, and Japan are the top three countries producing carbon fiber. So, it’s relatively easier to find bows made of domestic carbon fiber. Check the label to confirm whether the carbon fiber is imported or domestically sourced.


The label is another crucial factor to remember when looking for hunting bows made in the USA. According to the US Code Title 19 Chapter 4 Section 1304, all products made abroad must be labeled accordingly. This law, in addition to the fact that the FTC protects the “made in the USA” label, makes it easier for consumers to find American-made products. However, in reality, the FTC does not do the best job of policing the usage of the label. There is no pre-approval process in place, so it’s up to the companies to determine whether or not their products meet the “made in the USA” requirements.

You should also watch out for the language used in the product’s labeling. “Assembled in the USA” or “manufactured in the USA” may both seem synonymous with “made in the USA,” but they, in fact, only imply that a portion of the manufacturing takes place domestically. Products with these labels are not genuinely made in the USA. Another well-used label that may consume customers is “made in America.” However, America can refer to either Canada or Mexico as well.

Another misleading tactic is using imagery of the American flag, eagle, or other patriotic symbols to make consumers believe that the product is made in the USA when it isn’t in reality.

Other Tips

Here are some more tips for finding high-quality hunting bows made in the USA.

Check The Company’s Website

Go to the company’s website and check its “About Us” page. Many companies will disclose information about their production process and source of materials. “Made in the USA” is a huge selling point, so you should see this advertised on their website if this is the case. Conversely, if the product is made abroad, it’s likely you won’t see the country of origin stated anywhere. Unlike on labels, companies are not required to state the country of origin regarding any online or promotional materials.

Ask Directly

If you cannot find the information on the company’s website, don’t be afraid to reach out directly and ask. Most companies will be able to provide detailed information about their products. You can call, email, or even visit the store to ask questions. In addition, many companies have dedicated customer service teams that can help you with your inquiries.

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