Coffee Makers Made in the USA

We spent the time tracking down all of the coffee makers made in the USA for every type of preparation. No matter if you like drip, pour-over, cold brew, or a French press, there should be a good option for you. Check out our research below, along with lots of info on each brand and the American coffee maker industry in general.

Complete List of Coffee Maker Brands Made in the USA


Headquarters: Springfield, IL

States manufacturing in: IL

BUNN produces many different high-quality coffee makers. Additionally, all of BUNN’s products are designed and assembled in the USA. Unfortunately, they do not source 100% U.S. materials for their coffee makers. That said, it’s difficult to find any electric drip coffee makers that source 100% of the materials domestically, but BUNN came the closest, and they are still doing their best to support American workers.

Check out our full breakdown on BUNN for more.


Headquarters: Palo Alto, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Good coffee is expensive and can be difficult to make at home, which can keep people from enjoying it on a daily basis. Based in Palo Alto, CA, the AeroPress coffee maker has been created to make it easier to enjoy a good coffee without the high cost. This simple coffee maker is affordable and produces top-quality coffee and espresso with a bit of practice. These coffee makers come in several different sizes and even a travel version for camping or coffee-on-the-move.


Headquarters: Westminster, California

States manufacturing in: CA

The Filtron cold brew system produces a top-quality cup of cold brew coffee that’s lower in acids. The kit features a basic water bowl, coffee bowl, and decanter, and when used properly creates a coffee concentrate that can be transformed into coffee whenever you want it. The system is extremely durable and can last through decades of regular use if cared for properly.

Red Rooster Trading Company

Headquarters: Baring, MO

States manufacturing in: MO

Red Rooster offers a handmade, simple and effective coffee maker designs. Their two main coffee makers are a pour-over and a french press.

French press coffee is known for having a bold and rich flavor. This coffee maker is crafted with a double-wall thermal feature and is designed to hold up well over time and keep your coffee warm. The pour-over coffee maker is a simple funnel design connected to a reused mason jar wrapped in leather. All products by Red Rooster are made in the USA and support the US economy.

Mike’s YouTube Video on American Made Coffee Makers

How To Find Coffee Makers Made In The USA

If you’re a buyer who’s interested in buying a coffee maker while also supporting American companies with your hard-earned money, look no further. While it can be pretty difficult to source a great product that is completely made in the USA, there are some ways to begin research. Below, we will go over how you can find American-made coffee makers.

What Does “Made In The USA” Mean?

There are a lot of variables when it comes to classifying a product as “made in the USA,” but to be considered as such, the product must be manufactured and assembled in the United States. The Federal Trade Commission, or FTC, protects this label and requires that the product be “all or virtually all” made in the USA. “All or virtually all” can be a vague statement, so to really see if a product is “made in the USA,” some research is required.

To read more about what it means for a product to be “made in the USA,” check out our full article on the subject.


Coffee makers are mostly made of four main materials: plastic, steel, aluminum, and glass. For a product to qualify as “made in the USA,” all of these materials and components of the coffee maker would have to be manufactured and sourced in the United States itself.


Plastic can be found in the outer layer of some coffee makers. You should always make sure that the plastic used is BPA-free. The United States has a very strong market share in plastic manufacturing, with many of the main plastic manufacturers based in the USA. This means that finding US-made plastics can be easier than finding other materials.


The USA is the third biggest steel manufacturer in the world, behind China and Japan. Steel manufacturing in the USA recently faced a shortage, while steel demand is still high. Since steel is a vital component of the coffee maker, this is something you’d need to keep in mind when researching your coffee maker to make sure the steel for the product is being sourced from and assembled in the USA.


Aluminum is another material commonly found in coffee makers. While the USA has a strong industry in place regarding the production of the material, aluminum has recently faced a supply shrinkage as well due to the pandemic. So, we recommend keeping tabs on any company that sources its aluminum from factories in the United States itself.


Glass is found in many different types of coffee makers and can make a coffee maker look more expensive. While the United States maintains a strong third place in glass manufacturing around the world, it still falls far behind the powerhouse that is China. So, consider researching to ensure the glass in the coffee maker is from the U.S.


Title 19, chapter 4, section 1304 of the U.S. Code makes it easier to identify which country a product has originated from. The label “made in the USA” is protected by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). But pre-approval for such label usage is also not mandated by the FTC, meaning it is up to each company to determine if they meet the requirements.

The FTC cannot police every product that claims to be “made in the USA,” so, unfortunately, some products fly under the radar. This makes it particularly tricky for an American consumer to identify a genuine American-made product since you cannot entirely trust the labeling.

You should also pay attention to different wording on the labels. Many companies get away with using words like “assembled in the USA” or “made in America.” But if the label does not clearly and accurately read “made in the USA,” it is not a fully US-made product.

The wording and labeling on a company’s website and online promotional materials can also indicate whether its products are sourced and assembled in the United States. Remember that the country of origin for products does not need to be mentioned online, so make sure to read between the lines. If the website and online materials do not outrightly state that its products are “made in the USA,” it is likely not.

If you are still doubtful, call a sales executive for a chat. Any company representative would be interested in discussing the production process with an interested customer.

Coffee Makers Not Made in the USA

Here are some popular coffee makers that aren’t made here. We’ll keep this list updated as we research more popular brands.

  • Chemex – made in Croatia, Taiwan, and Malaysia
  • Mr. Coffee – made in China
  • Keurig – mostly made in China and Indonesia

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