Where Is Fabletics Made?

Just now a decade old, the Fabletics brand entered the activewear scene in 2013. After two years in operation, the founding members partnered with celebrity Kate Hudson to create her own inspired line within the brand. This move is what launched Fabletics into the orbit of success

Year after year, the company released new designs and additions to their product lineup. At this point, they have it all: sportswear, dresses, shoes, swimwear, and more. In 2020, they added menswear to their brand and recruited Kevin Hart as their celebrity collaborator. 

The first brick-and-mortar Fabletics store opened in 2015 in New Jersey. The blaze of shops blew across the nation as they opened another 73 locations in the US and some stores overseas.

Unlike other activewear brands, Fabletics operates with a membership platform. They have over 2 million “VIP members” on their website. A VIP member has access to perks from the Fabletics collection and their shapewear brand, Yitty, designed by Lizzo.

Fabletics spares no expense to roll out the red carpet for all of their celebrity influencers. It’s easy to see the face of the brand, but we want to know who is behind the scenes…in other words, where are  Fabletics products being made?

Verdict: Is Fabletics Made in the USA?

No, Fabletics is not made in the USA; they are made in Asia.

It didn’t take long for us to locate this information. Thankfully, Fabletics opens up about their manufacturing locations right in the company’s FAQs. Their materials are sourced worldwide, and their products are made in Asia.

And this FAQ:

Looking at the products on the Fabletics website, “Imported” is scribed on every product page. This was expected, thanks to the company’s above transparency.

Following information from the On-The-Go Cold Weather Jogger:

With respect, there is no need to boast about where you design your clothes. You can doodle designs wherever you like, but in the fashion industry, it’s the manual labor that is of most interest. 

When you outsource your work, you end up with problems. Fabletics learned this lesson when Time Magazine reported on their knitting factory workers in South Africa alleging years-long worksite physical and sexual abuse. 

At the same time as these investigations, this factory and others across the area closed from workers striking to demand improved pay and working conditions. According to the article, one female worker stated, “We are tired, we need help, we work with bleeding hearts.”

It feels wrong that these workers take home an average of $150 a month when an average pair of Fabletics pants retail for $89.95. On top of that, you can be a Fabletics/Yitty VIP member for $59.95 a month. From our investigation, Fabletics has over 2 million VIP members. In 2020, they raked in over $500 million in annual revenue. It doesn’t take a finance whiz to figure out that math doesn’t feel right

We’re not advocating for cheaper clothes. We’re advocating for treating fellow humans with respect, no matter where they live. Your dollar is your vote. One thing you can be sure of when you shop USA-made, our workers are certainly making a hell of a lot more than $150 a month. 

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