Leggings Made in the USA

We’ve worn…a lot of leggings over the past year. And who can blame you? They’re the perfect piece of clothing, being both comfortable and versatile. While you can wear them in any season, now that fall has rolled around again, pair them with a tunic and boots, and you’ve got an instant outfit. What could possibly be better?

Are you looking into purchasing a new pair? Or five? Read on to find all of the leggings that are made in the USA.

Full List of Leggings Brands Made in the USA

Yoga Democracy

Headquarters: Cave Creek, AZ

States manufacturing in: AZ

Yoga Democracy leggings transfer original artist prints to the fabric of your yoga pants. They do this in an environmentally-friendly way through a waterless dyeing process, and the fabric they transfer it to is made from BPA-free recycled water bottles.

These yoga pants are described as “ultra-comfortable” because they are made from breathable fabric that is also moisture-wicking to keep you at an optimal temperature. They are UPF rated, so you can feel happy about wearing them in the great outdoors. These leggings are well-suited for a long walk with your dog or a hike up to a gorgeous view.

Being so eco-friendly, you may be worried they are difficult to care for, but this is not the case. They are machine washable. Simply hang up to dry after and they are ready to go again.

Clara Sunwoo

Headquarters: New York, NY

States manufacturing in: NY

Clara Sunwoo has designed leggings that are meant to not only be comfortable to wear about the house but suitable to be paired with heels and worn for date night too. This company has a generous returns and exchanges program, making it easier to give them a try and return if they’re not suitable.

Clara Sunwoo also sells signature slim leggings that are designed to be worn as an alternative to traditional dress pants. They are designed to still be comfortable but also look professional.

Evolve Fit Wear

Headquarters: Portland, OR

States manufacturing in: OR

Leggings from Evolve Fit Wear are designed for people going from their morning workout straight into their daily activities. Whether you are hitting up a hot yoga class, jogging at the park, or getting a full-on sweat session with an upbeat cycling class, you will be sure to find something that fits your needs. No need to change to grab coffee with a friend post-workout, either as these leggings are designed with colorful, bold prints.

They have a lot of sizes (everything from extra small to plus size) and length options to choose from. You can also filter by if you want mesh, sparkles, or cutouts.

Good hYOUman

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

States manufacturing in: CA

Good hYOUman has designed high waist leggings that are made to provide you with ultimate comfort. These are crafted for lounging around the house, a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood, or a light morning yoga session.

This company was started by its founder to honor the memory of his late father. He wants to make those around him feel good while looking good.

To accomplish this, this company pairs with other companies to give back and do good while selling you their comfortable clothing line. So, you can not only feel great in the clothes, but you can also feel great about buying the clothes. They have worked with organizations like Stand Up to Cancer, Boo2Bullying, 21, and many others. They are always looking for new partnerships and ways to give back to the community.

Tactical Pro Supply

Headquarters: Ronkonkoma, NY

States manufacturing in: NY

Tactical Pro Supply women’s leggings are considered a budget-friendly option, but still high-quality. Their entire process from beginning to end is done here in the US. They design, print, manufacture, and ship as a company, so you know you are getting a quality product. This allows the company to provide many jobs within its community.

With sizes ranging from small to extra-large, this company is body inclusive. They know that sporting the American flag will show your support of our country to your fellow Americans. You can wear your leggings and support your country simultaneously with pride.


Headquarters: Bozeman, MT

States manufacturing in: MT

If you need some leggings for hiking, Duckworth makes some great ones that are a blend of Merino wool and polyester, all sourced from Montana sheep and U.S. suppliers.

WSI Sportswear

Headquarters: Eagan, MN

States manufacturing in: MN

WSI has a small selection of basic, affordable leggings designed for workout performance. They often have several pairs on sale for over 50% discount too.

SQN Sport

Headquarters: Sun Valley, ID

States manufacturing in: ID

SQN Sport makes a small collection of leggings that have a minimalist design, but perform in the toughest conditions. You can wear them just about anywhere.

Factors To Consider


Leggings were already the perfect addition to any woman’s closet, and this year has given us even more reason to love them. They can be worn while working in your home office all day or you can throw on a professional top and some fabulous earrings you are ready for your day of Zoom meetings. And let’s not forget that morning yoga class. Have you checked out our research on yoga mats made in the USA yet? There are many leggings on the list that will fit the bill for being appropriate in many situations. If you’re looking for even more workout options, head over to our activewear made in the USA research as well.


The point of wearing leggings for any activity is to be as comfortable as possible. The brands on this list will let you go from work-out to errands and home again without ever feeling like you need to change.


Just because you are going for ultimate comfort does not mean that you need to sacrifice style. All of the leggings on this list have the potential to be part of a great outfit. You can wear them as part of an athleisure outfit, or dress them up! Since everyone has different style preferences, we tried to list the best brands that have good style variety.


Many of the companies on this list serve the community in a way other than just providing you with fantastic leggings. They partner with great causes or charities to ensure they are giving back as their businesses become more successful.

No matter which company you decide to go with on this list, you will be supporting an American business and getting some of the best leggings on the market. Your wallet will thank you years from now when your leggings have withstood the test of time.

So, whether you are working from home, working out, doing errands, meeting for coffee with friends, or planning your next date night, hopefully, something on this list caught your eye.