Dog Beds Made in the USA

Choosing a dog bed isn’t as simple as heading to the local store and picking up the first bed that will fit your pup. It’s a highly individual and personal process. Most dog owners feel like they need to really match a bed to their dog, and there’s plenty of junk on the market today. We did the research to find high-quality dog beds made in the USA; below are our findings.

Full List of Dog Bed Brands Made in the USA

West Paw

Headquarters: Bozeman, MT

States manufacturing in: MT

The American-made West Paw Big Sky Nap Flat Dog Mat has multiple features that will appeal to smaller dogs. This bed is plush and designed for maximum comfort – it features a silky soft top that most dogs will find appealing. It has a smooth bottom design, an out-of-the-way zipper, and a tough structure that’s designed to hold up well over time. This bed’s materials mean it won’t get too dirty and will easily slide around without picking up too much dirt and debris from the floor.

Big Barker

Headquarters: Orwigsburg, PA

States manufacturing in: PA

For a large or extra-large dog that’s nearing or more than 100 pounds, Big Barker sells beds to suit these needs. Their beds are long enough, thick enough, and tough enough to comfortably sleep most large dogs.

There are also enough customization options to help you get exactly the type of bed you want for your pooch. You can easily get a bed with or without a headrest. The beds are also offered in 4’ and 5’ lengths depending on how long your canine is.

The outer material is tough and fully machine washable. The beds are offered in multiple colors and designed to reduce pressure points and also offer insulation even when put onto cooler surfaces. It’s worth noting that this bed contains a foam interior that cannot be washed, meaning that it will absorb moisture.


Headquarters: Glen Burnie, MD

States manufacturing in: MD

The All Aluminum bed made by Kuranda is a unique dog bed that aims to offer lightweight comfort on most surfaces. This bed is well suited for warm-weather environments because the netting on it is lightweight and won’t cause dogs to warm up too much. The bed is lightweight enough to move around but tough enough to support up to 250 pounds, thanks to its solid aluminum construction. The frame of this bed is chew-proof and the fabric is offered in up to four different colors depending on if you choose the vinyl, Cordura, or nylon options.

Even though this bed has a thinner surface to support your dog, it’s designed to be just as tough and comfortable, which is in large part thanks to the choice of materials used. “When we started out making our beds, sourcing things locally was necessary as we tested and adjusted the bed design,” says Beth Klein from Kuranda, who we chatted with over email. “Since then, we’ve tried very hard to continue to support local and domestic suppliers for materials.”


Headquarters: Piedmont, SC

States manufacturing in: SC

Whether you want your dog to stay off your own couch, or you just want them to have a more luxurious sleeping experience, these couch beds from Snoozer are designed to look and feel just like a standard sofa, which should make them appealing to most dogs.

They feature an authentic look with a huge array of fabric and color options to choose from and are padded to be more comfortable. They come standard with a washable micro-suede material that is fully machine washable and dryable, making it easy to maintain over time. These dog beds have a durable zipper that should hold up for many years as well. They are available in different sizes, making it easy to accommodate both small and large dogs alike.

Majestic Pet Store

Headquarters: Irvine, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

For dogs that like to be snuggled while they sleep, this Bagel Donut bed from Majestic Pet is a compelling option. The beds are offered in several different dimensions so you can get one for your pup whether it’s small or large.

It’s made with a durable micro-suede fabric used on top that should hold up well to pawing and scratching dogs. The material is used so that it’s soft to the touch and the polyfill material gives a plush feel. This bed features a waterproof base that should help it hold up well when subjected to water occasionally, however, these beds are also fully machine washable. If you have a large enough washing machine you can wash them on a gentle cycle to make them like new again.

Please note – there are a couple of materials that are imported which we were disappointed by, but many of the materials are sourced domestically and these beds are of course assembled in the USA as well.


Headquarters: Wichita, KS

States manufacturing in: KS

BuddyRest is a great dog bed company based in Kansas that is making 100% made in the USA orthopedic dog beds. They have a tough ballistic nylon exterior and pressure-relieving foam on the interior to give your puppy a restful sleep for years to come.

Jax and Bones

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

The Jax and Bones Ripple Velour Napper dog bed is a plush and tufted style dog bed with a bolster wrapped around its edges. This bed is made to maximize comfort, while also offering a more eco-conscious sleeping solution. It uses eco-friendly Sustainafill within the bed which is made from more recycled materials and is easier to recycle when you eventually get rid of the bed.

The bed features a tufted design that is made to make it more comfortable for dogs to sleep in. It features a thick lower base and benefits from heavy stitching. It’s built with handmade construction and can be machine washed in some parts. With four different color options to choose from, you can get just the right look for this pet bed before putting it into your home.

Gorilla Dog Beds

Headquarters: Houston, TX

States manufacturing in: TX

Gorilla Dog Beds has a big focus on the safety and quality of its materials and aim to make super tough beds. They use military-grade materials and triple stitching on a lot of their beds, so if your dog is a chewer, they should be able to hold up. Gorilla offers crate pads as part of their range. Typically, you don’t see a lot of manufacturers who are making orthopedic beds specifically for your dog’s crate, but these are made to fit well and remain durable. The cover is also easily removable so you can wash it anytime, although it is mold and mildew resistant too.

