Coffee Grinders Made in the USA

If you want a coffee grinder 100% made in the USA, you just about out of luck. Few grinders are manufactured in the United States, and those made here import at least a few of the parts. Below, we will give you a complete list of the coffee grinders that come the closest to being made in the USA and the methodology behind our research (we only found one). You can also scroll to the bottom of this article to see some well-known brands that aren’t made in the USA.

Complete List of Coffee Grinder Brands Made in the USA

Red Rooster Trading Company

Headquarters: Baring, MO

States manufacturing in: MO

The Red Rooster Trading Company of Baring, Missouri, began producing the Camano Coffee Mill in 2010 using a mechanism built in Taiwan. Today, all the parts are sourced from the USA except for the ceramic burrs made in China.

The cast iron parts are sourced from foundries in Kansas and Illinois. An Amish man in Ohio makes the wooden handles. The mason jar base is made in the USA. Red Rooster produces wooden lids for the jars.

The Camano Coffee Mill weighs 3 pounds and costs $129.

Mike’s YouTube Video on American Made Coffee Supplies

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How to Find Coffee Grinders Made in the USA

Coffee grinders are an essential part of making tasty coffee. A good grinder can make all the difference in the world when it comes to the quality of your cup of coffee. However, if you are looking for a top-of-the-line coffee grinder made in the USA, it can be a bit of a challenge.

There are many reasons why you might want to find a coffee grinder made in the USA. Maybe you want to support American manufacturing. Or maybe you’re looking for a higher quality grinder than what’s available from foreign manufacturers. Whatever your reasons, you can find plenty of great coffee grinders made in the USA – if you know how and where to look.

What Does “Made In The USA” Mean?

The first thing you need to understand is what it means for something to be “made in the USA.” The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the government agency responsible for enforcing this protected label. According to the FTC, a product can only be labeled as “made in the USA” if “all or virtually all” of the product is made in the United States.

It can be quite a vague label, so some research is required to determine if a product is truly “made in the USA.” The FTC does not vet every single product that claims to be “made in the USA,” so research is really important if you are serious about finding a verified American-made product.

For more information, check our article here.


The materials used in making a coffee grinder will give clues as to where it is made. The vast majority of coffee grinders on the market are made overseas, in countries like China and Taiwan. This is because these countries have lower labor costs, and they often have access to cheaper materials.

As a result, it can be difficult to find coffee grinders made with all-American materials and components. However, it is possible to find grinders made with a majority of US-made parts. If that is the case, it will usually be noted in the product listing or on the company’s website. But it is worth doing your own research to see how common it is for a certain material to be manufactured in the United States.

Some of the main materials that are used to make coffee grinders are steel, ceramic, and plastic.


Steel is used in the manufacturing of coffee grinder burrs. It is also often used for the housing and other structural parts of the grinder. Usually, the steel used in coffee grinders is sourced from China. Although the United States falls far behind China in terms of steel manufacturing, it still is in the top 5 countries that manufacture this material. Therefore, it is definitely possible to find American-made steel, especially if you look for grinders made by smaller manufacturers.


Ceramic is another material that is often used in coffee grinders, and it is also a great choice for those looking for a durable and long-lasting option. Ceramic burrs do not get as hot as steel burrs when grinding coffee beans, which is ideal for preserving the authentic taste of your coffee.

Most ceramic burrs are imported from China, and the U.S. does not even land in the top 10 list of ceramic manufacturers by country. There are a few American companies that still manufacture them domestically. But since there is much less ceramic production in the United States, make sure to research the country of origin for the material used.


Plastic is often used in the construction of coffee grinder bodies and hoppers. It is a cheaper material than steel or ceramic, but it is not as durable.

As with steel and ceramic, most plastics used in coffee grinders are sourced from China. However, some U.S. manufacturers use domestic plastics, so it is possible to find a plastic coffee grinder sourced in the United States.


Doing research on the raw materials is a good starting point, but thankfully, labeling of the product can make it easier to find coffee grinders made in the USA. Companies are required by law to be honest about where their products are made. So, if a grinder is truly made in the USA, it will say so on the label or packaging.

You can also find this information on a company’s website. Most companies are proud to advertise their products as made in the USA. So, if a grinder is American-made, it will be easy to find that information on their marketing materials and in their labeling.

When looking for coffee grinders made in the USA, it is important to remember that not all products that claim to be American-made are made entirely in the USA. Sometimes the companies play with the wording a bit, so be sure to read the label or packaging carefully.

For example, labels like “made in America,” “manufactured in the United States,” or “designed in the USA” are slight variations of the “made in the USA” label that may, at first glance, seem to state that the products are made in the United States. However, by reading between the lines, you will realize that these labels are, in fact, deceiving.

The FTC has strict guidelines on how “made in the USA” claims can be used, and companies that do not follow these guidelines can be subject to penalties. However, it is still important to be a savvy consumer and to do your own research to make sure you are getting a product that is truly made in the USA.

Coffee Grinders Not Made in the USA

  • KitchenAid – made in China
  • Krups – made in Germany
  • Braun – made in Germany
  • Eureka – made in Italy
  • Fellow – made in Taiwan and China
  • Capresso – made in Switzerland
  • Mr. Coffee – made in China
  • Baratza – made in Taiwan and China
  • Cuisinart – made in China
  • Blue Brew – Made in Taiwan

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