The Foggy Dog

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

The Foggy Dog has a great selection of designer-like dog beds that are perfect for you if you want your pet to sleep in style. All of their beds are made from 100% recycled materials that are sourced in the USA and safe for dogs.

Club Nine Pets

Headquarters: Moorpark, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Club Nine Pets is a luxury pet furniture manufacturer that makes lots of orthopedic dog beds. They have a lot of different styles, but if you want something for your dog that resembles the look and feel of your sofa, Club Nine has a great selection.

Bessie + Barnie

Headquarters: Doral, FL

States manufacturing in: FL

Bessie + Barnie is a pet bed manufacturer in Florida that has a great selection of dog beds 100% made in the USA. Their bagel bed is very popular with owners and dogs!

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How to Find Dog Beds Made in the USA

Dog beds are an essential part of pet ownership. They provide a comfortable place for your dog to sleep and can help protect your furniture from wear and tear. When shopping for a dog bed, you may want to consider purchasing one made in the USA. There are several benefits to buying American-made products, including supporting domestic businesses and ensuring you are getting the best quality products for your money.

Finding quality products that are made in the USA is no easy task, especially when it comes to pet products. You may have to do some additional research to find a dog bed that is genuinely made in America. But the effort will be worth it when you see your dog sleeping soundly in their comfy and durable American-made bed.

Here are a few tips for finding dog beds made in the USA.

What Does “Made In The USA” Mean?

The first thing you need to do is understand what “made in the USA” actually means. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has strict guidelines on labeling products as American-made. For a product to be labeled “made in the USA”, it must be “all or virtually all” made in the United States. This means that for a product to use that label, it must be sourced and manufactured in the United States.

To read more about this, check our detailed guide on made in the USA labeling.


One of the main things to consider is the materials used in the dog bed. Ideally, you want a dog bed made with all American-sourced materials. This ensures that every part of the bed was made in the United States. By researching the materials used in its construction, you can be sure that you are getting a quality product that supports American businesses.

Some common materials used in dog beds are cotton, foam, and polyester. Let’s dive in to see where these materials are usually sourced from.


Most dog beds are made with some type of cotton filling. Cotton farming is a big industry in the United States at around 21 billion dollars. But still, the USA is not the leading cotton producer in the world, as it is beaten out by countries like India and China. So, if you are buying a dog bed that is filled with cotton, make sure to check where the cotton is sourced.


Foam is a common material used in dog beds, particularly memory foam. While most of the world’s foam is produced in China, a few companies in the United States produce foam for dog beds. The foam produced in the USA is usually of high quality, so if you can find a dog bed made with American-sourced foam, it is likely to be a better product. When looking for an American-made dog bed, make sure to check the product listing to see where the foam is sourced.


Polyester is another common material used in dog beds. It is often used as the outer fabric of the bed, as it is durable and easy to clean. Polyester is produced worldwide. China is the leading producer, followed by several other Asian countries like India and Japan.

The United States is not one of the leading polyester producers, but a few companies in the country do produce it domestically. You can find dog beds made with American-sourced polyester by proper research and checking product listings.


As mentioned, the FTC has strict guidelines on what can be labeled “made in the USA”. So if a product says it is made in the USA, you can be sure that it is, in fact, all or virtually all made in America. You can file a complaint with the FTC in case of wrong labeling.

When you’re looking for an American-made dog bed, check the label to see where it is made. The “made in the USA” label should be easy to find, as companies are proud to display it when their product qualifies.

Some companies might make false claims or play with labeling to make it appear as if their product is American-made when it’s not. So, it’s essential to be aware of these tricks and to know how to spot them. Verbiage like “designed” or “manufactured” may be used, or phrases like “made in America” can cause confusion in consumers.

Title 19 Chapter 4 Section 1304 of the United States Code requires all imported products to be properly labeled with their country of origin. However, it is important to keep in mind that companies do not need to state where their products were made on their websites or promotional images.

Other Tips

In addition to checking the materials and labeling, you can do a few other things to ensure you are buying an American-made dog bed.

Check Their About Us Page

One thing you can do is check the company’s “About Us” page. This is an excellent place to learn more about the company and its values. A company proud to sell American-made products will likely mention it on its “About Us” page.

Most companies located in the USA will have their address and contact information listed on their website. So, if you can’t find this information, it might be a red flag that the company isn’t based in America at all.

Call Them Up

Another way to check if a company sells dog beds “made in the USA” is to simply call them and ask. Most companies will be happy to tell you where their products are made. They can guide you to the right products and answer any questions you may have.

Check Their Social Media Pages

Another thing you can do is check the company’s social media pages. A company proud of its American-made products will likely mention it in its online promotional materials.

Dog Beds Not Made in the USA

Not too many dog bed manufacturers are transparent about their products are made. However, when doing our research we came across some dog bed manufacturers who are not making their products in the USA. We’ve listed these brands below as well as where they’re made.

  • PetFusion – Made in China.
  • Furhaven Bed Cover – Made in China. (The pet bed is designed, assembled, and shipped in the USA using USA-sourced filled materials, only the bed cover is made in China).
  • The Barney Bed – Made in Australia.
  • L.L. Bean – Either made in the USA with imported components or listed as “imported” – each product states this on their website.
  • Ruffwear – Made in Vietnam.

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